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  Today's life has become very complicated, difficult, and stressful. In such a situation, there should be someone who keeps us laughing. Every day we see in newspapers, TV, and the news how many people commit suicide every day.

This shows how weak man has become today and that he embraces death when there is a small issue. A person takes such a step only when he is very disappointed and sad inside. There should be no happiness in his life.

speech on laughter is the best medicine

speech on laughter is the best medicine
speech on laughter is the best medicine

Now this proves how much "laughter" is needed in our lives. People who keep laughing often find a solution to the biggest problem. On the contrary, people who are often serious or silent, who are not cheerful, they get upset when small problems arise. That's why it is said that "Laughter is the biggest gift of nature".

That's why it is very important to laugh friends. Everyone should be happy. Nowadays, new comedy shows keep coming on TV which makes us laugh. When a man comes home tired in the evening, such comedy shows give him a lot of relief.

Comedy Night with Kapil is one such show. Nowadays artists like Raju Srivastava, Kapil Sharma, Jony Lever, Arshad Warsi, Bharti Singh, and Krishna Abhishek are highly respected because they do the difficult work of making us laugh.

Laughing, and smiling is a divine blessing. It feels great when we meet a smiling person. We understand that everything is fine. On the contrary, if we meet someone who is very serious then it seems that something is wrong somewhere. That's why everyone considers laughing as a positive thing. Hence a saying has been coined "Laughter is the best medicine".


It is a natural pain reliever. During laughter, a hormone called endorphin is released in our body which is a natural pain reliever. It removes anxiety, depression, irritable behavior, body pain, and muscle pain.

This is good exercise. Laughter is considered an internal exercise. The stomach, respiratory system, shoulders, and facial muscles get good exercise while laughing. Laughing out loud gives a good workout to our hearts.

Our heartbeat increases up to 20%. The risk of heart attack is less as compared to other people. Burns 10 to 40 calories. Laughing for 1 hour daily burns 400 calories of energy, which keeps a person healthy. Obesity does not come near.

Laughter gives us new energy. Lung exercise is done. Blood pressure becomes normal. It boosts our immunity. It has been found in research that people who are of cheerful nature read less ill than others. It keeps back pain and diabetes at bay.

When we laugh, our confidence increases. It makes a good impression on the person in front. If we ask someone to do some work with a smile, then people do it. On the contrary, if someone is asked to do some work by being serious or disappointed, then people do not do it.

Everyone likes someone who laughs and smiles. There are many benefits of laughing. This makes our attitude positive. People with a positive outlook in life get success soon. This has been found in research.

Such people who laugh a lot before sleeping at night, they get good sleep. Good sleep is very beneficial. This increases beauty. The shine remains on the body and face. In this way, if you laugh for some time before sleeping at night, it is very beneficial.

Perhaps this is the reason why there are many comedy shows on TV between 8 and 10 at the night. Nowadays people live in so much tension that they get to sleep only after eating the shell of sleep. There are many side effects of taking pills. That's why you also try to laugh openly.

Laughter Therapy

Nowadays "Laugh Therapy" Laughter Therapy has become very popular. In this, people gather in a park or open space in the morning without any purpose and laugh very loudly. This is called "Laugh Therapy". By doing this, diseases like depression, depression, migraine, headaches, and stress get instant relief.

This is very beneficial. People of all ages can do it. Nowadays it has become very famous. Apart from this, “Hasya Kavi Sammelan” also often happens in cities, which works to make people laugh. 

Benefits of Laughing

There are many benefits of laughing. During laughing, 15 muscles of the face work together, which increases the brightness of the face. The person seems more young and beautiful, young. Laughing every day stops aging.

That's why you people should not leave any chance to laugh. Famous psychologist Dr. Thaiton has said that the best medicine to remove facial wrinkles is to laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine speech Conclusion

In today's article, we have told you everything in detail about laughing, what are its benefits. According to the doctor, 3 things are needed to stay healthy – a balanced diet, peace of mind, and laughing openly.

Perhaps that is why there is a saying that "Laughter is the best medicine". How important it is to laugh can also be understood that now "Word Laughter Day" World Laughter Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May.

In 2018, it was celebrated on May 6, a Sunday. Remember “Laughter is a blessing. This is a medicine for a hundred diseases". How did you like this article? Do tell us.

Final words

Here in this post, we discuss the IMPORTANCE OF LAUGHTER IN OUR LIFE so if you are focussing on the speech on laughter is the best medicine then you should read our post till the end.

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