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essay on misuse of internet 300 Words

essay on misuse of internet
 essay on misuse of internet

misuse of internet introduction

The World Wide Web, then called the Internet, came about in the 1960s and was primarily used by researchers and academics. But since the 1990s, the Internet has had a revolutionary effect on culture and commerce in our society. This includes communication by email, instant messaging, and Internet phone calls. In addition, there is the World Wide Web with discussion forums, social networking sites, and online shopping sites, which people use to their advantage despite generational differences.

internet negativity

Now, the Internet, since its inception, remains one of the most revolutionary technology in the world. Despite its positives, there are many negatives and the destruction has done more harm than good to the children in society. The Internet is a serious subject, where harm is usually overlooked. The Internet promotes harmful effects on youth by reducing their social skills, instilling bad habits, and weakening language skills.

bad effect of internet on students

Although the Internet is a very effective device, in spite of this it is having a very bad effect on the lives of students. In today's time, students are ruining their student life by misusing the internet. Due to the continuous use of social media, students are not able to pay attention to their studies. Due to the glare of glamor in adolescence, children turn away from their studies. Singing and dancing to good pictures and good songs is snatching away the student life of children. 

Free access to the Internet today proves to be a hindrance to the studies of students. Today it is very important that we teach our children to use the internet properly.


The Internet, in spite of its social advancement, adversely affects the social skills of children. Socializing with children can be very challenging in itself and the number of hours children spend on the Internet does not make these difficulties any less difficult. In fact, it has an adverse effect on their social skills.

essay on misuse of internet 500 words

misuse of internet introduction

At present, the Internet has gained an important place in everyone's life. Everyone's life is incomplete without the internet. Internet is being used extensively not only in life but in every field related to work. But just as everything has it's good and evil. Similarly, the internet also has its own use and misuse. Although the use of the internet can bring many big changes in your life. But additionally, its abuse can ruin your life.

role of the internet in the present day

The Internet has become one of the most advanced inventions in the world. Because of these changes, humans have become dependent on the activities, online relationships, and personal benefits that the Internet rewards them with. But internet addiction is affecting life in a very negative way.

Today, it is used to carry out everyday activities. This advanced invention is used for everything we do in this world. Transportation, communication, and information are all commonly obtained from the Internet. Over the years, its development has affected the lives of many people in a big way.

Negative Effectiveness of the Internet

The Internet itself is changing as much as human life is changing. Teens in high school are so addicted to social media that their grades are falling. While the internet can be useful for some aspects of our lives, it also has negative effects on today's youth.

It seems like everyday technology is stepping up to make our lives simpler. As it moves to aid us, it is moving away from important aspects of our lives. In today's society, we do more through virtual communication rather than face-to-face communication. This is due to the Internet and social media, which allow us to communicate with many different app sources.

actual use of the internet

The invention of the Internet is a simple mechanism. However, over the years it has evolved into the most used device for everything. This technology started out as something that was really of no use to anyone and then turned into something that no one could live without anymore. It was first developed for use in computer science laboratories for defensive reasons.


In the present times, the way the internet is eating the brains of children like termites. In such a situation, it is necessary that parents try to keep their children away from the Internet. The Internet is not suitable for children. Apart from this, even if you allow them to use the internet, then a time limit should be set for it. Similarly, you can save your children's future from the curse of the internet. Although the Internet is also useful in many places, but today it is necessary that by abandoning the misuse of the Internet, we move towards good use.

Final Words

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