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 Ozone Day is celebrated every year on 16 September. 19 December 1994 by the United Nations, has been declared every year on 16 September as Ozone Day- International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. 

Ozone is the name of a layer that works to prevent ultraviolet rays coming from the sun from falling on the earth. It is another form of oxygen. 

Ozone Day Speech- Ozone Day 16 September 2022 In the speech, we are giving you information about the history of celebrating this day, the nature of ozone, and protection.

Ozone Day Speech

The hole in the ozone layer was first observed in 1987, the Montreal Protocol Agreement was the first global effort towards ozone protection.

On 16 September 1989, a conference was organized in Montreal city of Canada, which was known as the Montreal Protocol, in which representatives of 33 other countries including India also participated.

The space, which is also called the atmosphere in common language, has many layers, one of which is the stratosphere, which is also known as the ozone layer. The ozone layer has been found in a 10-15 km radius of this region. Whose distance from the earth is up to 50 KM.

ozone day speech
ozone day speech

It is formed due to ozone gas, which is formed from oxygen and its molecular formula is O3 while that of oxygen is O2.

History of Ozone Day

The Montreal Protocol is considered the background of Ozone Day. Since 1994, the General Assembly of the United Nations has decided every year on 16 September as Ozone Day. It is a global day, which is celebrated every year in all the member states of the UNO.

The purpose behind celebrating this day is to make people aware of the protection of the earth and the environment, to make them aware of the harm caused by pollution. So that the continuous decay of our protector ozone layer can be stopped in time.

In today's global situation, environmental imbalance, the main reason for the continuous increase in temperature is the depletion of the ozone layer, due to which greenhouse gases are increasing the temperature of the earth day by day.

What is the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is a layer of the Earth's atmosphere in which ozone gas is found the most. Which absorbs up to 95 percent of the ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun.

If these harmful rays reach the earth in such quantity, then the possibility of life can end here. Mostly 92% of this ozone gas is available in the ozone layer itself, which is present in negligible quantity in the earth's atmosphere.

The credit for the discovery of the ozone layer goes to the French scientists Fabry Charles and Henri Busson, who brought forth the existence of this layer through their research paper published in 1913.

British scientist GMB Dobson did the work of gathering information about the properties of ozone gas, its characteristics, etc. In his honor, the instrument for measuring the status of ozone has been named the Dobson unit.

importance of ozone day

The annual celebration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer has its own theme and varies from year to year. The theme of a year is not repeated and every year a new and different theme is kept by the authorities.

The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone is celebrated on 16. 16 September 2022 with the theme 'Caring for all life under the sun'.

Ozone day slogans

  • Every hole in the ozone layer is like a hole in our soul.
  • Earth without ozone, the house without roof stuff.
  • Let ozone be ozone, don't let ozone become a NO zone.
  • Umbrella protects us from rain, and ozone protects the earth from the sun.
  • We have to choose one, ozone or no-zone.
  • If Earth is our mother, then ozone is our grandmother.
  • Remove pollution, and save the ozone.
  • Save ozone, save a life.
  • Save ozone, and drive away the red zone.
  • Ozone is a precious gem, and we should try to protect it.
  • Save ozone from pollution, save the next generation from fire.

Second: ozone day speech

What will happen to the earth if the ozone layer is not protected?

The ozone layer is a layer found in the stratosphere and for some time there is a hole in the ozone layer, at present the ozone layer is not safe and there are many adverse effects on the earth if the ozone layer is not safe.

If the ozone layer will not be safe then the following incidents can happen on earth –

skin cancer

Due to the increase in the hole in the ozone layer, the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are directly coming in contact with humans and due to this, there is a risk of skin cancer and new diseases related to the skin.

risk of cataracts

Due to the destruction of the ozone layer, the number of ultraviolet rays reaching the earth will increase and these ultraviolet rays have an effect on human skin as well as on the eyes.

If the ozone layer is not protected, the risk of cataracts will also increase and most people will gradually become blind.

decreased immunity

According to scientists, due to the hole in the ozone layer, there will be a decrease in immunity in humans and due to this, minor diseases will have a very serious effect on people.

Decrease in agricultural productivity-

Ultraviolet rays also have a direct effect on plant growth and it is believed that increasing ozone layer holes will reduce agricultural productivity.


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