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 World Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on 22 April. Many types of programs are organized on this occasion, in which people are told about environmental protection, awareness of the earth, and how to preserve it.

Along with this, short speeches on earth day are also given in such programs in many educational, government, and social organizations including schools/colleges. That's why we are providing you the speech on Earth Day in this post, which you can use according to your need –

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Speech on Earth Day

First of all my greetings to all!

speech on earth day for school assembly
speech on earth day for school assembly 

I express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to respected dignitaries, the respected chief guest, the Principal, all the teachers and my younger brothers and sisters, and my dear friends sitting here. It is a great pleasure that today I have got a wonderful opportunity to deliver a speech in front of you on the occasion of World Earth Day. I want to start my speech with a slogan written on Earth Day –

Make Earth Day special, and wake up new hope for the earth by saving the environment.

As we all know that earth is the only planet in the universe where life of humans, animals, natural vegetation and plants is possible. Earth has provided all those resources to man and has given some unique gifts in the form of nature, so that man can easily lead his life.

Earth provides such an environment for humans and animals, where humans can breathe in the open air, get water to drink, get food for their food, and settle down to live. Could

Apart from this, he can get all the things useful for life, which he wants.

That is, the earth like a mother protects all the living beings including humans, animals and animals in her lap. But, on the other hand, man is exploiting natural resources fiercely for the sake of earning his profit and enjoying materialistic pleasures.

Today man is indiscriminately cutting trees and plants, stopping the water of rivers, and doing all such inhuman activities, including promoting pollution by excessive use of vehicles, etc., which is threatening the existence of the earth, which is quite a matter of grave concern.

Therefore, World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April with the aim of conserving the earth and making people aware of its importance.

Let us tell you that the celebration of World Earth Day first started in the year 1970 in America. The day was founded by US Senator, Gerald Nelson.

In fact, during that time there was a huge tragedy due to the increasing industrialization and development of America which wreaked havoc on the environment, after which Gerald Nelson took the initiative to celebrate this day keeping in mind the protection of the environment.

At the same time, this day is widely celebrated in about 192 countries of the world, in which voluntary organizations, environmental lovers and educational institutions, enlightened societies play their active part and encourage people to protect their most priceless natural heritage earth. We do.

That is, the main purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to warn those people, who are promoting industrialization, about the protection of the earth and the environment. Yes, there is no doubt that industrialization has strengthened and developed the world economy, but due to this, the crisis of the end of the world is increasing, and it is slowly becoming a curse for human life. Is.

In fact, industrialization is becoming a sign of its destruction, not for the better future of the country, because man is neglecting the environment due to this and neglecting the unique gifts received from nature. In fact, the contaminant and debris coming out of the industries are promoting pollution by mixing directly with the natural water sources and the weather cycle has changed due to the cutting of trees and plants, creating a situation of disparity and imbalance in the environment.

Not only this, the problem of global warming has increased due to the fierce exploitation of natural resources, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day and in the last few years, there has been a huge decline in the ozone layer which protects from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Due to this the safety of the environment is in danger, if this continues to happen continuously, then the day is not far when the existence of the earth will be completely erased.

At the same time, this problem cannot be completely eradicated, but on Earth Day, if we all together can definitely take a pledge to reduce this kind of danger.

For this, we need to make small efforts, such as we all can plant more and more trees, give our support in reducing industrialization, recycle garbage, limit the use of vehicles. Can or can make many such efforts including conservation of energy, so that our environment can be safe and balance can be brought in the environment so that the earth can be protected.

At the same time, I want to end my speech with a slogan written to save the earth –

Our life is settled on the earth, respect it all together.

Thank you.


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