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essay on drug addiction
essay on drug addiction

essay on drug addiction

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 Essay on Drug Addiction in 100 Words

Drug addiction is becoming very common among our youth, perhaps youth find this life too heavy. Having avoided this, they take drugs. Sometimes the parents themselves become the cause. 

They are either too strict or have no time to attend to their children. Our extraordinary system of education is also one of the major reasons why youth feel neglected. 

When youths fail to get any employment after 15-20 years of education, they get frustrated and take to drugs. Drug addiction has become a major social problem. There is no short-cut cure for drug abuse. 

We often complain that our youth are being wronged. But, we hardly do anything to understand our problems. It is best to keep our youth away from drugs. The way is to use their energy in a constructive way. An employment based education system should be developed.

 Essay on Drug Addiction 500 Words

Drug addiction is not a new phenomenon in our society. History has it that man has always known the use of drugs like cannabis, hashish, marijuana. Many noble men, including kings and artists, are known to take drugs as a habit. 

A layman has also taken drugs as a part of a religious ceremony or as a social tradition. It was not until recently that synthetic drugs were developed and their derivatives with increasing difficulties in daily life have resulted in an uncontrolled wave of drugs and narcotics. This habit is not limited to only particular sections of the society. 

Today, people of almost every era, profession and society come under the influence of these drugs known in the society by different names like brown sugar, cocaine, smack etc.

There was a time when frustration, rejection and emotional disturbances were the main reason a person took to drugs. But now we can easily access the curiosity, peer group pressure, spirit of adventure and the long list of reasons due to which today's generation has become addicted to drugs. The most unfortunate fallout from this phenomenon of drug taking is that a person easily gets used to it.

 All that is needed is just one puff. Once a person becomes addicted, he/she regularly commits any number of crimes to get regular supply of drugs. He can cheat, steal, lie and sometimes even murder, so that he pays enough money to buy drugs. If he is not able to receive the next dose of drugs, he suffers severe withdrawal symptoms.

His nose starts to water, he meets stomach and body cramps, his body aches, his eyes' burning sensation, he has splitting headaches and becomes extremely ill. The only way to cure this addiction is through qualified medical help, a strong will and a very supportive family. 

The disease of drug addiction is spreading rapidly in our society. Therefore, the need of the hour is to properly monitor the development of the youth and keep a watchful eye on their habits. Moreover, a family should give all the love and attention, support, trust and encouragement to the children.

 They should educate their children about the harmful effects of drugs on the human body. And if possible take them to see drug addicts in hospitals, so that they don't feel the need to experiment with drugs at any time.


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