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 In this article, you will read Essay on City Life in Hindi. In what is urban life, what difference between Ashari and rural life, features, problems, boon or curses and 10 sentences make this essay attractive.

Short city life Essay
Short city life Essay

essay on city life


Everyone is familiar with the inventions of science in modern times. Everyone wants to live their life with ease and with all the facilities.

After independence in India, almost half of the country's population used to live in villages. Which was mainly based on agriculture. But in today's time, new technologies are being developed every day, due to which many employment opportunities are being presented apart from agriculture.

It is said that India is the country with the largest number of villages. Where the people living live their lives happily. But still, people migrate to cities for better livelihood.

It cannot be denied that urban people get more facilities than people living in rural areas.

All kinds of necessary facilities related to hospitals, schools, etc. are easily available in the cities.

Poisonous emissions from big industries and factories in cities spread pollution throughout the city, due to which many types of problems arise.

What is urban life? 

A city is a large and permanent human settlement. Where extensive facilities mainly related to housing, transport, security, and sanitation are spread.

Before independence, more than half of the population in India used to live only in rural areas, but in a few years there has been a rapid change and due to urbanization, today half of the population is living in cities.

It is a common thing that the place where people will get more facilities, that place will definitely attract them. Due to urban development, in today's time, a large number of people have been attracted to the cities.

Urban life is more developed and safe than rural life. Where people living urban life take advantage of all the facilities related to medical, employment, education, etc.

All the people living here are completely busy with their daily routines. Because of this, they are not able to give some time to other things.

City life vs village life essay

Rural life is much more peaceful than in the cities and the people here do not lead a hectic life like the people in the cities.

People have to face a lot of difficulties in getting most of the basic facilities like school, medical, electricity, communication medium, and employment, etc. in the village.

Most of the cities have hospital facilities. But to go to the hospital in rural areas, one has to travel miles through unpaved roads.

Everyone goes to the city in search of employment. Because people in villages do not get more profitable employment, even if it is available, it is seasonal employment.

Indian culture is mainly identified with the villages. Because the village is a mirror of culture and heritage.

On the one hand, people living in rural life always take care of their culture, on the other hand, the people of cities give more importance to western culture and are forgetting their own culture.

Characteristics of Urban Life

People living in cities do not have to work hard to get employment. Because work is easily available in big cities. While in villages and towns people face a lot of problems for employers.

For education, big schools, colleges, and universities are opened in the cities where students are given the best education. Teachers and professors teaching in educational institutions are scholars and of high quality in their subjects.

Large buildings and residences are constructed in urban areas which are equipped with the best facilities. 24 hours electricity facility is provided in these residences.

For transportation, paved roads are made in the cities and apart from this, there are many means like buses, trains, metro trains,s and taxis.

Big traders do most of their business with urban people only because they get more profits in cities. The possibilities for the development of industry and business are more in big cities.

Problems of City Life

There is no doubt that urban life is many times better and more convenient than rural life. But urban life is so hectic and busy that people do not even get time to meet their relatives.

In the name of development, big industries and factories are opened in the cities. The chemicals coming out of them pollute the land and the atmosphere. This is the reason that in today's time the amount of oxygen in the environment has decreased.

Without any preparation, there is no arrangement for the living of people migrating to the cities for employment, due to which they have to live in huts and slums. Due to the lack of cleanliness by the people, pollution and many types of diseases arise.

People coming from rural areas have to face a lot of difficulties living in cities and urban life is also very expensive for them. Fruits and vegetables and other eatables are very expensive in cities as compared to villages.

The number of vehicles in cities is very high. Noise pollution and air pollution cause a lot of damage to the environment.

Urban Life: Boon or Curse Urban Life

Almost all the facilities needed are available in the city. Here there are learned doctors in hospitals equipped with all facilities. Any disease is easily treated with modern techniques and machines. Commercial and industrial centers are located in cities which also provide employment to the people.

  • There are all kinds of facilities for education from school to university. Big cinema halls are built in urban areas for entertainment.

  • It is said that every coin has 2 sides. Similarly, there are many problems in urban life. The people here are full of selfishness and lead an artificial life.

  • Due to the increasing population in the cities, the means of employment are also difficult to get, due to which some people live through crimes like theft, dacoity, robbery, etc.

  • There are many advantages of urban life. But doing improper work appears like a curse.

  • Due to increasing pollution, people get different types of diseases. It doesn't take long for city life to turn into a curse due to improper use of science.

city life essay 300 Words

The population of India is about 131 crores. In which the population of the total rural population of India is equal to about 70%. That's why India is also called the country of villages. Only 30% of the people in India live in cities, but the glitter of urban life inspires the villagers to go and settle in the city. People migrate from villages to cities in search of business and livelihood and every year lakhs of villagers migrate to cities.

The concerns of the people of the village for the highest education, health and future of their children motivate them to migrate from the village to the cities. Which proves to be useful for their future, but this superficial glitter of urban life does not suit the rural people at all. The modern way of urban life may be suitable for the children of the modern era, but on the contrary, the rural elders do not like the modern way at all. There is a lot of mutual love, affinity, and unity among the people of rural areas. But the concept of mutual harmony and rural family is not visible in the city.

advantages and disadvantages of city life and village life 

1) Many new technology and facilities are available in the cities which are not available in the villages.

2) The environment of the village is happy and peaceful while the environment of the city is not peaceful.

3) People in cities are busier at work than people in villages.

4) There are all kinds of pollution in the cities while there is no pollution in the village.

5) The facilities of education are more in the cities, but such facilities are not available in the villages.

6) The availability of employment is more in the cities, but employment is less available in the villages.

7) Village people follow their own culture, and city people adopt different cultures.

8) Village air is clean and safe while city air is polluted and unsafe.

9) Hospital facilities are easily available in cities while there is no hospital facility in villages.

10) Cities are progressing faster than villages

city life essay 10 lines

  • The resources related to employment become very easily available to the people living in the city.
  • Big leaders and actors of the country live in cities and lead sedentary life.
  • Big government offices and courts are built only in cities.
  • The world's largest city in terms of population is Shanghai city of China.
  • The most populous city in India is the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra.
  • Big buildings and houses are constructed in the cities.
  • The electricity facility is available here 24 hours.
  • Due to the wide communication medium, urban life is more convenient than rural life.
  • Fruits, flowers, vegetables, and other food items are in high demand in cities.
  • The daily routine of urban people is very busy.


Here in this article, we add all information related to city life (advantages and disadvantages of city life and village life, city life vs village life essay, etc) so if you are writing an essay on city life then you can read our article till the end.

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