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Essay on Commonwealth Games 2022
Essay on Commonwealth Games 2022 

short essay on commonwealth games 2022

What is Commonwealth Games

Before understanding the Commonwealth Games, it is very important to understand about the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a group of member states, almost all former territories of the British Empire.

Presently there are 53 member countries under the Commonwealth, which are also known as Commonwealth. The headquarters of the Commonwealth is in London, United Kingdom.

Sports competitions are organized by Commonwealth countries to develop goodwill among them, in which only athletes from Commonwealth member countries participate, thus this game is known as Commonwealth Games.

When did the Commonwealth Games start?

The Commonwealth was established on 19 November 1926, after which the Commonwealth Games were established in these countries to establish friendship and a sense of mutual cooperation. The Commonwealth Games were established in the year 1930 in Hamilton, Canada.

And at that time these games were organized under the name of Empire Games, and later they came to be known as Common Wealth Games or Commonwealth Games. A person named Ashley Cooper, to promote goodwill, love, etc. among the Commonwealth countries.

Introduced the idea of an All India Games and Bobby Robinson, a prominent Canadian athlete, was entrusted with the task of organizing the Games. His efforts led to the first Commonwealth Games being held in 1930 in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

In which 400 players from 11 countries participated. Since then the Commonwealth Games are held once every 4 years.

Commonwealth Games 2018 

The 21st Commonwealth Games 2018 was held in the city called Gold Coast, Australia, whose motto was Share the Dream and mascot was Berobbie.

The Commonwealth Games were inaugurated in Australia on 4 August with great fanfare by Charles Bell's Prince and lasted till 15 August in the major cities of Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

In which 71 teams participated and 216 players from India participated in various competitions and won a total of 66 medals, out of which 22 gold and 16 silver.

26 bronze medals were included and thus India secured the third position in the medal tally, while Australia stood first with 198 medals.

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The 22nd Commonwealth Games 2022 held in Birmingham, England from 28 July to 8 August, was inaugurated by Prince Charles. The motto of the 22nd Commonwealth Games was Games for all, while its mascot was Perry the Bull.

India's Commonwealth Games flag bearers at the opening ceremony were Manpreet Kaur and PV Sindhu. Towards India in Commonwealth Games 2022

More than 200 athletes participated in 16 events and won 22 gold, 16 silver and 23 bronze medals for a total of 61 medals to rank fourth in the medal tally.

India's performance in Commonwealth Games

In the initial days of the Commonwealth Games, India's performance was not good in sports, after India became self-sufficient, India's performance in Commonwealth Games also improved and India also started getting good medals in Commonwealth Games.

In the commonwealth games 2010 (Rashtramandal Khel 2010), India got 2nd position in the medal tally by getting 101 medals, while in the 2018 commonwealth games held in Australia, India got total 66 medals and stood third

But in the Commonwealth Games held in England in 2022, India got 4th place in the medal table by getting 61 medals. Commonwealth Games 2022 India's Ravi Kumar Dahiya, Bajrang Punia,

Sakshi Malik etc. performed well and made India proud, and Haryana became the state with the highest number of medals.

10 lines on commonwealth games 2022

  • Rashid Anwar was the first Indian to win a medal in the Commonwealth Games. He won a bronze medal in wrestling at the 1934 Commonwealth Games in London.

  • India's first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games was won by Indian sprinter Milkha Singh in the 1958 Commonwealth Games.

  • Hockey and cricket were first included in the Commonwealth Games in 1998.

  • India won 101 medals in the 19th Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi in 2010.

  • The current Secretary of the Commonwealth Games is Atricia Scotland QC, while the chair is Dame Louise Martin.

  • India did not participate in four Commonwealth Games 1930, 1950, 1961, 1986.

  • Australia has hosted the Commonwealth Games for the most number of times, 5 times.

  • The Commonwealth Games were named after the Commonwealth Games 1978.

  • Gold medal winners in the Commonwealth Games are given Rs 30 lakh, silver medal winners Rs 20 lakh and bronze medal winners Rs 10 lakh.

  • And the David Deutsch Award is given to the best performer in the Commonwealth Games since 2002.


Commonwealth Games are organized once in every four years to develop a mutual love and goodwill among the Commonwealth countries, where the players of all nations compete in the spirit of sports and love.

They represent their respective countries. Such sports competitions are really capable of establishing mutual love and cordial relations between the countries.

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