How to Become Product Designer In India

 Nowadays different types of designs are seen in the market. All these designs can be in any industry.

Such as electronic gadgets, toys, daily use products, etc. All industries make products with different designs. Sometimes we are also shocked to see the attractive designs of these products.

Have you ever thought that someone's hard work goes into preparing these designs?

How to Become a Product Designer

In this article, we are going to tell you about some similar careers related to designers so that you too can make a career in this field. In this article, we are going to tell you how to become a product designer, how to become Product Designer in India, and how to make a career in product designing.

How to Become Product Designer In India
How to Become Product Designer In India

What is Working As a Product Designer

Product designers have an important role in designing any type of product, preparing the products in a modern way through their creativity.

If you have a dream of doing something creative, then you too can make a career in this field.

This career can prove to be better for your future, because new types of products are being made in the market.

To prepare them, the demand for product designers is increasing. Product designer has a big hand in increasing the popularity of any brand. The biggest examples of the world are Apple, Rolex in front of you.

Any customer is more attracted by the design of the product while buying the product. Before buying any product, customers like its design, only then they are ready to buy it.

If customers do not like the design of the product, then customers avoid buying that product.

To increase the popularity of any brand, it is very important to have both product design and quality. If our product has both these qualities, then people also prefer to buy the product at an expensive price.

The best example you have is a great example. Apple company, whose products have both design and quality. That's why people also like to buy expensive products of that company.

Product Designer Job Description

Product designers play the biggest role in improving any product as per the choice of the customer.

Product designer may have to design cars, electronic gadgets, toys, plastic products, educational products or products made of any type of metal. Customers also like the same product more. Whose design and quality they like.

In product designing, the work of product design is done at many levels. In which, according to the changing times, changes have to be made in the designs of the products. In today's time, the designs of most of the products are being made by computer, which is very convenient for the designers.

Qualities of a Product Designer

  • To become a good Product Designer, it is very important to have a new creative thinking. Only then you will be able to search for new designs after designing a product.

  • Most of the same people are successful in the field of designing. Whose thinking is different from everyone. They should have observation skills and imagination skills. So that they can create new designs by looking at the design of any moment or any nature from anywhere.

  • We are shocked to see the design of many such products in the market, which is completely different from the others, which we cannot even imagine. It is a wonder of creativity of all the designers.

  • Students interested in any kind of design mostly have a penchant for drawing and sketching. They keep creating new designs with their ideas.

  • To become a good product designer, one should also have good knowledge about production and marketing as no designer works alone. That's why he should know how to adjust with the team.

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Product Designer Qualification

  • If you are thinking of becoming a career in Product Designing Product Designing, then it is mandatory for you to pass your 12th examination from any recognized board. After that you can do Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design or Architectural Engineering.

  • If you want to become an expert in this field, then you have to do some basic diploma courses along with these courses. Which improves your skill even more.

  • Like Basic Art Basic Art, Sketching Sketching, Autocad Designing Autocad Designing, Principal of Design and Sketching, To take admission in some subjects of designing, it is mandatory for you to take a degree in Industrial Material and Processes, Production Methods, Engineering, 3d design.

  • At the time of graduation, the chances of a student getting a job by making a portfolio (sample) of his work and getting internship experience are more, because nowadays companies pay more attention to the student's skill rather than his degree.

  • Even after doing the course, if you do not have much knowledge of this field, then you have fewer chances of getting a job because, in today's time, competition is being seen in every field. Product designers can also specialize in the field of ceramics and furniture design.

what is a product designing course

If you want to do product designing from a good college, then for that you have to pass in NID (National Institute of Design) exam.

  • Based on your score in the NID exam, you can get admission in the top 12 design colleges of the country. To clear the NID exam, you have to give two entrance exams.

  • In the first paper, you have to write and in the second paper, you have to take the sketching and art design test inside the studio.

  • Similarly, if you want to take admitted to IIT Delhi, then you have to clear the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design or Common Entrance Examination for Design.

Product Designer Opportunities

In today's time there is a lot of demand for product designers in the market. If you are a good product designer, then there is a lot of opportunity in the market for you.

To make a career in this field, you can start your career as a product designer, watch designer, footwear designer, digital designer, etc. etc. Apart from this, there are good job opportunities for you in consulting firms as well.

  • Some of the country's leading institutes related to product designing
  • Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune

Product design salary in india

If we talk about the average salary of a product designer, then it will be ₹ 2.2 lahks to ₹ 24.3 lakh/annum.


Here in this post,  we add all related information about the product designer like product design courses, product designer's salary, online courses in product design, and much more so if you want to know about how to become a product designer then you should read our spot till the end.

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