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 Srinivasa Ramanuja, the great Indian mathematician who was born on 22 December 1827 in a village in Coimbatore, South India, his mother's name was Komaltammal and his father's name was Srinivasa Iyengar. 

Considered among the greatest mathematicians of modern times. Ramanuja was extremely talented since childhood.

Srinivasa Ramanujan essay in 100 words
Srinivasa Ramanujan essay in 100 words

Essay on Srinivasa Ramanujan 

Srinivasa Ramanujan is considered the greatest mathematician of modern times, he did not receive any special training. Still made a special contribution to the field of mathematics. With his talent and dedication, he not only made wonderful inventions in the field of mathematics but also gave India incomparable pride.

This was not the case with this great scientist. He could not even speak at the age of 3. His parents thought that he might remain dumb. He was not asked to read and write in school. The teachers considered him very weak. But Later on, Ignore topped his entire presidency in studies.

Ramanuja often asked his teachers who was the first person in the world, what is the length of the ocean from one end to the other, etc. Along with being sharp-minded, his nature in school and college was so sweet that the rules of other college students did not apply to Ramanuja. 

Due to getting first place in mathematics, he was given a scholarship for further studies But in the years to come, Ramanuja became extremely weak in other subjects due to his excessive concentration in mathematics, and his scholarship was stopped when he failed in the examination. Due to failure, his further studies stopped.

The five years after leaving school was very frustrating for him. At this time India was bound in the shackles of subjugation. There was severe poverty all around At such a time, Ramanujan had neither a job nor an opportunity to work with any institute or professor Just his unwavering faith in God and immense devotion to mathematics always inspired him to walk on the path of duty. Namgiri Devi was the presiding deity of Ramanujan's family.

Unbreakable faith in him did not let him stop anywhere and he continued to run his research in mathematics even in such adverse circumstances. At this time, Ramanujan used to get a total of five rupees monthly from tuition and used to live in this. This life period of Ramanujan was full of suffering and sorrow. He always had to wander here and there for his sustenance and to continue his education and had to plead unsuccessfully with many people.

Marriage and Maths Sadhana

In the year 1908, his parents got him married to a girl named Janaki. After getting married, it was no longer possible for him to forget everything and immerse himself in mathematics. So he came to Madras in search of a job. 

Due to not passing the twelfth examination, he did not get a job and his health also fell badly. Wherever Dr. Ramanuja used to go, he would have shown his works done in mathematics there.

At the same time, Ramanujan met the Deputy Collector Mr. V. Ramaswamy Iyer at someone's suggestion. Who himself was a scholar of mathematics. He recognized Ramanuja's talent and also arranged for a 25th monthly scholarship, where Ramanuja prepared and published his first research paper.

Correspondence to Professor ID

At the same time, when Ramanujan showed some formulas of his number theory to Professor Seshu Iyer, his attention went toward Professor Hardy of London itself. Professor Hardy was one of the world's most famous mathematicians of that time And was known for his strict nature and love of discipline After reading Professor Hardy's research work, Ramanujan said that he had discovered the answer to Professor Hardy's unanswered question Now Ramanujan's correspondence with Professor Hardy started.

Now from here, a new era started in the life of Ramanujan in which Professor Hardy had a big role. In other words, the way a jeweler identifies a diamond and carves it to shine, Professor Hardy has a similar place in Ramanujan's life. 

Professor Hardy was a lifelong admirer of Ramanujan's genius and philosophy of life. This friendship between Ramanujan and Professor Hardy proved beneficial for both. In a way, both of them complemented each other. 

Many brilliant mathematicians of that time whose research papers were seen by Officer Hardy, of whom Ramanuja was the most outstanding.

In the beginning, when Ramanujan sent his research work to Professor Hardy, he too did not fully understand at first. 

When he consulted his fellow mathematicians, he came to the conclusion that Ramanujan was a rare personality in the field of mathematics and that he should come to England for further research and understanding of the work done by him. 

So he invited Ramanujan to come to Cambridge. After going there, Ramanuja did much research works with Professor Hardy.

His declining health became a matter of concern for everyone and even the doctors had now given their answer. Finally, the time has come for Ramanujan's departure. In the morning of 26 April 1920, he became unconscious and in the afternoon, he gave up his life. At this time Ramanujan's age was only 33 years His untimely death was an irreparable loss to the mathematical world. 

Whoever heard the news of Ramanujan's death in the whole country and abroad was shocked.


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