How to Become a HR Manager in India

 The field of management attracts a lot of youth these days. Young people dream of getting a good salary and living a good life as a manager in multinationals and corporate. HR Management is also a lucrative field these days.

Youth work as HR managers for the betterment of themselves and the employees of their company. Do you know what HR is If you don't know, don't worry.

In this post, we will introduce you to all the aspects of HR. All you have to do is read this post from beginning to end. Come, let's start-

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What is HR Manager

Friends, first of all, let us know the full form of HR. Its full form is human resources. It is also called Human Resources. All the employees/workers of a company or industry come within this term. Human resource is the backbone of the company, which ensures its progress.

Human resource management is a branch of management. If we talk about the corporate world, these days mostly every company has an HR department, which is headed by GM HR. Many managers work below it.

Along with keeping an account of the status of human resources in the company, monitoring is also done by this department. Generally speaking, recruitment of employees/laborers when they are less in terms of work and retrenchment when they are more is also a part of the work of this department.

What is the job of the hr manager

Now we will tell you in detail what is the work of HR-

Completing the recruitment process of the employees for the company, interviewing them, and fixing the salary.

  • - To decide the promotion policy of the employees. To see the provision of appraisal and the arrangement of training.

  • -Determining the grievance processor of the company.

  • - To decide the leave policy of the company. Scheduling leave of employees.

  • To follow the rules and regulations set by the company for the employees.

  • - To ensure that the employees remain disciplined within the company.

  • If an accident happens, then compensation means fixing and providing compensation.

How To Become A Human Resource Manager 

Friends, now come to the course of HRM i.e. Human Resource Management. Let us tell you that it has many types of courses, whose details are as follows-

HR Management Courses After 12th

How to Become a HR Manager in India
How to Become an HR Manager in India

  •  BBA (HR Management)

BBA means Bachelor in Business Administration (bachelor's in business administration). This is a graduation course in business administration. This course is of three years like any other graduate course. Its curriculum is divided into six semesters. The topics on which its syllabus focuses are as follows-

  • Business fundamentals.

Management. Focuses on economic planning and policies.

Friends, let us tell you that there are 3506 recognized BBA institutes in the country, out of which 219 offer BBA (HRM) courses.

Syllabus of BBA (HR):

Research Methods, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Communication Skills, Business Environment, Quality Management, Computer Fundamentals, Marketing Management, Technology Management, Taxation Management, Management Development and Skills, Small Business Management, Economic Planning and Policies, Organizational Behaviour, Business Strategy, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Advertising and Sales, E-Commerce, Financial Management, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship Management, International Financial Institutions. After this, the project work has to be done.

Admission Process in BBA:

Through NMIMS, NPAT, IPU, CET, DI, ZAT, etc entrance. After this GD ie group discussion and personal interview rounds also have to be cleared.

  • Minimum Educational Qualification for BBA:

The minimum educational qualification for this course is 10+2 or its equivalent with 50% marks from a recognized board.

  • BBA Course Fee:

The average fee for this course ranges from 30 thousand to 6 lakh per annum according to the status of the institute.

MBA HR Courses

MBA i.e. Masters in Business Administration (master's in business administration) course is the favorite course of most of the youth. Even many on-the-job executives also show interest in doing this course part-time.

Seeing the demand for this course, open universities are also offering MBAs in large numbers. Let us tell you that generally, this course is a PG course of two years, but working executives can do it in three years as well.

How to get admission an MBA?

Through Score/Merit obtained in CAT, MAT, C-MAT, XAT, GMAT, SNAP, IBSAT, etc. Entrance Tests, GD/ Personal Interview.

  • MBA Course Fee:

From 3 lakh to 8 lakh rupees annually.

  • MBA Admission Qualification:

Graduation degree or it's equivalent with minimum 50-60% marks.

 PG Diploma in HR (PG Diploma in HR)

This is also a two-year course, which is divided into four semesters. Students who are not able to do MBA, they do this PG Diploma course. This course enhances their professional qualifications.

  • Minimum Educational Qualification for this course: Graduation degree with minimum 50% marks.

  • Admission process in this course: On the basis of score/merit in CAT, XAT, C-MAT, MAH-CET, NMAT, etc.

  • Fee for this course: Up to eight lakh rupees.

  • Salary after this course: Rs 2 lakh to Rs 15 lakh per annum.

Diploma/certificate course in HR 

Many polytechnic institutes offer one-year diploma/certificate-level courses in HR.

  • Minimum Educational Qualification for this course: 10+2 or equivalent with minimum 50% marks. (Provision of relaxation of 45 percent marks for the reserved category or as per rules).

  • Fees for this course: From 7 thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees.

  • Admission Process for this course: Admission on the basis of merit.

  • Salary after doing this course: Rs 2 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per annum

Scope For Human Resource 

Friends, let us tell you that if a student takes a course in HR Management, then his/her career can be made in the field of HR as well as Training and Development, Talent Acquisition, Administration, etc. He can get such positions-

  • -HR manager
  • HR Coordinator
  • -HR Executive
  • -HR Specialist
  • -recruitment and placement officer
  • -Talent acquisition manager
  • -employee-relations manager
  • IT recruiter
  • -Admin officer

HR manager salary per month

Let us tell you that an HRM graduate is initially recruited in the institute as HR Trainee/HR Executive. His annual salary starts from around three lakhs.

After doing MBA, he can get a better salary. After this, the starting salary ranges from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 10 lakh per annum. Roughly after a few years of experience, he can raise a salary of up to 30 lakhs per annum in corporate.

What skill for an HR manager?

Friends, the post of HR manager is directly related to employee dealing. In such a situation, the HR manager should have some special skills according to his position, which is as follows-

1. Better communication skills-

The HR manager should have the ability to speak to the employees and convince them. He should have excellent communication skills.

2. Empathy

Empathy is very important in an HR manager. That is, he can think by putting himself in the situation of others. Through this, he will be able to get an idea of the problems of the employees.

3. Good knowledge of labor laws-

An HR manager needs a good knowledge of labor laws to formulate and implement policies related to employees.

4. Ability to make a quick decision

An HR manager should be a quick decision-maker. That is, he should have the ability to take quick decisions.

5. Hardworking

There are many tasks, whose process takes a long time. In such a situation, it is necessary for a good HR manager to be hard working.

6. Patience

This is a good quality of an HR manager. He should have enough patience to listen to the employees so that he can understand them well and then take decisions in their interest.

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