How to Become a Writer in India 2023

 How to become a writer In present times people want to make their career in the field of writing. But for this, it is most important that what should be the important qualities of the writer. It is important to know about what is required to become famous as a writer. Earlier there was a time when people used to do most of the writing work only in the newspaper.

But due to the increased use of the Internet, today many types of stories, articles, and many other types of content are being written on the digital platform as well, due to which the role of a writer has become very important.

How to Become a Writer in India 2023
How to Become a Writer in India

If you want to become a writer, then in this article, complete information has been given about what important things you should know for that, after reading which you will be able to easily learn whatever important tips and tricks are there to become a writer.

How to Become a Writer

The word writer means a writer. Writer means to present your thoughts by writing your words in the form of an article. Those people who write the words that come in their thoughts on a copy or on a digital platform, so that the people of the society get benefited by reading them, they are called writers.

There is no need for any course or degree to become a writer, but if you have a strong hold on the language in which you write, keep it in front of people by using different styles and techniques of that language in a good way, so that people can read that article or story. Readers should be attracted by reading.

To become a writer, it is most important that how much better knowledge of words you have, how is the knowledge of language. The work of writing can be done in different languages.

Therefore, in whatever language you want to do writing work, first of all it is necessary to get better information in that language. Along with this, there is some other important information which you must learn, which is mentioned below.

Important Tips For How to Become a Writer in India

People have a better chance to make a career as a writer in the present time. Because a better future can be imagined as a writer in the present and in the coming future as well. Because the digital platform is going to move even more in the coming times.

Along with the city, people living in rural areas will also come on the digital platform and read many types of articles, literary news, etc., so there is a lot of career growth in this field.

Therefore, if you want to become a writer, then read this article till the bottom so that you can easily get all the necessary information to become a writer.

A writer should have the skill to write something new and should have the passion to bring change in the society through his pen. But to become a good writer it is necessary to have some special knowledge and qualities.

1. Choose a Topic

To become a Writer, it is most important to choose one subject in one field. Start writing about the area in which you have better knowledge.

If you first decide what you want to write, then you can become a very good writer in whatever field you start writing. Like story, novel, poem, essay, news, romantic story, horror story etc.

2. Strong grip on language

The best language in a writer is his. Every style of the language in which he writes should be known, so that the reader can understand the language in which he writes.

If writing in Hindi, English or any other language, then its vocabulary, language grammar, basic principles etc. should be correct. Because if the language is not correct then people will not like to read it.

3. Read Books

There are so many great writers in the world whose articles written by people like to read more. If you also want to become a better writer, then first read the article written by other writers.

How people write stories, articles, novels etc., what is their way of writing, what kind of words do they use, first understand it better.

The more you read the content written by others, the more quality will be generated inside you. After this, whatever you write, you will be able to write a unique article in a different way.

4. Write Everyday

Everyday practice is necessary for a writer to write better. It is necessary to write it everyday. Because of writing everyday, he will keep practicing what kind of words to use, what kind of language to use in his content. To achieve success in any work, continuous practice is most important to move forward.

5. Develop Imagination

A writer can write better articles only when he has developed imagination. On the basis of your imagination, generate characters and their thoughts in the story.

The best way to develop imagination is to read more and more stories written by others. Whatever thoughts come inside you, express them in your content.

6. Better writing style

A Writer should improve his writing style. Because while reading any article, any person looks more at the language written by an author, his thoughts, his style. Which word has to be used at which place, can be done only after knowing the better language style.

7. Write Unique Content

Whenever someone writes a story and writes a novel, write it differently from the articles written by others, only then people will like to read more. Often we also see many films or serials which have different story in it, that is the story written by the film writer.

Sometimes people do not even like to watch the same similar story article, film serial etc. That's why whatever you write should be unique, different from others and of better quality.

Types of writer

Writers are those who express their words through articles based on different styles. Writer can be of many types like story, poem, novel, essay, film or serial story, news etc.

The art of a writer is his good hold on words and language. A writer writes better stories to entertain people based on their imagination in a creative way. There are many types of writers

  • content writer
  • Poet
  • Author
  • book writer
  • story writer
  • novelist
  • news writer
  • essayist
  • film writer
  • blogger

1. Poetry writer

Many people express their thoughts through a Shayari or through a poem, they are called poet writers. A Poem Writer also writes Poems for small children.

You can also make a better career as a poetry writer. There have been many famous poets in India whose poems are still taught in our textbooks or people like to read them like this. Surdas, Kabir Das, Rahim, Vidyapati etc. famous poets have appeared in Indian Hindi literature.

2. Book Writer

Book writer is called book writer in English. Book writers are those who write a book. A book of poetry, a story book or a book of any subject is written for small children by the Book Writer.

3. Content Writer

At present, online platform has become popular to put your writing in front of people. People can put their thoughts and articles in front of the people through the website. The content that is written is called Content Writer. The work of content writing is done in every field.

4. News Writer

The person who writes different types of news for news channel or newspaper is known as News Writer. News writers keep any news in front of the media in a better way with full truth so that the media people who read the news in the news paper or watch the news on TV can understand it in a better way.

5. blogger

People who write blogs are called bloggers. A blogger expresses his thoughts on his website related to any subject through a blog.

6. Film Writer

All the films or serials that are made in the world are scripts written by a film writer.

7. Writer's feature

People like the story, article, novel, poem etc. written by any writer only when it is different from others. A writer should write the same type of article so that people are entertained after reading it. There should be some special feature inside a writer, only then the reader can read the article written by him.

Style For Writing

  • There should be an art of finding and developing a unique work style.

  • A writer should have knowledge of more than one language.

  • There should be knowledge of each and every style of the language in which writing is done.

  • Whatever you write, write it honestly and correctly.

  • Whatever book, story, article etc. you write, relate it to your own life and write it after feeling it yourself. If you feel connected to yourself then only you will be able to write that story in a good way.

  • A writer should be patient, it is necessary to have patience. Because by writing an article or a book, he cannot be successful. One has to work hard to make a career as a writer, only then he can go ahead and achieve success.

  • Choose the right words and try to explain your words in a better way in front of others.

  • If you do writing in simple language style, in common colloquial language of people, then readers understand very soon.

Career Scope as Writer

  • If you want to make a career in the field of writing, then there is also a better career scope in it. You can also send short stories in any magazine, newspaper etc.

  • In return, you also get money. By the way, in today's time, most can make a career in the field of content writer. For this, there are many platforms online, where content writer earns better in return for a piece of content.

  • You can also get the job of content writer through freelancer. By the way, as a writer, you can make a career in many other fields. Writer is such a profession in which the more experience increases, the better you can work.

  • If someone writes a novel or a story book, the more people like it, the more it will earn. There are many career scopes in the writer field.

  1. content writer
  2. script writer
  3. Author
  4. news reporter
  5. technical writer
  6. advertising agency

Famous Writers Of India

There have been many famous writers, poets, poets in India, whose written story poetry essays are liked by many people even today. Films have been made on the story written by many writers, which have become super hit. The name of the famous writer and poet of India is:

  • Munshi Premchand
  • Phanishwar Nath Renu
  • Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
  • mahadevi Verma
  • Subhadra Kumari Chauhan
  • Kabir Das

In today's time, social media is a better platform to reach people to promote whatever they write, article, story or poem.

Social media has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., on which you can share any type of content you have written. The more people read there, the more it will be publicized and disseminated.

writer salary in india

As we already say there are so many kinds of write so the salary will be based on a profession like a content writer's salary india will be an annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs.


Here in this post, we add all related information about how to become a writer in India so if you want to become any kind of writer then you should read our post till the end.

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