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Essay on biodiversity

In this, the meaning, importance of biodiversity, 3 levels of biodiversity, conservation of biodiversity and its role, etc. have been discussed.

What is Biodiversity?

Life on earth has been possible by combining various aspects, among them biodiversity is also an important reason. Biodiversity refers to the diversity and richness of life on earth.

According to research by the United Nations Environment Programme, biodiversity measures all the species and genetic ecosystems present on Earth.

In other words, the data of different organisms living in different geographical areas and the diversity in their species is called Biodiversity. It has been a major feature in giving Earth a distinct identity in the entire solar system.

Biodiversity is the biggest contributor to the proper functioning of the natural cycle. Life cannot be imagined without it.

It is a kind of natural resource, which is essential for living life. If the link of biodiversity is shaken, then the conditions like destruction start appearing on the earth.

With this, thousands of species start becoming extinct. Today we are living in such an era, where due to interference in the natural cycle, we are clearly seeing its dire consequences.

Who is the father of biodiversity?

EO Wilson, one of the great biologists at the world-renowned Harvard University, is called the father of biodiversity. He was a famous explorer, who has been awarded Pulitzer Prize and many other honors for his outstanding work.

importance of biodiversity pdf

Biodiversity has contributed immensely to the flourishing of the entire human community and various cultures since the Stone Age. Whatever situation the world is in today, it is the result of biodiversity, it would be absolutely appropriate to say.

importance of biodiversity pdf
importance of biodiversity pdf

Although there are countless importance and characteristics of biodiversity, according to many official types of research, ecological, scientific, and economic type of characteristics are very important.

ecological importance

Everyone knows that behind every action there is definitely a reaction. No event or action can happen by itself. The development of all the organisms in the ecosystem is closely related to each other.

Every living being present here depends on other living beings to survive. That is, due to the cycle of nutrients, the operation of energy itself takes place.

Biodiversity also has a major contribution in providing stability to atmospheric gases. Ecology plays a role in maintaining the presence of gases important for maintaining life in the atmosphere.

According to studies, the more biodiversity develops on the earth, the more the possibility of living or life will remain here.

If there is even a slight loss of these diversities in any way, the entire ecosystem may be destroyed. Apart from this, it also becomes necessary to keep abreast of all kinds of changes in the environment.

scientific importance

To understand the importance of biodiversity properly, we have to understand its scientific logic. What is the contribution of other species in maintaining our life?

How they help in the development of other species, it has to be understood first of all. We know that humans rule the earth, but due to the misuse of their rights, the result has been that there are many species that have reached the verge of extinction.

Biodiversity is an integral part of our life, for we should understand its importance and use it judiciously.

If humans continue to interfere with nature's cycle in this way, then all that we have achieved so far as a result of biodiversity will be destroyed with one change of nature.

economic importance

Nature has given us a lot to live by. If seen, it is no less than a treasure store. It is also important for carrying out daily life in a stable manner.

We depend on natural resources or agriculture for food. Since ancient times, with the help of these natural resources, different types of medicines, food items, and don't know how many types of things have been made.

Along with making use of these various gifts, we started commercializing everything obtained as a result of biodiversity.

In today's time, crores of people are dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. This reveals the economic importance of biodiversity.

3 Levels of Biodiversity

1. Genetic Biodiversity

The entire human community is called the 'Homosapien' species in scientific language because according to the genetic diversity, the visible physical structure, height, color, etc. of all humans are very different.

Similarly, the total group of organisms with similar physical characteristics is kept in separate species. In this way, crores of species reside on the earth.

We know that a gene is an important unit in the making of any organism and genetically different genes are found in all animals, which shows biodiversity.

 Species Biodiversity

It refers to a specific number of species. Such species are considered rich and safe, which have an excess of them. The species which decrease in number day by day are put in the category of extinct animals.

Geographically, certain areas that have high numbers of species are listed as hotspots, reflecting that diversity. In other words, it determines the specy's biodiversity that exhibits diversity.

2. Ecological Biodiversity

Ecosystem biodiversity is very difficult to explain in a single definition. It is a bit difficult to refer to because there is no definite boundary between the boundaries of the ecosystem and the different types of species.

There is a lot of variation in their wide variety and different types of ecosystems in their habitats and functions.

Conservation of Biodiversity

  • public awareness

The friendship between living beings and nature has been going on for thousands of years. But in modern times, some such activities are being adopted in the name of development, due to which nature and our relationship are on the verge of deteriorating.

We have to understand that if biodiversity exists, then only we will be able to survive. There is a great need to make people aware of this, so that biodiversity can be conserved.

  • development of institutions at local levels

Every person has to become its partner in the conservation of biodiversity, only then together we will be able to find a solution to this problem.

For this, by setting up institutions in the local areas, there will be continuing awareness campaigns among the people in the context of the environment.

  • Information in education courses

Today's children and the young generation are the future of tomorrow. Whatever education is imparted in educational institutions at the elementary level, it should compulsorily provide information about the conservation of biodiversity.

The message of the importance of biodiversity should be conveyed to all, not only in the curriculum but also in individual activities.

  • effective plans

Many plans are prepared every day for the development of the country, but for human existence, it is most important that governments also make effective plans for the protection of biodiversity.

If these plans get the support of all people, it will go a long way in conserving biodiversity.

  • strict rules and regulations

Today everyone knows at what speed people are indiscriminately exploiting nature for their selfishness. Like other crimes, the government should make strict rules and laws for criminals who exploit nature, so that biodiversity can be protected.

  • Development of Sanctuary/National Park

It is very important to develop such safe places where different species can live safely. We should pay attention to increasing the number of different national parks and sanctuaries in our country.

  • ensuring species protection

Due to the illegal trade of various species, today many types of creatures are on the verge of extinction. We desperately need such rules, which can take up the responsibility of protecting different species and other organisms that are endangered.

  • expanse of forests

The speed at which we are developing can be gauged from the decreasing number of forests. Action should be taken against the illegal smuggling of all types of trees and people who use forests improperly without any official certificate.

We need that the number of remaining forests should increase and not decrease one by one.

Role of Biodiversity

  • It is most important in operating the ecosystem.
  • The credit for making life possible by balancing on earth also goes to biodiversity. If it is damaged even a little, then the existence of all living beings can be threatened.
  • Our earth is called the most beautiful planet in the atmosphere because of the biodiversity it has. Due to the diversity of more than 300000 flora and species, our planet looks so beautiful. That's why biodiversity plays its role in the beauty of nature.
  • The importance of biodiversity in Indian culture has been referred to. Our culture is not only alive because of nature but also has a sense of respect and gratitude towards all bio-diversity. That's why biodiversity is very important for us even from a religious point of view.
  • Apart from this, the economic benefits that we get from the production of agriculture through all kinds of creatures, it is also possible only because of biodiversity. It is very important for us from both industrial and social points of view.


Here in this article, we discuss all the information about biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity so if you want to write an essay on biodiversity then you should check our post till the end.

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