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 One day or the other comes in the life of every person that he definitely participates in some or the other farewell ceremony. if you are searching for a speech on farewell party by students so today on Best Farewell Speech in Hindi for you Have brought

Meaning of Farewell -:

When we bid farewell to someone or when someone else is separated from us, then sending him off with good wishes and saying 'goodbye' to him while receiving his best wishes is called Farewell or Farewell.

Types of Farewell Speech  

By the way, Farewell speech is given on various occasions and that is why there are many types of it. But mainly there can be following types of Farewell Speech -:

  • Farewell speech given by junior students or senior students in school, college,
  • speech given while leaving office,
  • Farewell speech given on someone's retirement
  • obituary speech

  How to give speech on a farewell ceremony

If you have to give an emotional speech in any farewell, then how can you make your speech good and soulful. Today, we will tell you that keeping in mind which things you should give a speech on the farewell ceremony. Before giving a speech or Best Farewell Speech in Hindi on any farewell ceremony, we must pay attention to these five things: -

  • Begin the Farewell speech with a poem or poem.
  • Relive old memories in your farewell speech.
  • If you have attended the farewell ceremony of a special person, then speak about that special person in your farewell speech.
  • Before ending your Farewell Speech, give Best Wishes to all those people who have attended there.
  • At the end of the farewell speech, also speak a sentimental poem or poem.

  • Reading your speech :- If this farewell is affecting you emotionally [Emotionally], then this is the most appropriate way. Prepare an outline of what you want to say and read your speech. Also, while printing it, keep in mind that the size of the words should be large and there should be sufficient gap between the two lines, otherwise there may be difficulty in reading.

  • Use of cue cards: If you give your farewell speech by writing the main words on the card, then it will be more effective than just reading the speech. Numbers should be written on these cards. It also has the advantage that you are able to say your point by connecting one point to another and further things are also clearly understood and are successful in getting response from people as well.

  • Give your speech from memory: - If you have time to prepare and memorize Farewell speech, then you can also adopt this method. With this you can easily interact with people. But if you forget something somewhere in the middle, then you must also know the art of handling the Farewell Speech well, otherwise your Farewell Speech will fail.

Emotional farewell speech by students of class 12

My best regards to all the students.

Today we have all gathered here for the farewell ceremony.

It is a day when we remember all the good and bad moments spent at this place and we try to take the good times away from here.

After so much hard work it is time to say goodbye. I still remember all the moments from the first day till today.

It seems like yesterday was my first day at this place. Everyone was unaware and there would be fear and hesitation in the mind.

Time slowly passed, a special and different relationship got attached to this place. If there is any place after my family where I have spent most of my time, this is the place, it is my second home.

Today is my last day, and tomorrow we will not be able to meet and I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this day special.

One's life doesn't stop for anyone, just live with the memories and good moments that I got from this place a lot, and I'm going to take them with me from here and say goodbye to you today.

I will never forget these days spent with you in my life.

Everyone had to be different one day or the other, I will pray that you always be happy and make a lot of progress in your life and one day you will surely achieve your goal.

I wish you all a very happy future.

Thank you

Farewell speech for seniors

speech on farewell party by students
speech on farewell party by students

Dear Respected Seniors,

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,

This is Rahul. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the most love, care, and awesome support for sharing so much time and being a great affection.

It is a special moment for all of us and personally, it means even more to me, as it is a farewell party for our valued and respected seniors, who were not only my best colleagues but also my best friends. Were also, good friends.

Yes, you guys have shared your experiences of academic life and we are very thankful to all of you, especially me.

Contrary to the impression that what I did about you was completely opposite. I learned a lot from you, hearty laughs and timely challenges of deadlines, pressures, and projects.

You help me, thank you for helping us whenever I have a problem.

It was really memorable to be together in the company of my seniors we enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the farewell speech so if you are searching for an emotional farewell speech by students of class 12 and a short farewell speech then you should read our post till the end.

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