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Kisan Diwas Speech

Agriculture is given a lot of importance in our country, and in such a situation, farmers should be respected and respected, keeping this in mind, Farmer's Day is celebrated in our country of India, this day is celebrated on 23 December.

farmer's day speech in english
farmer's day speech in english

This day is celebrated in honor of Chaudhary Charan Singh, the former Prime Minister of India and as his birthday. Farmer's Day was established in the year 2001 AD. When Chaudhary Charan Singh ji was on the post of Prime Minister, he had decided to work for the benefit of the farmers because he himself belonged to a farmer's family and knew all the problems of the farmers. He became the Prime Minister for a very short time.

Chaudhary Charan Singh had done different beneficial works for the farmers, which helped the farmers to fight with the landlords and also gave some benefits to the farmers. Because earlier the landlord used to pay less money to the farmers than the cost of their grains and used to earn profit by selling them at expensive prices, and also used to forcefully take grains from weak farmers. The slogan "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan" was also given to protect the farmers and many types of green revolution were also started which lead the farmers towards farming and increase their courage in growing crops.

Agriculture in our country has a huge impact on the economy of India because most of the things sold in the markets are grown by the farmers. The farmer grows the grain with a lot of hard work and dedication and sells it in the market. After that we use it, but the farmers are not able to get the right cost of it, big landlords, government etc. buy their grains for less money, that's why the condition of the farmers is very pathetic.

Farmers have to work very hard and struggle for good grain production, they have to face problems like adding fertilizers, watering, weeding, protecting them from insects, etc. Seeing all this, the farmer is unable to bear this sad situation and starts moving toward suicide.

In view of all these problems, many steps have been taken to solve the problems of the farmers, in which Farmer's Day is an important way to solve their problems. On Farmer's Day, farmers are told how to grow grains in new ways and modern machines are used so that the work can be done easily and at low cost. Earlier, the work which used to take several hours to a few days to the farmers, is done in a very short time by modern methods.

Farmer's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm at many places, many types of competitions are also held in this, people meet each other, tell new methods and get information.

The Government of India also implements different schemes for the benefit of the farmers and to encourage them, and the loans taken by the farmers are waived many times so that they can move towards farming. So that the farmers remain happy and produce grains. If the farmer is unable to bear all the problems, then he starts moving towards suicide, then the schemes brought by the government help him.

We should respect the farmers and should be very happy that there is a large section of people who work continuously for us, due to which the life of the people of our country goes on. Agriculture is done on most of the land in our country India. Most of the agriculture in India is done in places like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh etc. and it is on a large scale that farmers produce crops as well as earn profit.

But nowadays people are spoiling the environment due to which the farmers are suffering a lot. Due to bad environment, the weather does not run according to time, it does not rain when needed. Somewhere there is a flood and somewhere there is a famine, due to which all the people are harmed, as well as the crops of the farmers are also ruined.


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