How to Become Financial Advisor in India

 If you are also thinking of making a career in the field of finance by being associated with a commerce background, then this article is going to be important for you, because we are going to give you information about such a course related to commerce, which There is an emerging career related to commerce.

In which there will never be any shortage of jobs for the youth. We are talking If you want to get detailed information about this career of Financial Advisor, then definitely read this article till the end.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to become a financial advisor? How to make career in Banking? Or how to do Financial Advisor Course?

Banking Industry In India

Our country banking industry is growing so fast. More than 66 thousand branches of co-operative banks and finance are functioning here. In such a situation, our country will become the third banking hub of the world by 2040.

In the last few years, awareness about mobile and internet has increased. In which a lot of changes are taking place from time to time. Due to which mobile banking has also increased rapidly.

Nowadays, most of the transactions of banks are being done from mobile only. In view of this, some investment companies have prepared platforms for investing and taking money on finance keeping in mind the mobile internet only. Which is increasing rapidly day by day.

People are liking this facility very much. They are also taking an active part in these. People have started investing their little money. Due to which they also get good returns.

Nowadays many changes are also being seen in rural areas. Despite the low per capita income and limited GDP in this area, people's faith has been maintained.

For this reason people are also liking it. The biggest finance and investment companies are turning their attention more towards the villages, in view of this, nowadays the demand for financial planners and professional experts related to finance is increasing. In this article, we are telling you how to make a career in banking finance or how to become a financial advisor.

How to Become a Financial Advisor?

How to Become Financial Advisor in India
How to Become Financial Advisor in India  

It is a science related to finance management. In which information related to investment activities of money and other resources is available. In which customers are told how to invest their money properly. So that customers get good returns. People should have faith in this area.

In this field, the ways of investing money keep changing from time to time, so that people can invest more and more of their money. Apart from this, you can also take money from companies according to your need, this process is called finance.

A good banking financial advisor is one who can guide customers in the right way by providing good service, financial advice, and any work related to banking, giving correct information to customers about investments, insurance, savings plans, loans, etc.

Future of Financial Advisors in India


Nowadays people are resorting to finance-related companies to meet all their major needs. Through which he is taking home, car, business loan, personal loan, etc. for himself. Whose craze is being seen in the people?

For this reason, this industry is going to grow further in the coming times. In such a situation, you have a good chance to become a financial advisor.

Financial Advisor Qualifications

  If you have a desire to go into the banking sector, then you should pass your 12th examination in commerce and do B.Com in graduation.

By doing this, you will get a good knowledge about the banking sector, or you can also graduate in economics.

But in view of the increasing trends in this field, nowadays those doing B-Sc Math, Bio BA B-BA BE are also taking steps. Students pursuing Chartered Accountancy and Cost and Works Accountancy prefer MBA in Finance.

Most of the students step into the banking sector after doing a master's in financial management, post-graduation in economics or commerce.

If you do not belong to the banking sector but want to make a career in this field, then you can move forward after graduation from any stream.

To step into this field, if you have 50% marks in graduation, then it is better so that you do not face any problems in taking admission. You can do the following courses to make a career in this field.

Finance related courses

  • MBA in Finance
  • BA Finance

Skill of the financial advisor

If you want to make a good career in the field of finance. So apart from any degree in finance, it is also mandatory to have some other qualification. Only then a company will be willing to hire you.
To make a career in this field, you must have patience, discipline towards work, teamwork, the ability to solve problems related to customers and companies, good knowledge about maths and computers, the art of speaking your words correctly and It is very important to have marketing skills.

When you have some different information from others. Only then any company will be willing to take you because, in today's time, there is competition in every field. Some have more and some have less.

Job opportunities

  • As fast as new companies of finance and investment are coming into the country these days. According to that, in the coming future, many employment opportunities are open in this field.

  • The number of account holders in banks is increasing, so banks and finance companies are continuously increasing their branches in the country.

  • In such a situation, where the needs of the finance employee are being read equally fast. At present, the banking finance, and insurance sector of our country has crossed about 130 trillion, which is going to grow rapidly in the coming times.

  • According to an estimate, this sector is going to provide employment to more than 20 lakh people in the coming decade.

  • In such a situation, students who do not understand what to do after 12th, then you can take steps in this field from now.

  • The baking sector mostly prefers to take skilled youth. Those who should have the ability to understand anything closely, think and do it correctly.

Job opportunities

After doing a course related to finance or the banking industry, you can apply for jobs on many posts, which are given below in the list.

  • financial analyst

Challenges of Financial Advisor

Laws related to finance and banking keep changing from time to time. For that, you have to constantly keep yourself updated.

If you want to get expertise in this field, then you have to get information about all the work that comes in this field.

Since all the work in this is related to the transaction of money, then there is every possibility of loss, so there is pressure on you regarding the work, you should also have the ability to withstand this pressure.

 salary of a financial advisor in india

After doing this course, if you start a job in any company, then you get 20 to 25 thousand rupees a month, which will be considered a good start for your career.

As you get experience in this field, your salary will increase in the same way. If you have 5 to 7 years of experience. So any company related to banking finance will also give you 55, 60 thousand rupees per month.

If you become an expert in this field, then according to you you can earn lakhs of rupees per month which people are earning earlier.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the Financial Advisor like what is financial advisor is, financial advisor courses, the salary of a financial advisor in india and more so if you want to know how to become a financial advisor in india then you should read post till the end.

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