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10 lines on zoo in english for class 3
10 lines on zoo in english for class 3

Essay on a visit to a zoo

Many zoos are centers where rare animals are rescued when they are in danger of extinction. These modern zoos want to give natural life to the animals so that they behave healthily and normally. These are made for animals, and by coming here people can also see animals and how they live in nature.

Zoos are always made in open spaces. To go to the zoo, we have to take a ticket first, only after that, we can enter inside. Inside we get to see a rich natural environment, there we feel as if we have come to a forest.

Along with the animals in the zoo, the beauty of nature is also seen. There is a special place for each animal and bird to live here. So that the people coming there can easily see them and know about them.

Inside the zoo, we first saw a pond in which there were many crocodiles, some were swimming in the water, while some were lying in the mud lying around. Arrangements were made at a height to see them so that they could not harm the people.

Nearby at some distance were several large cages with many different species of birds. Like different colored parrots, mynas, dancing peacocks spreading their wings, sparrows chirping, pigeons cooing and other colorful small and big birds.

The species of owl was kept in a dark cave because they like darkness and can see well in the dark. There was a bridge ahead, under which swans and ducks were swimming merrily in the water.

The tiger was also kept in a large enclosure, outside that place an iron net was made so that people could safely watch all their activities. We could see both yellow and white tigers there. They were looking very beautiful.

We also saw wild cats, nilgai, zebra, and deer in the field, and we were very excited and happy to see all these In some places, big dinosaurs were made, near which people were taking their pictures and selfies with their children.

Thereafter we saw a large number of snakes which were of different sizes and colors. They were kept in glass cages and they looked very scary. We also saw some water snakes and were told by a guide that some of the snakes are highly venomous.

I saw some green-colored snakes which looked like bushes of a green plant. There we saw the python for the first time. They were very black and thick and very scary to look at.

The living place for the monkeys was many trees which were spread over a large space and these trees were closed from all sides so that the monkeys would not run away or harm the people. Among them, along with small and big monkeys, some were red-faced monkeys, some were black-faced, and some were running here and there with their children. They were jumping and jumping while doing new acrobatics.

The king of the jungle saw the lion which was brown in color. The lion was placed in a place where there was some depth around it. He was looking very fierce to us sitting in the sunlight. He was very big and had big hair on his neck.

There was a strange gleam in his big eyes. Everyone present there was anxious to hear one of his roars Some pieces of meat were thrown around him to eat. There was an aquarium for the fish, in which there were small and big fish of many colors. These fish were looking very beautiful.

Then we saw a unicorn behind the big enclosure, it looked huge, and strong had thick skin, and was very heavy. We also saw giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, ostriches, and elephants in one place.

Many camels were also seen on the sandy ground. A small train was arranged to roam around the entire zoo, sitting on which many people were enjoying watching the animals of the zoo, while some people were roaming there on foot.

There was an arrangement for drinking water everywhere at a little distance and there was an arrangement for sitting and there was also a canteen for some food and drink, apart from this, dustbins were also kept for throwing garbage. There were signs indicating the way to go everywhere.

Our experience of visiting Chidiya Ghar was very beautiful and we and the kids had a lot of fun. We all must visit the zoo at least once in our life because it gives us an opportunity to know about the life of animals closely and children also get to learn and see something new.

Hope you have liked the essay on the zoo. If you too have ever visited the zoo, then definitely tell us your experience through comments.

zoo essay for class 7

A zoo is made in a very large place in which all kinds of animals live and people go to visit there and see the animals, parrot myna lion cheetah elephant giraffe deer are all kinds of animals in the zoo.

Some animals are dangerous, so they are made cages according to them and they are kept in it, so that no harm can be done to the people who roam around, but there are some animals which are not dangerous at all like birds. Such animals are left in the open on the trees and plants inside the zoo.

Small and big ponds are made for the creatures that survive in water.

All the animals are given their favorite food at the right time and all this work is done by the staff working in the zoo, and all the animals and the zoo are also maintained by the staff.

When people go to the zoo to see the animals, they have to pay some fee there, which take care of the zoo staff and the animals.

Touching any animal in the zoo is not free from danger, so whenever you go for a walk in the zoo, keep a proper distance from them.


All zoos have their own opening hours, you can visit the zoo at that scheduled time, it is a very mind-pleasing place.

10 lines on zoo in English for class 3

  • As you know how much kids love animals and the zoo is one such place where you can see different types of animals.
  • All the animals are kept in separate cages.
  • There are fixed times to visit the zoo and see the animals.
  • All zoos charge for admission.
  • Employees work to take care of animals in zoos.
  • It is illegal to touch any animal in the zoo or go into a cage.
  • Children love to visit the zoo.
  • Zoos are a good place to learn about animals.
  • Nowadays many animals are becoming extinct due to animal hunting, the zoo also provides protection to such animals.
  • The zoo located at Pragati Maidan in Delhi is spread over 176 acres.


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