How to Become Event Manager In India

 Friends, nowadays wedding ceremonies like Theme Wedding and Destination Wedding are becoming very popular. These are lifetime events and everyone wants to make them memorable. 

Planning and organizing other such lifetime Family Events, Official Events, Social Events, and Cultural Events within the budget is a chore for the Event Management Company. 

An Event Manager does these things very well. Looking at all these works, we can say that Event Management Career Scope is quite broad.

In today's post, I am going to tell you about this career in event management. In this post, you will read how to become an event manager in India then Other information related to this profession is also given here like which type of event management courses after the 12th is beneficial for you, Which are the Best Event Management Colleges in India to study, How much does Event Management Course Fees, etc.

How to Become Event Manager In India
How to Become Event Manager In India

How to Become an Event Manager in India

Friends, there are many people who love to organize parties. There are some people who take full responsibility for organizing the Annual Function in school and college. If you are also one of them and you like to organize events, then this career is for you only.

After making a career in this field, you will have to shoulder the responsibility of organizing Concerts, exhibitions, Wedding Parties, Conferences, Celebrity Functions, Award Functions, etc. on a large scale.

To make a career in Event Management, after passing 12th, you have to complete a Diploma course, Bachelor course, or Master course from a good college. After completing the course you will become a Professional Event Manager. For detailed information about this career read this post carefully till the end.

Career Scope in Event Management in India

Friends, those days are gone when people themselves used to plan and execute events. Right now people do not have time to do such extra work. They are so engrossed in their work that the work of event planning cannot be done them.

Small-fat planning can be done by yourself, but when it comes to planning on a large scale, then only Event Managers make people's work easier. The team Event Management professionally handles all the work related to the event.

Nowadays, the work of organizing events everywhere is being given to the team of event management. Whether it is a child's Birthday Party, Marriage Function, Retirement Party, or Promotion Party, an event management team is needed everywhere.

There is no dearth of jobs in event management and its scope is increasing day by day. Whatever the occasion, the Event Manager plans and organizes that event in a better way. That's why the work of any kind of Award Function, Corporate Party, New Product Launch, Music Launch, Corporate Seminar, Fashion Show, Theme Party, and Destination Wedding Planning is now done by event managers.

Career Options in Event Management

If this question is arising in your mind Is event management a good career option? So you are bound to think. Before making any career, we should think 10 times about whether the field in which we are going to make a career has a future or not.

By the way, there are immense career opportunities in this field of event management. Nowadays people are outsourcing each and every work to save time and headaches. At such a time, by making a career in event management, you can definitely remove this problem of people. You will get good money for this work.

After doing a course in event management, many career options open up for you to work in this field. According to your interest, you can move forward in any of these fields.

Career Opportunities in Event Management

After doing a course in event management, you can work on the following posts:

  • Event Manager: This is the main person of the event who is involved from planning to organizing.
  • Event Planner: It plans the entire event from location to transportation.
  • Catering Services Manager: Its work includes deciding the food menu, preparing food, serving, seeing the arrangement of food utensils, etc.
  • Social Media Event Coordinator: This person is responsible for posting the event on social media.
  • Wedding Planner: The job of a wedding planner is to plan and organize wedding ceremonies.
  • Stage Decorator: The work of decorating and making the stage modern is done by the stage decorator.
  • Exhibition Organizer: The Exhibition Organizer has full responsibility for organizing any type of exhibition.

Qualification For Event Manager

Friends, if you want to make a career in Event Management or want to become an Event Manager, then for this you have to pass the 12th class examination from any recognized board. There is no compulsion to stream in 12th to make a career in this field so you can pass 12th from any stream.

After the 12th you have 2 options, if you want you can do a diploma in event management or you can directly join bachelor's course.

If you do a diploma then you can do a post-graduate diploma for further studies. And if you have completed a bachelor's course in event management then you can do a master's course to continue further studies.

The institutes that offer courses in event management have certain eligibility criteria for admission. Some colleges give admission on the basis of marks obtained in the previous class without taking the exam. But there are some colleges where an entrance test has to be given to take admission. Only after passing this, students are given admission in these colleges.

event management courses after 12th

There are total 5 types of courses available in event management:

  • certificate course
  • diploma in event management after 12th
  • Post Graduate Diploma Course
  • bachelor course
  • master course

Event Management Course Duration

There are different duration courses available for doing event management courses. The duration of the certificate course is from 6 months to one year. Diploma courses are of 2 years, Bachelor's courses are of 3 years and Master's courses are of 2 years duration.

There are 2 career options to do the Event Management Course after the 12th – one is offline and the other is online.

To do the offline courses, you have to take admission to college and physically attend classes. There is no such compulsion to do an online course. You can do online courses sitting at home with the help of a computer and the internet.

Offline Event Management Course after 12th

  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Relation and Event Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management
  • Advance Diploma in Event Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Activation

Online Event Management Courses in India

  • Course in Event Management – International Career Institute
  • Event Management for Beginners – Udemy
  • Course in Wedding Planning Planner – International Career Institute
  • Project Management Principles and Practices - Coursera

Event Management Course Fees 

Fees are determined on the basis of the nature of all the courses available in India. If you have made up your mind to do a certificate course, then to do a certificate course in event management, you will have to pay a fee of around 20 to 30 thousand rupees. Generally, the fees for certificate courses are less than for other courses.

The fees for an event management diploma course, bachelor's course, and master's course can go from 50 thousand rupees to lakhs. By the way, Event Management Course Fee Structure is different for every college. There are some colleges whose fees are between 6 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

You do not need to worry about the high fees. You can choose the college as per your requirement. Good studies are also done in medium-range institutes. If you take admitted to Government College then you will be charged the lowest fees.

Best Event Management Colleges in India

  • National Institute of Event Management – Mumbai
  • University of Mumbai
  • Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies – Delhi
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University – Mumbai
  • National Academy of Media and Events – Kolkata
  • NIEM – The Institute of Event Management – Kolkata
  • Impact Institute of Event Management – Delhi

Top Event Management Companies in India

  • cine age
  • wizcraft
  • Pegasus
  • Teflon
  • percept profile
  • encompass events
  • Cox & Kings


Here in this post, we add all related information about the event manager so if you are searching for how to become an event manager then you should read out post till the end.

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