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essay on earthquake in 100 words

essay on earthquake in 1000 words
essay on earthquake in 1000 words

The phenomenon of sudden shaking of the earth is called an earthquake. Earthquake occurs when the earth's internal hot materials cause movement. Sometimes the earthquake is mild and sometimes it is of heavy intensity. When a low-intensity earthquake occurs, the earth only shakes in a particular area, but it does not have any side effects. Earthquakes of high intensity sometimes cause heavy damage. Raw and weak houses collapse, and there is a huge loss of movable and immovable property. Hundreds of people die by being buried under the debris of the house. Thousands get injured. People are forced to stay in temporary accommodations by becoming homeless again and again. It takes months or even years for conditions to normalize. 

Earthquakes cannot be prevented but by taking precautions the damage caused by them can be reduced. To avoid this, earthquake-resistant buildings should be constructed. One should not panic when an earthquake occurs, but necessary precautions should be taken. Earthquake is a natural disaster, they should be fought together.

Essay on earthquake in 500 Words

Introduction: Earthquake The state of shaking of the earth from its axis is called an earthquake or earthquake. Sometimes this situation becomes very frightening. As a result, every inert-conscious creature and substance located above the earth either gets destroyed or it reaches a state of annihilation. 

It is often heard about Japan that their earthquakes often keep on presenting destruction. For this reason, people live there in houses made of wood. 

A similarly terrible earthquake occurred many years ago at a place called Kota in undivided India. Along with the city, he did not let even the names of thousands of families remain.

Just a few years back, parts of Garhwal and Maharashtra had to suffer heart-wrenching incidents of earthquakes. What kind of Leela is this of nature that it distorts the houses and homes of human babies and keeps them themselves like raw clay toys. Earlier this earthquake occurred in the hilly areas of Garhwal, where it caused a lot of damage. After a few days, there was another earthquake in a part of Maharashtra which destroyed everything there In Maharashtra, the part of the earth on which the monster of the earthquake had spread its legs, the nearby houses had become ruins.

 Some of the people trapped in those houses had become untimely grass of time, and some had become lame. A day later, I read in the news that both the volunteers of the government and non-government voluntary organizations were engaged in relief work there. 

These organizations were trying to provide real relief to the victims by behaving with compassion according to their means.

How terrible the earthquake was, was guessed by seeing the scenes there in Doordarshan. Everything was finished in the parts where the earthquake was raging. Even the animals of the farmers who plowed the plow were not left Milch animals had come to an end. Hundreds of people died due to the collapse of houses and the bursting of the earth. In this way, the world while laughing and playing becomes deserted. There is a deep void and death-like silence everywhere. Sometimes I wonder how the people of Japan must live where such terrible earthquakes keep coming every day.

On January 26, 2001, the entire India including Gujarat saw the havoc of an earthquake. There was heavy loss of life and property in the entire Gujarat including Bhuj.

 On October 8, 2005, the heart-wrenching earthquake that hit Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and adjacent Indian Kashmir killed more than one lakh people, while lakhs of others were injured. Property worth billions of rupees was damaged.

Earthquake scientists say that no such equipment has been developed so far, so it can be known that an earthquake is about to occur in such and such areas. At the time of an earthquake, only its capacity can be measured on the 'Richter scale'. 

In Japan, Peru, and some states of America where earthquake tremors are often felt, scientists have constructed earthquake-resistant houses. Government should make an effective policy to start the process of construction of 'earthquake resistant' houses even in earthquake-proof areas of India.

 Essay on Earthquake in 600 Words

Role: Prakriti is Ajay because of being the creation of that God. Man has been fighting with the forces of nature since time immemorial. He has achieved success in revealing many secrets of nature on the strength of his intelligence, courage, and power, but man does not have the ability to have complete authority over the powers of this nature. Nature comes before us in many forms. Sometimes it shows its soft and pleasant form. So sometimes it takes such a harsh form that man becomes helpless and helpless in front of it. Storms, famine, drought, excessive rain, and earthquake are such outbreaks.

What is an Earthquake: 

Earthquake is called Earthquake. There is no part of the earth that has not been hit by earthquakes at one time or the other, even mild tremors do not cause much harm. But whenever there are strong tremors, they present a cataclysmic scene.

Cause of Earthquake: Why earthquakes occur is such a mystery that could not be solved till today. Scientists have tried to make nature human-friendly. He can adapt to the environment to protect himself in summer and winter. But earthquakes and floods etc are such goddess's fury that mankind has not been able to solve even after hundreds of years of hard efforts.

Different views on the cause of earthquakes: 

People have different views about earthquakes, geologists are of the opinion that there is fluid inside the earth, and when it starts spreading rapidly due to the heat inside, the earth shakes. Sometimes the eruption of a volcano also becomes the cause of an earthquake. India is a religious country, the people of this place believe that when tyranny and incest increases in any part of the earth, earthquakes occur in that part due to the wrath of the Goddess. In the rural areas, this story is also prevalent that Sheshnag has kept the earth on its head. He has seven heads when one head gets tired due to the burden of the earth. 

So it has to be changed on the other head, by this action of it the earth shakes. And earthquakes happen, economists argue that when the population on Earth exceeds its needs, it produces earthquakes to balance it.

  • Harm due to earthquake: 

Whatever may be the cause of the earthquake, it is certain that it is a divine outbreak that causes more destruction, it not only kills lives but also destroys the hard work of human beings for centuries. Big devastating earthquakes have been seen in Bihar, thousands of people have died, there have been cracks in the land, which living beings have entered, and many types of toxic gases have been produced from the womb of the earth, in which the creatures suffocated. Earth has to be excavated to take out the dead bodies of those who get buried in the earth due to earthquakes Means of transport get destroyed, big buildings collapse, people become homeless, the rich become poor and the poor have to live.

  • Mention of Earthquake: 

In 1935, Quetta witnessed the cataclysmic dance of an earthquake. Due to the strong tremors of the earthquake, a beautiful city was destroyed in an instant, and thousands of men and women who were enjoying a pleasant night's sleep became the grass of death in a moment. Houses, roads and trees, etc were all destroyed, everything became very pathetic. Many people became crippled. Some lost their hands, some lost their legs, some became blind and some became deaf. Many women became widows.

 The children became orphans. The earthquake of 2001 in Gujarat state of India was such that the devastation caused by it is more than the devastation caused by any earthquake so far. Even today when I hear the sad story of that earthquake, my heart trembles.

Why do earthquakes happen?

 There are different views in this regard. Geologists are of the opinion that all the metals and substances etc. are flowing in liquid form in the layers inside the earth. When they flow and expand more rapidly due to the heat inside, the earth trembles. Sometimes earthquakes also occur due to the eruption of volcanic mountains. Another opinion is also prevalent that the earth shakes due to the settling (slumping) of the layers of soil inside the earth.

Japan etc. are some such countries where there is more possibility of an earthquake, here the houses are made of wood and cardboard instead of stones and bricks. These means can reduce the effect of earthquakes but cannot stop it. Whenever an earthquake occurs, there is a loss of life and property. There was also a severe earthquake in Turkey, as a result of which thousands of people were buried and died. Even mild tremors of earthquakes are not less severe, due to which the buildings get damaged.

Conclusion :

 Today's era is called the era of science. But the science goddess is helpless in front of wrath. Due to the man-made causes of earthquakes, the scene of the holocaust appears within a moment. Everything is bound before the will of God. 

A man should never be proud of his power and intelligence, he should always bow down to the power of nature and God. Only the grace of God can save mankind from such wrath.

essay on earthquake in 1000 words

Man is causing great harm to the environment due to his selfishness and progress. The balance of the environment is deteriorating. This has given rise to many natural calamities. An earthquake is a severe natural disaster.

 This is a severe crisis. As soon as an earthquake occurs, this animal, a human being takes everyone's life. Trees and plants get destroyed. Big buildings collapse like a house of cards in a few minutes. The ground cracks. Suddenly, the earth vibrates at such a high speed that everything gets destroyed in a single stroke. Many families become victims of this terrible disaster of the earthquake. 

People become homeless and get injured because of this devastating disaster. The condition of man becomes pathetic and helpless in front of an earthquake.

 He becomes helpless to see the destruction all around him. Earthquake turns large advanced cities into ruins. Man has made progress in every field but has failed to conquer earthquakes. 

Most earthquakes come from volcanic eruptions. When a volcano erupts, the earth vibrates. Rocks break when an earthquake occurs. Where this earthquake occurs, the villages and cities settled there are destroyed. There is a lot of loss of life and property. Sometimes the cracks are so deep that people get buried alive. All the means of communication and traffic get destroyed due to earthquakes.

Prosperity does not return to earthquake-affected places for many years. Life takes time to get back to normal. The hard work done for hundreds of years to make the earth suitable for agriculture is destroyed in a moment.

 Due to the earthquake, terrible waves arise in the ocean, which wreak havoc on the people living in the areas there. During an earthquake, it becomes impossible for ships floating in the sea to survive.

There was a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in Bhuj, Gujarat in India. More than thirty thousand people lost their lives in this earthquake.

The earth is made up of four layers. Crust, mantle, inner core, and outer core are the names of these four layers. When this tectonic plate moves inside the earth, an earthquake occurs. Sometimes there is so much pressure on the earth that the mountains start sliding. Like tectonic plates, mountains, and oceans also have different plates. Earthquakes can also occur when such plates collide with each other.

Some of the causes of earthquakes are man's nuclear testing, irregular pollution, an explosion in mines, obtaining oil from deep wells, and the construction of dams at various places. The intensity of an earthquake is measured on the Richter scale.

 The instrument with which earthquakes are measured is called a seismometer. If an earthquake of two to three Richter scale occurs, then this earthquake is not so intense. If the intensity of an earthquake is seven Richter or more, it brings great destruction. There is a lot of damage to life and property in such an earthquake.

In places where the density of the population is high, earthquakes cause terrible damage. There are big buildings in the cities, they collapse in which many people get buried and die. When an earthquake occurs, the waves in the rivers and seas increase. Due to this the fear of flood increases.

If there is excess vibration, the earth begins to crack in a bad way. When an earthquake occurs, an atmosphere of tension and fear arises everywhere. The man should build such houses, which can withstand the grip of earthquakes. 

There should be earthquake-proof houses. As soon as people feel the tremors of the earthquake, they should come out of their houses and go to an open place. If it is getting late, hide under some hard furniture. Keep one thing in mind, do not use the lift at the time of the earthquake. Switch off the main power switch. Large houses and pipelines can catch fire due to earthquakes. 

More people may die due to this. A more serious accident can occur due to many types of electrical equipment. 

That's why it is important to be careful. When an earthquake occurs in the sea, high waves are formed there. All this destruction is the result of earthquakes.

Man does not get any warning before an earthquake occurs. People do not get any information about earthquakes in advance. 

Sometimes the speed of an earthquake is less, and people forget it. When an earthquake is at its peak, it causes serious injury. 

An earthquake suddenly knocks and destroys everything.


Here in this article, we write all information about the earthquake so if you are writing an essay on earthquake in 1000 words then you should read our article it'll the end.

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