How to Become a UX designer in India 2023

 We will know how to learn UI / UX Design, and how to become a UX designer, I have found the best free courses for you, one of which is of two months, and is made by Google's UI / UX designers. I will point out several learning resources and websites and also explore a complete detailed roadmap to becoming a UI/UX designer that will help you become a self-taught UI professional. UI/UX designers can learn for free without any degree or experience if you haven't studied computer science field and also don't love programming and coding but if you love to work in the mobile app, websites, or IT industry We do.

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UI/UX Design is in the 5th position on the list of most demanded skills, it is also called the art of future design, you see the average attention span of people is decreasing every time. In today's time such websites, apps, and digital products whose UI/UX design is not the best, and not according to the market trends, customers gradually stop using them, which has a very negative impact on the business, In today's mobile-driven world it has become essential for every startup, every tech company to have UI/UX designer on their team, new startups are opening every day so UI/UX design skills have become a hot skill in India, the jobs are filled and will continue in future in India UI. /UX Designers have the same salary as developers and programmers.

How to Become a UX designer in India 2023
How to Become a UX designer in India 2023

What is UI/UX Design?

Let us find out what is UI/UX Design, how you can learn for free, and a complete roadmap, free courses with useful websites, all in detail, now we will explore UI/UX Design, these are two different specializations UX Design means User Experience Design a process in which it is seen whether the customer will experience your products and services that product is easy to learn, easy to use, enjoyable, designed according to the customer's requirement or not UX designer also of human behavior Studies and physiology brings new ideas.

UX Design vs UI Design

also plan and design the best solutions to users' problems, through market research examples you confirm, and agree, the ok button is always on the right side while the cancel button is always on the left side because this is also a human behavior user left More than one clicks on the button on the right, see another example of good and bad UX design as the user when you click on the save button,

There is an animation of loading going on from this you are clearly understanding that you have pressed the button and the save process is going on while seeing the other button here no animation is inserted on pressing so you can get an illusion to check whether it is clicked or not see windows 11 its ui is made very good similar to MacBook but removed the drape and drop feature because of this my overall user experience is unsatisfied because while editing the video I don't see the drape I use end drop feature so much, it saves my time I have given few small examples of UX design, UX designers design the complete user experience.

Graphic Design vs UI Design

Now user interface design is being done in UI design User interface means the graphical layout of any app, or website example you use a mobile app on daily basis, every icon, text entry field, slide, image, layout, click Button any transition, animation, what color will be, how will be front button and style, all these are very beautifully designed by UI designer and created a great look feel application user interface. UI designers are just graphic designers, just their design Area specific are they design interface website or app, keeping in mind the user experience you have studied this line that if graphic design is art. UI design is science great graphic design is Apple but great UI design is Google you must have got an idea of graphic designer vs ui designer now the question arises if UI/UX both are different specializations. Why it is necessary to mention UI/UX designers in some jobs as they are looking for a candidate who can do both jobs many people learn both these jobs, and you can also learn both UI and UX design, this will give you so many opportunities.

How to Become a ux designer

Now let's talk about how to become a UI/UX designer, there are thousands of successful, self-taught UI/UX designers in India and you can also find examples of accountants, mechanical engineers, and many more who are self-taught in other domains transferred from. And working full time in this field who have less time and money but have a strong desire to come in this field and become a successful UI/UX designer then it is best for them to learn online because guys this is a field where new trends Things keep changing every day and have to be updated about any new development, See if you are in 10th or 12th watching this video and having full passion in Product Designing, come in UI/UX field so you can also do degree program which you can see on the screen colleges which provide degree course you can also do short term offline diploma course but if you don't have much money and time and a self-taught Have the courage to be a UI/UX designer.

important points

  • You will learn more in this field while on the job, i.e. whatever theory, concepts, or tools you learn through self-learning, apply them practically, and practice a lot, further I will tell you two amazing websites to practice

  • You don't need to learn everything, you don't need to learn all the software used in this field and you don't need to learn and remember all the guidelines and designs, you just need to focus on how to learn and how to maintain your curiosity on all things UI/UX design because today if you are liking a new design style, new trend style but it is possible that this trend may be finished in coming 2-3 months, This is also a matter in this field so always keep your curiosity

  • never stop learning ten years back no one cares about virtual reality, and augmented reality in UI/UX design but today UI/UX designers working on AR/BR are growing very fast so this field You have to keep yourself updated. according to market trends

Explain the complete roadmap to becoming a UX/UI designer. You can follow this roadmap in two steps.

  • You have to learn the basics of UI/UX in this you have to learn design theory, design psychology, and design principles of product design fundamental in color, shape, and typography, you have to learn the terminology behind it design psychology everything is written in detail with diagram You will understand easily and in product design, you have to learn design sprint, empathize with the user, define problem, prototyping, and testing.

  • Now you have to practically learn UI/UX skills which are used in the industry, we have discussed in the very beginning that if you learn both UI/UX you will have more job opportunities and as per Danny's roadmap, Design starting from UX will be best for you because when you learn to design user experience then according to that you can design user interface properly so you can see that you will get all these in UX design skills guidelines, theory, and psychology How to do UX research is the basic job scope of a UX designer, such as document UX research and UX tools Micro, Flow map, Plectica, etc. UX designers use these tools during their work, these tools user data to help us see and understand it.

Why is FIGMA becoming popular?

After learning design, now you have to learn UI design like you can see in this you have given UI design guidelines and principles, wireframing, prototyping, and building a design system for wireframing and prototyping UI designers use software like Sigma and sketch. , Adobe XD you can learn any one of this software, all software is almost the same only thing is your output, and your creativity, client will not ask you to design specifically in Sigma, sketch, or Adobe XD, that is All you care about is the output, sigma is becoming increasingly popular, it is a collaborative design tool, all your designs are saved online, many people can view, comment, help with your design ok guys

Best Websites to Build a UX/UI Designer Portfolio

Now I am telling you two websites from where you can practice –

  • is where you can participate in the Redesign Challenge, you can see thousands of Redesign Challenges here if you win any of them. you will be rewarded,
  • This is also a very good website, many real-world challenges are uploaded here, and there are many cue cards here on different design topics, these design challenges are divided into small steps, and there are also tutorials so that You can have an idea what are the challenges, what problems to solve through our design

UX designer salary india

Now let's talk about the ui/ux designer salary in india. If we talk about the average annual salary of ₹ 7.5 Lakhs.


Here in this post, we add all related information about UX designers so if you are searching for how to become a UX designer then you should read our article till the end.

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