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Essay on childhood in 150 words

Essay on childhood in 150 words
Essay on childhood in 150 words

The golden force of human life -

Childhood is the golden period of human life. Worry-free life, independent life, and fearless roaming around anywhere, ate whatever came in hand, enjoying honey while sucking thumb and feeling of ecstasy while slurping milk, with big pearly eyes. There are many such memories like calling the mother after shedding and wiping the broom and sticking it to the heart.

 Childhood is that period when no one asks us to study and neither do we worry about the future. Childhood is like a city of heaven from where we do not feel like leaving. Childhood is the time where no one stops us. The whole world seems to be on one side and we are on the other side. Worry free life is the simple meaning of childhood.

My village Memory-

My childhood was spent in Madhubani, a small village in present-day Bihar, which has taken the form of district from tehsil along with industrial development. Nothing can describe the beauty of my village. The greenery of trees is visible all around in my village. A huge pond can be seen in the village. Half percent of the land in the village is covered with fields where other's treasure grows. There is no answer to the river of the village where the purity of the water gives long life to the people there. Almost every house in the village has a pet animal, which runs the household of most of the people in my village.

My family -

My family consists of mother, father, grandfather and an elder brother. Everyone takes care of me a lot. Father works in the country's Mayanagari Mumbai. Baba (Grandfather) is the only advisor in the village. My family is very simple and our life is equally simple. The courtyard of my house was raw. That yellow soil courtyard was my playground.

speech on childhood: Childhood Events -

Once the brother tried to take him in his lap with affection. He used to have a childhood habit of hitting his hands. I was crying on the cot. They were getting happy. Understanding that teasing him is giving me pleasure, that is why he insisted a little more. 

They couldn't hold me and I fell down from the cot and started crying. This was the easy and simple way to invite the mother. Mother came running and stuck my body covered in yellow soil to her lap. Scolded the brother. It was not in his control to be beaten Because his brother was also a child and was his mother's heart. 

Although the family was middle class, there was no shortage of milk and curd. We used to overindulge in food. As a result, it had become natural to vomit in the stomach and vomit milk. Homemade tricks would have taken the form of medicine. Mamtamayi mother sat nearby watching every detail and praying while waiting for her son to get well. While walking on our knees, the yellow soil courtyard of the palace became our running ground.

 Neighboring children of the same age used to enjoy slapping each other. Once we hit the child of the aunt in front with that hand that he started crying. Tai came running and picked up her child in her arms and slapped me with a receipt in anger. As soon as we were hit, we also started crying. On the other hand, mother was watching Tai's act. Just then mother took us in her lap and started quarreling with Tai. Really, when I remember the incidents of childhood even today, tears of happiness start coming out of my eyes.

Childhood pranks

When we grew up When he started walking, his friendship with the children increased. The area of introduction went out of the house and reached the street. Climbing Baba's two feet high platform was no less than climbing the Himalayas. While trying to climb, he used to fall and cry and cry and try to climb again. The street cats and dogs were lions and tigers to us.

 If a street dog started following us with its tongue sticking out, then our knees would tie up and we would enter the house with tiny steps. There were many monkeys in our village. 

One day I was walking in the street when suddenly three or four monkeys came and started staring at me, threatening me by staring. When the eyes saw this scene, a loud cry came out of the mouth, the heart rate increased, the eyes started raining, hands and feet started trembling.

 Hearing the screams, the neighbor came and she chased the monkeys away by showing them sticks After some time I regained consciousness and again it seemed as if nothing had happened. Because in childhood, if we see a friend in fear, then their teasing goes on for many days.

Childhood Memories -

I still remember many childhood memories. Remembering, I keep my head on my mother's lap and start discussing the stories of my childhood. Those memories of being scared by a monkey, getting beaten up by Tai, climbing on Baba's two feet high platform, etc., tell me to return to my childhood.

 If God had asked me what I want, I would have requested him to send me back to my childhood. Indeed, childhood is the golden period for all people.


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