How to Become Human Resource Manager in India

 Today we will know in this post how to become an hr manager, the full form of Hr, the responsibilities of Hr, how to become Hr, and the Qualifications for Hr if you want to become Hr then you can get complete information related to this post.

how to become a hr manager
how to become a hr manager

Full Form of HR

The full form of Hr is Human Resources. It is also called Manav Sansthan in Hindi, and it comes in Human Resources Management HRM, which is called hr manager.

What is an HR manager?

Hr is a group of people in an organization or institution, which takes care of whether all the work of that institution is going on properly or not, its work is very important in any company. HR recruits Employees or Workers in any company, looks after their work, and handles the entire management of the organization. It helps in the development of the people and the institution.

How to Become an hr Manager

To become Hr, you have to take care of some things which are as follows

  • To become Hr you have to do 12th from a recognized board.
  • If you want to become Hr in any institute then you must have an MBA degree. Because only by doing MBA you can have knowledge of management.
  • To become Hr, the candidate has to obtain Bachelor's degree from any recognized institute.
  • That person should also have some skills like Communication skills, Management skills, Leadership skills, Mature, Positive Attitudes, Adaptable, etc.
  • To become an HR, along with a bachelor's degree, there should be 5 years of experience.
  • With 5 years of experience, he should have 3 years of supervisory experience.

Working Of  hr manager

Following are the functions of Hr

  • Hr's job is to take care of the Employees working in the company and he observes their way of working.
  • It hires Employees according to their skills in reading the need of any institution.
  • This company takes care of all the activities happening.
  • It works to organize parties, events, award functions, meetings, etc. happening in any institution.
  • It works for the creation and operation of policies and procedures for the benefit of the employees.
  • HR's job is to administer, coordinate and analyze the entire organization.
  • Manages the entire process of taking interviews in Hr organization.
  • It organizes training programs in the company

Hr Roles And Responsibilities

  • Hr's job is very responsible. On top of this, there is the work of managing any institution properly. It hires employees for different departments in any organization and takes their interviews. It plays an important role in the running and development of the company.
  • If the health of an employee in the organization deteriorates, then it is the responsibility of HR to treat him and send him home safely. And if an Employee gets any kind of injury while working, then it is also the responsibility of Hr to take care of or treat it.

HR manager qualifications

You must have many qualifications to become an HR manager.

  • Hr should have Teamwork, Hr Reporting Skills, Communication skill
  • Hr should know English, and he should also be able to deal with the employee of the company.
  • Hr should be an Administrative Expert
  • HR has the task of managing the conflicts in the organization.

Education Qualifications For HR

It is necessary to have graduation in Hr Qualification, you should have more than 50% marks in graduation. And also there should be some years of experience in the Hr field.

To become an HR, one can do a bachelor's degree like BBA in HR, BSC in HR, or BA in HR, and some master's degree is also required for HR like MSC in HR, MA in HR, or MBA in HR course. Some certificate is also required to become Human Resource. Like PHR, SPHR CPLP, SHRM, all these certificates and along with this experience of some years are necessary.

HR manager salary in india

Talking about the average salary of hr managers, the human resources salary in india is ₹ 4.4 lakh per year, which can be increased according to experience.


Here in this post, we add all related information about HR like skills of an hr, hr manager qualifications, qualifications of hr manager, and many more so if you want to know how to become an hr manager then you should read out post till the end.

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