university of Tokyo admission for Indian students

 In India, so many students want to get admission to foreign universities for their undergraduate or master's programs and the university of Tokyo is one of them.

In Indian Students want to get admission to the university of tokyo but don't know how to get in. So in this post, you can find the answer to all queries related to university of Tokyo admission for international students.

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Now lets Start 

Requirements To Get admission to Tokyo university

1. Like all other international universities process you have to complete your 12 years of school education.

2. You need a latter of recommendation to get into the university of Tokyo.

3. If you want to study in the English language then you have to submit your HSC/state board exam result.

4. To get into the University of Tokyo you have to pass an entrance exam EJU (Japanese University Admission).

How apply the EJU in India

EJU exam for the university of Tokyo admission for Indian students checks your language skills and basic academic abilities.

EJU heald two times a year July and November.

for further information, you can go and check the process here:

university of Tokyo admission for Indian students

After clearing the EJU exam, you can start to the application process: 

1.) You need a Letter of recommendation with the signature of two teachers from your previous school.

2.) You also need a mark sheet for the last three years (10th to 12th).

3.) school leaving certificate or TC (transfer certificate).

4.) You need a letter of purpose and passport copy.

5.) you also need  JLPT or other Japanese language exam results.

6.) Keep the bank statement of income of your guardian/parent or fee payer.

University exams and interviews

An interview is a common process for international students, so be prepared for it. University will consider the EJU marks and decide on the basis of your result whether you are eligible for an interview or not.

If you clear the interview then you can get admission to the university of Tokyo.

Some other universities take their own entrance exam like Waseda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, etc which is much tougher than EJU. The entrance exam of these universities is like JEE Advanced so be prepared.

Visa procedure

If you pass all the exams and interviews, you don't have to worry about it, just complete your documents, and the university will give you a student visa.

All you have to do is follow the instructions sent by the university along with the admission letter.

In some cases, you may have to apply for your student visa so keep your admission letter with you.

university of Tokyo international student's fees

Admission fee: 164692 (Expected)

Tuition fee (annual): 312915(Expected)

Examination fee : 

1st stage: 2336(Expected)

2nd stage: 7592(Expected)


This information is about undergraduate students so read the article to get university of Tokyo admission for indian students.

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