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 Today our science is progressing very fast. And inventing different types of machines. Which have proved to be very useful for human life. And making an important contribution to making the life of human beings easier. In such a situation, a very special device whose invention is witnessing a revolution all over the world.

Long essay on mobile addiction

We are talking about that device that is playing an important role in everyone's life. That is, we are talking about mobile. Mobile has become such a device without which man cannot even imagine his life. And today's society has completely depended on it.

But just like every coin has 2 sides. Similarly, mobile also has two aspects. Correct use of mobile is proving beneficial in human life. But on the other hand "mobile addiction" is also playing a very important role in spoiling the future of human life. People are so addicted to mobile that they spend their time on mobile for hours. This addiction is becoming the cause of social and mental problems of people.

What is nomophobia?

We call it nomophobia when a person becomes addicted to mobile in such a way that due to lack of mobile or being lost somewhere, he starts feeling more anxious and stressed. Such persons are victims of nomophobia. Some research has shown that the complaints of nomophobia are increasing very fast all over the world. Mobile addiction is the cause of this disease. A person suffering from nomophobia has been seen to open the mobile and keep having dreams of falling, this is because he remains worried about the mobile throughout the day. Such a person who complains of nomophobia cannot stay away from his mobile even for 1 minute. When they don't get it, they start to panic.

impact of mobile addiction

Getting addicted to something any person surrounds him with many problems. Similarly, mobile addiction is also causing many problems in front of the person, we will throw light on some special problems.

Mobile was considered a medium to connect people and strengthen their relationships. But now the nature of this medium has deteriorated, this medium is considered a bad addiction of people.

People have become so absorbed in mobiles that they are forgetting their own social and family relationships. He has thousands of friends on mobile and social media, but in his personal life, he is getting away from his own family members. People sit together in the same room. But by not talking to each other, they are engaged on their own mobile. Which has a very bad effect on the mutual relationship.

Excessive use of mobile has a very bad effect on our health. Due to the continuous use of mobile, the problem of heart disease arises due to the radiation emitted from them. Its use has a severe effect on headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, memory loss, and eyesight. And many more health-related problems seem to arise.

Due to the addiction to mobile, people are left behind in the race of their life. By the way, we move towards development through technology, in which mobile has an important contribution because everyone will have education and business needs, laptops and computers are not available for the fulfillment, but mobile definitely remains. But due to the addition of their mobile, he wastes all his time on his mobile. Due to this, he is unable to concentrate on his studies and business.

People have become so addicted to mobile that people are lost in themselves and are ignoring the people and relationships around them, due to which the distance between people has increased so much that when needed, someone can help. Doesn't even come forward.


Mobile is a useful tool for us. But there is a certain limit to the use of anything. If we do any work within the limits, then it proves beneficial for us. But if we do the same out of bounds then it definitely becomes harmful for us. Similarly, mobile addiction is also harmful to us.

Use mobile as much as it is necessary for us. We should never encourage our children to become addicted to mobiles. We should give them mobile for a fixed time only. As a parent, it is our duty to use at least one mobile phone in front of our children. Because it has a very bad effect on children.

Essay on Mobile Addiction 200 words

Presently we are seeing around us that mobile addiction has become a habit and addiction of people. Mobile addiction is making the life of people its victim day by day. Because at present whenever the person is free, that person likes to operate the mobile. But in the olden days, people used to live their life in the outside world instead of mobile.

Today's children are also becoming a victim of mobile. The biggest side effect of the era of technology is falling people in the form of mobile addiction. People have become addicted to mobile. At present, if a person is asked to remain without a mobile for 2 days, then it can prove to be a very big punishment for the person.

Living without mobile has become impossible for people and due to this people are also suffering a lot. People with mental weaknesses and mental diseases are falling prey to excessive mobile usage. Along with this, the weakening of the eyes, and loss of memory also cause more problems.


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