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In view of the increasing population, world population day is celebrated on 11th July by all the countries together. Which is discussed to control the growth rate of the population.

The increasing population growth rate is very disastrous for our country, that is why writing essays are given to control the population in schools, such as to bring awareness among the children and their parents about it.

essay on population growth in india

short essay on population

Preface -

The population growth rate is an important problem of developing countries, and our country of India is also struggling with this problem. The highest population is in our neighboring country China, after that our country comes second only to India.

But in a few years, we will be in first place in terms of population, promoting China. This will not be an achievement because problems like unemployment, hunger, poverty, and corruption will arise in our country due to population growth.

Due to population growth-

There are many reasons for population growth like uneducated people, child marriage, son attachment, conservative thinking, decrease in death rate, increase in life expectancy etc.

And another reason is that people do not think about family planning at all, they do not have contraceptives, contraceptive drugs and health information.

And some people think that the more children they have, the more their family will get support because the more people there are, the more they will earn, but it is always the opposite. Due to having more children, most people lead a hellish life.

The effect of population growth

The biggest impact of population growth is on our environment, which is very harmful to our future. Due to population growth, we are not able to get even basic facilities like clean water, air, food, and medical facilities.

Nowadays, patients are lined up in hospitals but doctors are not available to see them because the population has increased so fast that their every need cannot be met.

Due to population growth, most people are living below the poverty line, due to which the rate of economic development of the country has also slowed down.

If this rapid population growth continues, then its catastrophic consequences can be seen because the limited amount of resources are available on the earth and due to population growth they are being over-exploited.

Therefore, going forward, people will not be able to get clean water, air, food, and violence will spread among the people, the result will be that life on earth may also become extinct.

The solution to population growth

The only solution to population growth is to educate the people and tell them about the harm caused by population growth.

Our government should make arrangements for stringent laws to control the population and spread publicity about family planning to the people.


Population growth is like a slow poison that is slowly destroying the earth where we live. We have to go ahead and control the population, otherwise, the day is not far when people will start killing each other and the whole earth will become a battlefield.

Long Essay on Population 


Population growth refers to the number of more people on a limited area of ​​land. In terms of population, after China, the name of our country India comes.

According to the 2011 census, the population of our country is 24.39 crores. It is growing at the rate of around 18% which is very high.

Most of the population growth is seen in developing countries only and this situation is frightening for developing countries because it is very difficult to provide a clean environment, water, food, employment, etc. for such a population. Therefore it is very important to control the population.

Due to population growth-

(1) Illiteracy – Due to lack of education, people keep producing children but do not think about their upbringing and future, due to which the population keeps on increasing.

(2) Child marriage – Due to the marriage of children at an early age, children are also born early, due to which the population increases further.

(3) Social pressure - Many times after marriage, educated people do not want to give birth to a child soon but due to social criticism, they have to give birth to a child early which causes the population to grow.

(4) Reduction in the death rate - Our science and medical system have made so much progress that now even major diseases can be avoided, so people live longer, which continues to play their part in population growth.

(5) Conservative thinking - Often most of the people of the village give birth to children due to their conservative thinking, they think that if there are no children then how will their family progress. So they give birth to more children.

(6) Rising birth rates – In the olden times, due to not much development of the medical system, children often died at birth but now it is very less due to which the birth rate increases and the population increases.

(7) Putra Moha – People's desire is more for the birth of a boy, but if a girl is born, in order to advance the family of their family,

So they give birth to another child again, similarly, in most of the cases girls are born and people keep giving birth to children in son's attachment, due to which the population keeps increasing.

(8) Increase in life expectancy – As facilities have expanded in human life and due to good education, good food, clean water, hygiene habits, and good nutritious food, today every class is living their life well. Due to this, every person remains well nourished, due to which the population increases.

(9) Increased immigration – Immigration retirement is the main reason for most of the population explosion, this problem often comes more in developed countries because the lifestyle there is very simple.

At the same time, all kinds of facilities are available there and a good salary is also available for subsistence, so people from developing countries like to go there which becomes a reason for population growth.

ill effects of population growth

(1) Poverty - Due to continuous population growth, a person is not able to maintain his entire family because he has more children, due to which his whole life is spent in poverty.

(2) Malnutrition – Due to a person having more children, they are not able to provide nutritious food to them, due to which we get to see problems like malnutrition in the poor section of the people.

(3) Polluted environment - If there will be more population in a country then there will be excessive use of everything due to which the whole environment gets polluted, due to population growth, more carbon dioxide, contaminated water, and due to the need of place to live Deforestation takes place due to which the forest also ends, as well as the animals there, and problems like air pollution arise.

(4) Lack of basic facilities – It is necessary for the citizen of any country to get basic facilities to live his life like bread, cloth, a house, water, etc. But all these are available in limited quantity and the population will be more than these facilities will be used. It will be difficult to meet

(5) Unemployment – ​​The rapid growth of the population is not increasing the growth of industries, due to which most the people are facing unemployment at present.

(6) Stopping the economic development of the country – The economic development of the country which has more population will also slow down because whenever the government makes five-year plans for development, it makes them keep the population in mind.

But in 5 years the population increases so much that the effect of that plan is not visible and the consumption of every commodity in the country is also high, due to which exports decrease and economic growth slows down.

(7) Lack of nutritious food – Fertilizers like urea are now used by the farmers in the fields to meet the dietary needs of the growing population because the population is increasing day by day but there is no fertile soil for their food arrangements. The land is available in limited quantity.

Therefore, to produce more crops, pesticides, and urea fertilizers are used, due to which those pesticides mix with food and spoil our bodies, so we are not able to get nutritious food.

(8) Decreased standard of living – Due to population growth, the standard of living of every person also decreases, becoming poorer and poorer and becoming richer and richer because often poor people believe in giving birth to more children.

They think that the more children they have, the more hands they will earn, but they forget to think that with every child there is also a stomach that needs the same amount of food to fill. Due to this thinking, the population keeps on increasing and people have to live by cutting their basic facilities.

(9) Increase in inflation – If there is a shortage of a commodity, then it is natural to increase its value, so as the population increases, so does inflation because consumption increases but the commodity is not produced in that quantity, that is why you must have seen That at present inflation is increasing very rapidly.

Measures to control population

(1) Education - If we have to control the population, then first of all we have to spread the spread of education because only education will bring the veil of darkness on the eyes of the people and they will know that due to more children their future, as well as The future of their children, also gets spoiled, so it is very important to reach every village for education.

(2) Fine or Penalty - To control the population, the government should impose a fine for producing more than a regular number of children or deny free government facilities, so that people cooperate with the government in controlling the population. Do it.

(3) Promoting adoption - Under the influence of today's western civilizations, young men and women produce children without marriage, but then because of the fear of society, they throw them in the garbage and some people leave their children because of their poverty. leave those who become orphans.

(4) Family planning - Many schemes are run by our government from time to time to do family planning to control the population, but their effect is not read so much because people do not know about family planning. Is.

(5) Minimum marriageable age - Child marriage is one of the biggest problems in our country, due to which population is increasing rapidly, if the minimum age for marriage is declared then population growth can be stopped.

The minimum age for marriage in our country is 18 years for a girl and 21 years for a boy, if this is strictly followed, then the population can be controlled.


Population growth is a matter of concern as it is becoming impossible to provide basic facilities for rapid growth. Unless every citizen of the country understands the importance of population control, it is difficult to control population growth.

Today every citizen needs to understand that if they control the population then they will get clean environment air, water, health, and food which will be balanced for their family, country and above all our earth's environment will also be balanced.

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