how to become a psychologist in india after 12th

In today's time stress has become a part of every person's life. Due to this new diseases are being born. Relationships get sour due to stress. Fights keep fighting. So many times I do not feel like going to work. Due to stress, a person likes to be alone. He has forgotten his inner happiness.

Due to this new types of diseases are taking birth in the human body. Psychologists help us to solve these types of problems. Due to this, the demand for psychologists is increasing continuously.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to become a psychologist in India, how to become a psychologist? OR How to make a career in Psychology.

psychologist in india
 psychologist in india 

mental illness statistics In India

According to a report from the World Health Organization, more than 6% of the population in India is extinct in some form of mental problem. Mental illness in such a large population of the country is a big problem.

Due to this, a person is not able to make any special progress. He is constantly under stress, he seems to be confused about everything, but so does anyone who has this problem. No one even realizes it, but this problem gradually takes a big form one day.

the mental problem in the country

Mental problems are taken very lightly in the country of India. One of the major reasons for this is that there is a huge shortage of psychiatrists in the country.

The people of the country are not aware of this disease, nor is there anyone here to make it aware, so that the disease can be treated in time.

Any disease takes birth slowly inside a human being. But if that disease is ignored without paying attention to it, then one day the same disease can take a big form and take human life.

Stress is such a problem, which slowly takes birth inside a person and keeps hollowing him from the inside, but most people take this problem lightly. That's why he doesn't get his treatment on time.

They find this problem mild. It is known when you have been suffering from any major stress-related disease. The problem of stress is directly related to the human heart.

what is psychology study?

In psychology, problems related to the human brain are treated. The job of a psychologist is to read the mind of a person and eliminate the problems going on in his mind.

Most of the students find this different course so many students choose it as their career while many students are interested in human behavior. Also read:- How to become a Medical Lab Technician.

work of psychologist

  • A psychologist's job is to help people who have lost their mental balance or are mostly under stress, to overcome their problems and the work of taking their thinking in the right direction is also done by psychologist specialists.

  • The way of treating them is very different from the way of treating other diseases, which is completely different from medical science.

  • To overcome mental illness, a gradual change is made in the behavior of the patient i.e. the process of thinking and thinking. In this case, it takes a long time for the patient to recover.

  • A psychologist has proved to be very helpful in bringing back the lost self-confidence and normalization of the mentally retarded patient. Therefore, if you are mentally afflicted then you must take the advice of a mental specialist so that you can avoid suffering from any major illness.

how to become a psychologist in India

To do a Psychology course, it is mandatory for you to have 50% marks in the 12th examination, only then you will be able to take admitted to BA or BA in Psychology.

Beyond this, if you want to take admitted to PG Psychology, then you must have passed graduation with 55% marks. Also read:- How to make a career in Microbiology.

  • BA/BA Honors in Psychology (3 years)
  • MA/MSc in Psychology (2 years)
  • PG Diploma in Psychology (2 years)
  • Ph.D. Diploma in Psychology

Subjects Taught in Psychology

  • psychology psychology
  • statistics statistics psychology
  • introduction counseling introduction counseling
  • counseling psychology counseling psychology
  • vocational guidance vocational guidance
  • Child Psychology Child psychology
  • Behavior Science
  • counseling process counseling process
  • Research Methodology Research Methodology

Best institutes of psychology in India

  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Delhi University, Delhi
  • Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences, Noida
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi


Here in this post, we discuss how to become a psychologist in india and all other information related to Psychology.


Q.1: psychologist's salary in india per month?

Ans:26270 / month

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