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 Hello friends, in today's article we will know about “Land Pollution or Soil Pollution”. What are the reasons why land pollution is increasing day by day? By what measures can we reduce it? The information given here will prove to be very important for the students preparing for the competitive examination.

land pollution essay
 land pollution essay 

land pollution essay

What is land pollution?

If there is any harmful change in the chemical, physical and biological properties of the land. If humans and other organisms fall on the animals and destroy the natural properties of the land, then it is called soil or land pollution. Land pollution occurs due to the mixing of polluted water and air in the land.

Essay On Land Pollution 600 words

Introduction: Land pollution arises due to many reasons. There are some natural and some human-induced causes in this. Let us know all these reasons one by one.

Solid residue: By the way, almost all the residuals reduce the quality of the land, but especially the solid residues which do not rot even after a long time. Such waste seriously pollutes the land. All these electronic devices manufactured from plastic bags and which cannot be disposed of become the cause of land pollution after some time.

Deforestation: As the population is increasing, the forests are being cut at a rapid pace to build new houses. To maintain the balance in the soil, greenery and trees are necessary, which cover the top surface and retain all kinds of nutrients. Due to industrialization, mining and other human needs, forests are being cut in large quantities, due to which the land pollution is increasing.

Chemical Disposal: With the passage of time we have started using excessive chemicals in our life. Be it chemical fertilizers or any pesticide. Due to no specific policy for disposal of chemicals used in industries ranging from laundry washing powder, it is thrown in the open which becomes the cause of soil pollution.

Agricultural Activities: Earlier people were not dependent on agriculture due to low population. Due to which farmers used to do organic farming. But today, according to the increasing demand for food items, the agricultural sector has also become dependent on chemical fertilizers and modern techniques. Farmers spray pesticides and other types of chemicals in the greed of more crops, due to which the natural nutrients of the land are gradually exhausted. The products produced by chemicals are very harmful to the human body. It is also considered a type of land pollution.

Acid rain: Acid rain occurs due to chemical pollution spread in the atmosphere. It also decays the soil and causes soil pollution. It also contaminates the water below the ground.

Minerals: Mining is necessary to extract minerals and metals used in a variety of products. Due to this excessive amount of trees are cut down. Which causes land degradation. The use of heavy machinery used in soil excavation also becomes a cause of land pollution.

Ways To Reduce Land Pollution

If we dispose of industrial and domestic waste properly then we can reduce the harmful effects of land pollution. We can categorize many types of waste products into three different categories – organic, reusable, and recyclable waste.

This is a manual job. That's why it is considered a bit tedious work. We can contribute by separating wet waste from dry waste. In this way, it has been suggested to keep separate dustbins and put the garbage in it accordingly.

Recently the government started the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to dispose of wet waste into green dustbins and dry waste to blue dustbins. Dustbins were distributed all over India from big cities to villages. So that people do not throw garbage here and there.

Conclusion: In the coming time, land pollution can cause trouble for our generations. People always complain that it is the responsibility of the government to make a policy to reduce land pollution. It is the responsibility of every person they should come forward to eliminate pollution and we should also start this auspiciously from our own homes.

10 lines on land pollution

  • 29% of the Earth's surface is land.
  • Deforestation, urbanization, and agriculture are the main causes of land pollution.
  • Land pollution badly affects humans, plants, and animals.
  • Harmful agricultural practices like crop burning cause land pollution.
  • The increase in global warming has led to an increase in locusts which damage crops and plantations.
  • Factories leave harmful chemical waste on the land, which pollutes the land.
  • Vegetables and grains are poisoned by the poison of the land.
  • Throwing garbage in the open causes land pollution in the cities.
  • Less use of chemical goods and fertilizers will reduce land pollution.
  • It is necessary to make appropriate laws to prevent soil pollution.


Here in this post, we combine a land pollution essay in 600 words, 10 lines, and a short essay on land pollution so that you can write an effective essay as per your requirement.


Q.1: What is the effect of land pollution?

Due to land pollution, all the waste things of our food (vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.) become poisonous, due to which many types of diseases arise in humans and animals.

Q.2 How to stop land pollution?

Recycling and reuse of products will help in reducing land pollution.

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