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water conservation essay

water conservation essay 250 words

Water is like a lifeline for all living beings on earth. Water is a natural invaluable asset. Life is impossible without water. Waste use of water can put our life and our kid's future in danger because only 1% of the water on earth is useful for us. Due to the increasing population and industrialization, the whole world is facing a water crisis. In the present time, it has become very important to conserve water for our future.

Not using water unnecessarily and saving water from getting contaminated is called water conservation. Water is necessary for every area of ​​our life. Water is required everywhere from daily work to agriculture and factories. But today due to the indiscriminate felling of trees and global warming, the balance of the rain cycle has deteriorated. Due to this many countries of the world are facing a water crisis. That's why we should try to bring awareness about water conservation to the people today.

For water conservation measures, we have to first collect rainwater, so more and more rainwater harvesting projects will have to be started in the country. The use of water in daily activities has to be reduced. With the help of science, the salt water of the ocean will have to be converted into fresh water. More and more trees have to be planted.

We should try to increase awareness among people about water conservation. Considering the value of water, they should not be used in vain. Because water is life.

water conservation essay 500 words

  • Preface

To live life on earth, it is very necessary to have 3 things: air, water, and food. The absence of anyone can pose a threat to our existence. Of these, water is invaluable to us. Someone has said a lot that 'there is water, there is life. Water is a natural asset. We cannot even imagine our existence without water. Although 70% of the parts of the earth are water, only 1% of them are useful for us. Therefore it is very important to use the right amount of water. Conserving water is also an art.

  • What is water conservation?

Using water properly and saving water is called water conservation. For water conservation, we use different methods, so that we can store water clean and pollution-free. We need water from morning till night for our daily work. We waste most of this water without using it. But by using water conservation we can definitely save water.

  • importance of water conservation

We exist from every drop of water. All the small, and large organisms and trees and plants of the earth need water to survive. Without water, life is not possible. Water pollution is the main thing in all the work from daily work to agriculture. Water is also a major component in the production of crops and the generation of electricity. So it is the responsibility of all of us to save water. The lack of water has a direct effect on the balance of nature. The disturbed balance of nature leads every living being on the earth to the crisis.

  • need for water conservation

As we know that most of the water on earth is in the form of the sea and there is saline in seawater. With the increasing population, the use of water is also increasing. Pure water is limited in quantity. The cycle of the rainy season has also become uneven due to global warming. According to a survey, India is the 13th country in the world to go through a water crisis. According to the report, about 2 lakh people in India are losing their lives due to a lack of drinking water. From this, we know that the future generation is going to go through a crisis due to no water. That is why we have come to the need of conserving water in the present time.

  • water conservation measures

For water conservation, first of all, you have to start with yourself. We have to use minimum water for our daily activities. Because even a small effort by us can give big results.

  • We have to store rainwater because rainwater is pure. For this, we have to build ponds and reservoirs in small areas of the country, where rainwater can be conserved.
  • Along with this, we also have to conserve groundwater because due to the cutting of trees, land pollution is also being encouraged and due to this the groundwater is getting contaminated.
  • With the help of science, the salt water of the ocean should be purified into fresh water. You can use this water for domestic work, agriculture, and also in factories.
  •  The tap should not be left running while bathing and cleaning utensils.
  • It is very important to take care that the dirty water coming out of factories and factories does not mix with pure water sources.
  • More and more rainwater harvesting projects should be started in the country.
  • If water is leaking from public taps and any pipes, they should be repaired immediately.
  • In order to stop the wasteful use of water, water meters should be installed in all small and big houses and punishable offenses should be made for those who use water unnecessarily.
  • Small campaigns should be run to bring awareness to children and women about water conservation.
  • Drip irrigation methods should be used for irrigation in the fields.
  • Trees are directly related to water because it is only because of the trees that rain falls. Therefore, if possible, more and more trees should be planted.

10 lines essay on water conservation

  • Water is life.

  • Water is essential for all human beings and birds.

  • Our earth has three parts but only 3% of water is potable.

  • There is a shortage of potable water due to the increasing population.

  • To bring clean water to many corners of the country, many kilometers have to be walked on foot, then they get clean water.

  • If there is a shortage of water, then every human and animal will end up in the cheeks of death.

  • Water should be conserved in the rainy season.

  • We have to save rivers, ponds, and lakes. Only then will we be able to get potable water.

  • Harmful chemicals coming out of factories will have to be stopped from going into rivers

  • Save Water Day is celebrated in India on 22 March so that people can understand the importance of water.


Here we discuss all the related topics for the water conservation essay and have also written a short essay on water conservation which you can download from our website.

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