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 The sound or voice through which humans communicate, animals and birds naturally make a variety of sounds, who does not rejoice at the sound of running water or the roar of a lion in the forest, whose heart does not tremble.

Whether it is the roaring of clouds or the speed of a storm, the eruption of a volcano or the sea waves hitting the shore - all these are sounds. The reality is that sound originates from natural activities as well as is a means of human expression.

Through this communication and exchange of ideas are possible and from this, the melodious waves of music also arise. But when this sound starts sounding unpleasant and undesirable and puts extra pressure on the ears, then it becomes the cause of pollution.

In fact, when sound takes the form of noise, it comes under the category of pollution because it has an adverse effect on the human brain and ear organs. As described by Maxwell – “Noise is that which is undesirable. It is a major cause of atmospheric pollution.

In the modern mechanical era, the ever-increasing factories, industries, trains, motors, and other automatic vehicles, jets, and airplanes become the cause of the noise, today's loud music, religious and social functions, processions, public meetings, etc. All are due to noise pollution.

Man does all these activities for himself, for society, and for the production of various things, so it does not mean that he should end all these works and go back to the primitive system. But many types of noise are redundant and some can be reduced and balanced.

Therefore, a proper discussion of this problem is required, so that we can get acquainted with the situation. This is a problem that is the result of urban culture, which is why in the 1972 environmental symposium organized by the United Nations, noise pollution was accepted as a problem, which needs to be controlled.

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noise pollution
noise pollution

 Essay on Noise Pollution 

  • Preface

Through sound, each person presents his thoughts to the other. Noise pollution is happening at present due to modern machines, because due to mechanical machines, a lot of sounds is generated in Tejeshwar, due to which the danger of noise pollution is increasing even more. In the present time, even in the celebration of music, religious and social functions, public meetings, processions, etc., people spread propaganda with the help of big speakers, due to which noise pollution becomes even more harmful.

At present, noise pollution is highest in urban areas, because there is a lot of movement of factories and motor vehicles in the cities. Due to noise pollution in urban areas, people there definitely suffer from mentally disturbed or some disease related to ears.

  • Maxwell's statement about sound

Noise is a sound that is undesirable. Maxwell has described thieves as one of the main causes of atmospheric pollution. According to Maxwell, noise pollution is happening in the environment due to noise and big speakers.

  • What is meant by noise pollution?

Noise pollution has become a very serious problem all over the world. Due to noise pollution, many types of mental disorders occur in humans, the main of which is headache and irritability. Due to noise pollution, man does not have complete control over the senses of the ear along with mental disorders. The main sources of noise pollution are large factories, industries, airplanes, trains, loudspeakers, horns, etc.

  • main sources of noise pollution

There are two main sources of noise pollution, human sources, and natural sources.

Human resources: As the population is increasing, the resources of man are also increasing, so due to the increase in human resources, many types of machines have been used in the factory. Due to this, a very loud sound is produced, due to which there can be noise pollution. There are many such devices, which produce sound due to human activities, the loud sound which is produced due to honorable resources, only causes noise pollution.

Natural sources: Noise pollution in the environment is not only caused by human sources but there are many such natural sources that cause noise pollution in the environment. The main causes of noise pollution from natural sources are thunder of clouds, flashes of lightning, strong winds, volcanic eruptions, strong sea waves hitting the shores, water falling from waterfalls, etc. 

The natural effects of noise pollution sometimes become so great, that for a short period of time there is a huge loss to the environment. Due to the natural effect being transient, it does not have any special effect on environmental life.

  • ill effects of noise pollution

1.) Due to noise pollution, nature of man becomes very irritable and along with that pain in the head of that person remains.

2.) Due to noise pollution, the people of urban areas have to face many problems, with complaints of headaches and deafness being the most.

3.) If a person is always exposed to loud noises in his everyday life, then the healing power of that person becomes impaired and there are many people who also become victims of deafness.

4.) Due to the naturally loud noise, there is a lot of bad effect on wildlife.

5.) Pollution can put the life of wildlife in danger.

6.) Due to the exercise done by the soldiers in the seas, a loud sound is generated, due to which the blue whale has also reached the brink of extinction.

Measures to avoid noise pollution

  • We should not use loudspeakers to reduce noise pollution.

  • There are many people who blow their horns without any reason while driving, and they should not do so.

  • We should follow the traffic rules.

  • We should always use low-noise machines so that we can avoid noise pollution.

  • Industries should always be established away from densely populated areas so that there will be no special effect on the surrounding areas due to the loud noise emanating from them.


Due to noise pollution, in the coming time, the hearing ability of people in urban areas as well as in rural areas may also be impaired. We should remove noise pollution from the environment, for which we should follow the above-mentioned efforts.

short essay on noise pollution

Noise pollution is a form of pollution, if we understand it in simple words, then whatever unbearable loud sound is produced in our environment, the same is called noise pollution. Extremely loud noises mostly affect the elderly and young children. Noise pollution is also a cause of deafness. It gradually spoils the health of the human, due to which the human does not even know about it, and one day he dies.

Presently, as fast as science has progressed, noise pollution has also increased as fast because big machines, loudspeakers, and horns are the gift of science. Nowadays, TVs and loudspeakers have come into the house, which remain on throughout the day and keep producing loud sounds, which increases the amount of noise in the whole environment.

In this fast pace of life, man is engaged only in consuming his luxury items, due to which he is not paying attention to the pollution in the environment. Just like loud noise pollution is spread by humans and he also becomes a victim of it. Along with its own health, human beings are also playing with the health of animals and birds, which is a worrying topic.

Reason For sound pollution

  • Excessive use of loudspeakers by humans.
  • Using a pressure horn.
  • Noise emanating from large machines used in industry.
  • Increasing construction work in cities.
  • population growth.

The increasing traffic in the cities, due to which there is a situation of jam and many vehicles stop at the same place, due to which their sound increases to a great extent.

Effects of Noise Pollution

  • If a person is exposed to loud noises every day, then his hearing gradually decreases, and many people also become victims of deafness.

  • Due to noise pollution, there is irritability in human nature and at the same time, he also has problems like headaches.

  • The life of wildlife is also endangered due to loud noise, an example of this is that today the species of beaked whalefish is on the verge of extinction due to the practice done by the forces in the sea.

Measures to reduce noise pollution 

Since most of the noise pollution is spread by humans, so until the human will not be everyone on this subject, then the noise pollution is not going to decrease.

  • To reduce this, people have to reduce the use of loudspeakers.
  • And unnecessary honking will have to be reduced.
  • Industries have to be established away from populated areas.
  • Traffic rules have to be followed.
  • Use of low-noise machines.

essay on noise pollution 200 words

Noise pollution has become a problem all over the world, loud and unbearable sound above 40 decibels is kept in the category of noise pollution. If it generates excessive solar, then it is harmful to the health of humans and animals. If a person spends most of his time in crowded areas or areas with excessive solar, then gradually his hearing becomes impaired.

Noise pollution can cause mental disorders such as irritability, headache, etc. to humans as well as physical disorders such as high blood pressure, and slowing of blood flow, which also increases the risk of a heart attack. Excessive noise also affects the routine of wildlife, changes their habits, problems with eating and drinking, and their fertility is also affected.

If there is no solution to noise pollution soon then it can cause a huge problem in the coming future. Noise pollution is caused by large factories, industries, airplanes, trains, big machines, construction work, loudspeakers, horns, and vehicles. To reduce noise pollution, industries will have to be kept away from populated areas, horns will have to be used less, loudspeakers will have to be reduced, and large machines will have to be repaired from time to time so that they do not make loud noises.


Here in this article, we have added a short essay on noise pollution, an essay on noise pollution in 200 words, and all the important points that you can include in your essay.

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