How to become a pilot in india

If you want to complete your career in the heights of the sky, then for this you should choose to become a pilot. Today we will know this in this article, how to become a pilot in India Students who are currently studying in class 12th, always keep searching a question on Google, how to become a pilot after 12th So today in this article we are going to be a pilot. All the information related to becoming is going to give to you.

Like how to become a commercial pilot in india after 12th, and how to become a helicopter pilot. What course does one have to do to become a pilot, and how much is its fee? You are going to get much more important information related to this in this article. Although you can also get a commercial pilot license to become a pilot, but let us tell you that it is a basic pilot license, with the help of which you cannot fly an aircraft.

Students who have the question that How to become an Air Force Pilot have to clear exams like CDS and AFCAT, and after that, they get the job of the pilot in the Indian Air Force. If we talk about the salary of a pilot, then let us tell you, that after becoming a pilot, you get a good salary easily.

Apart from this, you also go to visit many different countries of the world. Every day you get a chance to roam in the sky, and you enjoy a special experience.

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what to study to become a pilot after 10th

If you want to become a pilot then you have to prepare for it from class 10th. Your marks should be good in class 10th, after that, you have to take admitted to the science stream in class 12th. Even there, you must pass with a good number, only then you will be able to take admission in the course to become a pilot. The biggest thing is that you should have a strong hold on English.

tips for becoming a pilot in India

The school from which you are going to get the pilot's certificate or license should be recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

  • You should start preparing to become a pilot from the time you are in the 12th class.

  • You should improve your English language from the beginning, and work on your communication skills.

  • Apply for Private Pilot License.

  • Apply for Commercial Pilot License.

  • Always keep yourself updated as an airline pilot.

what qualifications do I need to be a pilot?

Just as some different qualifications are required to become an Air Hostess or Doctor, in the same way, some qualification is required to become a pilot. If you have all these qualifications, then you can give the pilot exam, so let's know, Qualification for Pilot –

  • To become a pilot, a candidate must be an Indian citizen.

  • You should have at least 50% marks in 10th class, apart from this you also have to pass 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subjects with 50% marks.

  • You must be able to speak English.

Physical Eligibility to become a Pilot

So far, we have come to know what should be the qualification to become a pilot. Now know, what should be our physical qualifications to become a pilot. So that we can become pilot –

  • Your height should be at least 5 feet.
  • Your eyesight should be very clear.
  • To become a pilot you must be between 16 years to 32 years of age.
  • You should not have any kind of disease, which is affecting your body.
  • The candidate should be absolutely healthy.

how to become a commercial pilot in India after 12th

The job of a commercial pilot is a very responsible one. However, after becoming a commercial pilot, your sky journey starts, and after that, you start flying big airplanes. And your salary is also attractive, as well as you get many types of perks. If we talk about the commercial pilots, then a commercial pilot flies cargo aircraft, large passenger jets, and chartered aircraft.

The position of a commercial pilot is in the cockpit of the aircraft, but to reach the cockpit of the aircraft, a student has to obtain several types of licenses, and for this, he has to study well from the beginning, only after that you can become a commercial pilot. So let's know, 

pass 10th class

After passing the 10th class you have to take admitted to the science stream where you have to clear your 12th exam with good marks.

Only after that, you will be able to take admission in the course to become a commercial pilot, the most important thing is that your ability to speak English should be good.

Prepare for Entrance Exam with 12th

If you have passed the 12th examination from the science stream, then now you have to take admitted in the commercial pilot course. For this, you can enroll yourself to become a pilot in the National Defense Academy or any flying institute.

Admission is done through entrance tests and medical fitness, so the examination of educational and physical qualifications is taken here, only after that you will be able to get admission to the commercial pilot course.

pass the entrance exam

After clearing your 12th exam you should choose a course to become a pilot. After this, you will have to give the entrance exam, and only after that, you will be able to get admission to the commercial pilot course, for this you will have to go through three processes- entrance exam, medical test, and interview.

Take admission to become a pilot

You can become a commercial pilot in two ways :-

1.) take admission to a good flying school.

2.) Become a pilot through Cadet Pilot Program

Student Pilot License (SPL)

To get Student Pilot License (SPL), you must have passed 10th and 12th with at least 50% marks in science subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Apart from this, for a student pilot license, your minimum age should be 16 years and your height should be 5. Apart from all these physical qualifications as mentioned above, you must have iSight 6/6. After all these qualifications, you can register a student pilot license in any flying club.

When you register for SPL, you will need a medical certificate, a bank guarantee, and security clearance. When you have an objective test, you will be asked questions related to aircraft, engines and aerodynamics. This exam is held all over the country, and the cost of this exam is about 1 lakh rupees.

Apply for Commercial Pilot License

You can apply for Commercial Pilot License (CPL) only after getting Student Pilot License (SPL). To get a commercial pilot license, you will have to pass a number of tests. In this exam you are asked questions related to Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Radio, and Wireless Transmission, Air Navigation, Technical, Planning, etc.

Once you get the Commercial Pilot License (CPL), after that you start working in airplanes as a trainee co-pilot. When you complete six to eight months of training, after that you become eligible to work as a Co-Pilot. The cost of obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) ranges from eight lakh to fifteen lakh rupees.

Complete Type Rating Training

As you know that there are many types of airplanes and the way of operating all is different and the way of flying all the airplanes is also different. So you have to complete type rating training. In this training, you are told how you will fly the airplane.

apply for a pilot job

Applying for a pilot job when you get a commercial pilot license.

How to become an Air Force Pilot

If you want to become a pilot in the Indian Air Force, then for that you have to give the exam of the National Defense Academy, which we know NDA.

  • (National Defense Academy)
  • CDSE (Combined Defense Service Exam)
  • SSCE (Short Service Commission Entry)
  • NCC (National Cadet Corps)

After graduation, if you want to become a pilot in the Air Force, for that you have to pass the exam conducted by UPSC, you will be given 3 years of training, and only after that will you be appointed as a pilot in the Indian Air Force.

how to become a pilot in India

If you want to become a pilot of the airplane, then you have to pass class 12th through science, after that, you will take admitted in the course of becoming a pilot. Where you will be given training about becoming a pilot and after completion of training you will be License will be given only after that you will be able to fly an airplane

How to become a Pilot after 12th

If you want to become a pilot after class XII, then you have to follow the following things, the details of which we will give you below points which are as follows –

  • Your minimum age should be 17 years.

  • You must have secured 50% marks in 10+2. Varies with institute

  • You have to give the 12th exam with PCM Steam and English.

  • If you have not done your 12th from PCM then you can do the required subjects from your state board's open school.

  • A medical proof certificate issued to you by the required authorities

Pilot Career Option

  • commercial airline pilot
  • cargo pilot
  • Charter Pilot and Air Taxi
  • flight instructor
  • government service pilot
  • law enforcement pilot
  • military pilot
  • Medical and Air Ambulance Pilot
  • test pilot
  • Drone Pilot, etc.

how much is a pilot salary in India

When you become a pilot and you get a job somewhere, then in the initial days you will be given a salary of ₹ 90000, as your experience increases, your salary will also increase. If you become a plane captain of any alliance then your salary will be ₹ 530000.

commercial pilot salary in India

Commercial Pilot ₹ 1. Can earn a salary from 5 lack to 2 lack. Apart from this, if you do the job of a pilot in the Indian Air Force, then you will be given an annual package ranging from 500000 to 600000 in a year and you will also be given the benefit of other government facilities here.

  • Leading Institutes for Pilot Courses
  • Indira Gandhi National Flying Academy
  • Bombay Flying Club
  • Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
  • National Flying Training Institute
  • Ahmedabad Aviation And Aeronautics Limited
  • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
  • the indigo cadet training program
  • Government Aviation Training Institute
  • Puducherry Thakur College of Aviation
  • Government Flying Club
  • Orient Flying School
  • Aviation and Aviation Safety

How to become a Pilot in India FAQs

how to become a pilot after the 10th?

You cannot become a pilot just by passing the 10th exam, you have to study further which we have told above.

Which subject is best for pilots?

If you want to become a pilot, then you should choose the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in 10+2. And you should have good command of the English language. You must be able to speak, write and understand English. All these things make your journey of becoming a pilot easily.

What is the salary of a pilot for 1 month?

According to the popular job website Glassdoor, the salary of a pilot varies. But if we talk about the average salary of a pilot, then the salary of an experienced pilot is Rs 1 lakh. Apart from this, there are also some different types of allowances.

How long is the pilot course?

If you want to become a pilot, and you want to do the pilot course from India, then it takes 2 to 3 years for you to complete the course here. But if you do a pilot's course from abroad, then it takes you about 1 year.

How to become a government pilot?

If you want to become a government pilot, then for this you can choose to become an Air Force Pilot. For this, many types of recruitment come out from time to time.

What are the types of Pilot Licenses?

  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Private Pilot
  • Recreational Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Student Pilot

how many years to become a pilot in India?

Student Pilot License: six months.
Private Pilot License: one year.
Commercial Pilot License: three years.

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