How to Become a Product Manager in India

 You must have used many products till now and must have shared your experiences and even you will remember the slogans of many brands. The team has to work hard before bringing a product to the market. Product management has a big role in this team. If you have creative and innovative thinking, your planning skills are amazing, then the Product Managers career option can prove to be good for you.

How To Make Career In Product Management?

As soon as many new products come in the market, people's hearts and minds get covered. You will even remember the slogans of many brands. Actually, product management has a big role behind all this. A product manager plays an important role in the creation of a product till it reaches the customer.

A Product Manager Professional understands the mood of the customer very well. They have amazing product branding skills. In other words, new products are made and launched under his supervision. 

This is the reason why this job is 'in demand' these days in the brand development wing of companies. If you think you can do something in this field. So you too can think of learning in this field.

Product management is a huge responsibility in itself. In which she works hard. It is also not necessary that the product prepared by you will be successful in the market. Once you know the product is successful, it can be changed and updated from time to time through customer feedback, etc.

What Is Product Management?

The product goes through many processes before coming to the market. Product management for any product is an essential function for a business that deals with all steps of the product life cycle (PLM) responsible for taking a product forward and producing a profitable product or service. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is responsible for integrating people, data, processes and business systems.

Product management is mainly a field related to production and branding. The job of a product manager is to look after the processes related to product planning, research, creation, designing, product launching, manufacturing, packaging, leveling sales, and marketing. Their main job is to maintain any product or service in the market or for new products.

A product manager of any company generally performs two types of responsibilities. First, to maintain the company's product or service in the market, and second, to develop new products or services. Such professionals also have a good understanding of consumer research and market research. Cadets can reach the post of Product Management Director after gaining experience by starting as a product manager.

Work Role of Product Manager 

What is the job of a Product Manager? The answer to this question is in its name itself. A product manager is a person working in any organization, so from the creation of the product to marketing, and what to improve in the product, make its place in the market, as well as build trust with the customer.

Creating a product manager for a product. To give direction to it in the market, we also build a road map, and strategy. A product manager shares information related to the product with the technical team, product maker team, sales team, and board members.


  Skills Require To become a product manager

Product Manager is a responsible position in companies. Ideation and planning are important parts of their career. That's why it is necessary for the cadet to have creative and innovative thinking. They should have good skills in maths and finance. Must have the analytical ability for information filtering. Teamwork, leadership, communication skills, and an understanding of market trends are also essential.

How to Become A Product Manager in India

Product Management is a very demanding career option. A career can be made in this field after 12th or graduation. In this, you can become a Product Manager by doing courses ranging from MBA to Diploma, PG Diploma. The duration of an MBA is 2 years and Diploma and PG Diploma are from 1 to 2 years. Which can be a candidate for any stream. For MBA and PG Diploma, it is necessary for the candidate to have graduated.

How to Become a Product Manager
How to Become a Product Manager

what to study to become a product manager

In order to get admission in various institutes in the course for UP and PG Programs in Product Management, the candidates need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

P.G- Candidates must be a graduate to be eligible for admission in various institutes in this course. They must have a degree from any recognized board or university.

Cadets of U.G- Science, Arts, Commerce, Business Administration or any other backgrounds are eligible to take admission in any of the institutes offering this PG course. However, they may be required to give an entrance exam.

  • Course in Product Management
  • MBA in Product Management
  • MBA in Brand Management
  • PG Diploma in Product Management
  • PG Diploma in Brand Management
  • Diploma in Product Management
  • PG Diploma in Product and Operations Management
  • PG Diploma in Product and Material Management

Top Institute And University

  • Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Chennai, Hyderabad,
  • Mumbai Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi
  • National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai
  • Anna University, Chennai
  • Biju Patnaik University, Orissa
  • Indian Institute of Product Management Orissa
  • Indian Institute of Management Training, Pune

Product Manager Salary in India

Product Management is a high-paying field. For posts like an assistant manager at the entry level, a salary of 30 thousand to 40 thousand rupees per month is easily available. After a few years of experience, his salary as a product manager goes up to more than Rs 1 lakh.

Certain qualities To become a successful product manager:

  • Understanding of Competition:

There should be an understanding of competition in your market so that you can eliminate the competition between the product and the customer. To eliminate the competition, the right roadmap, special design, and creative thinking can be used.

  • Relationship Management Skills:

  As a product manager, you have to maintain the right relationship with all the stakeholders in your organization, and with the sales team. Which helps in launching a new product and making it popular in the market.

  • Awareness :

A product manager should never make a product according to himself or according to the organization, he should always design and make it according to the need of the customer.

  • Self Management:

  A product manager is under pressure from the CEO of the company, the sales team, the technical team, and customer desire. Despite these pressures, what work should the product manager do, when, and how? Do it promptly.

A product manager also has to look at customer sentiment, stakeholder sentiment, and where the funds for the product will come from.


Here in this post, we add all related information about product managers like product manager salary in india, what to study to become a product manager, and many more so if you wah to become a product manager then you should read our post till the end.

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