How to Become Ophthalmologist After 12th

 In today's time, it has become very important to choose the right career because when you give the 12th exam, then you have to do a further course according to yourself and to do the further courses, you have to choose the subject accordingly in the 12th. If yes, then if you have the desire to become an eye doctor, then I will tell you what a doctor is called? How to become an eye doctor, What should be the qualification of an eye doctor? (Education Qualification For Eye Doctor) Will tell you about other things too, that's why read the article completely.

In today's time, there are many youths who want to become doctors in the future; But they do not know that a doctor is not just a doctor by name, but has a skill of his own. That is, if you are sharper than your brain, then it is possible that you will definitely be an expert in something or the other. Similarly, if you want to become a doctor, then for which part of the body do you want to become a doctor. 

It is very important to know about this thing; Because the doctor sees our body, that is why it is very important for you to be an expert in one or another part.

Because until you do not have the right information about anything, you are not able to study properly, then you remain behind, that is why today I am going to tell you about the eye doctor.

 How to become an eye doctor What should be the age limit for eye doctors? What are the functions of an eye doctor? What is the salary of an eye doctor (Eye Doctor Salary) I am going to tell you about these main things and hope that I will be able to give you information about the eye doctor, then let's start the article.

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How to Become Ophthalmologist After 12th
How to Become Ophthalmologist After 12th

what is an optometrist?

Most of people who want to become an eye doctor do not know what an eye doctor is called, so let us tell you that we call an eye doctor an ophthalmologist.

Their main function is to take care of your eyes. That's why if you ever have a problem with your eyes, we don't go to any doctor but to an Ophthalmologist. He gives us accurate information about our eye diseases and also performs eye surgery if needed.

Qualification for optometrist

Friends, first of all, let's talk about the qualification you should have to become an eye doctor, then for this, you must have the following qualifications which are as follows:-

  • If you want to become an eye doctor then first of all you must have a 10th pass.
  • After that, you must have passed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects with at least 60% marks.
  • After passing the 12th class, the eye set (ICET Exam) exam is taken by the eye doctor, this exam is very difficult; It is mandatory for you to pass. Only then do you get admission to an optometry institute which is very important for a person to become an eye doctor?

Age Limit to become an eye doctor

If you want to become an eye doctor; For that, first of all, you have to pass the entrance exam of NEET. Students from 18 years to 25 years can appear in this exam.

In this, the age limit of 5 years is given to the people belonging to the reserved category.

How to Become Ophthalmologist After 12th

If you want to become an eye doctor, then for that you have to work hard from the very beginning. First of all, we need to pass the 10th standard.

  1. Pass 12th

First of all, you have to pass the 10th, and after that, you have to take admission in the 11th class with PCB subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. After this, it is mandatory for you to pass class 12th with 60 percent marks.

  2. Pass the ICET exam

After you pass the 12th standard, to become an eye doctor, some institutes take the eye set (ICET) exam. This exam is very difficult; In which most of the children are not able to pass from here they also change their dreams. So if you want to become an eye doctor then for that you need to work hard from class 10th itself.

If you pass this exam, then after that you can easily get admission in optometry institutes. In which you are given knowledge about many things.

  3. Enroll in Optometric Institutions

In optometric institutes you are given a course of 4 years; In which theory is done in the 3rd year and internship preparation is done in the 4th year. If your internship is good enough then you will be able to make a career as a good eye doctor.

4. Study well to become an eye doctor

When you do 4 years course in an optometric institute; During that time you are given all the information related to the eyes. If you complete this course, then you get good knowledge about each and every eye problem and you get to know about the eye very well. Under this, you are given information about lens glasses and eye diseases.

Apart from this, you are also given machinery knowledge so that you can easily examine eye patients through machines. If anyone completes this course, he can also become an assistant to a doctor who performs eye surgery.

Top Colleges in India For Optometry

Friends, now let's talk about which colleges are the best colleges in India to study Optometry, so I have given the list below, you can see the complete list.

  • (Surat) Government Medical College and Hospital
  • (Nagpur) Government Medical College
  • (Amritsar) Punjab Medical College
  • (Patiala) Medical College
  • (Pilani) Birla Institute of Tech. Science
  • (New Delhi) All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University
  • All India Management Association

 Job Working For optometrist

Friends, till now I have given you a lot of information about the eye doctor, now let's talk about what is the work of an eye doctor, by the way, the eye doctor has the following functions, some of them are as follows: -

  • Being an eye doctor means that the main task of the doctor is to understand the diseases of the eye patients and treat them.
  • If he sees any kind of problem in the patient, then he can advise him on the solution to that problem, lens glasses fabric or medicine to increase the capacity of the eye or any therapy.
  • What is their main function they give us the correct information about which glasses will be right for our eyes.
  • Even if a problem like cataracts arises in your eyes, they recommend medicine or surgery.
  • There is no right to do surgery on these eyes. But the doctor can definitely give advice for getting this surgery done. The doctor does the surgery on that patient only with their help.

Optometrist Salary In India

Friends, if you have worked hard and you have reached the point where you can treat someone well, then your salary is going to be very high, that is, you are going to go very far. Well, if you become an eye doctor, then In the initial time, your salary can be from 25 to ₹ 30000. But if you have studied at a good institute, then your salary can be from 20 to ₹ 600000.

Apart from this, you can also open your own shop i.e. an optical shop; With which you can earn up to lakhs of rupees in a month.

Pros of Becoming an Eye Doctor

Friends, now let's talk about what are the benefits of becoming an eye doctor (Benefits of Becoming an Eye Doctor in Hindi) Types are:-

  • This career in the field of medicine is very good because in this you get a good salary and also it is considered as one of the secure job profiles.
  • In this, you will always get to learn something new because you will always get different types of patients.
  • This work is very good because you light up the lives of people and in return the patients bless you.
  • In this, you can work with the team and then gradually you can succeed further with the team.
  • In this, you never have job tension and you can go far ahead in this because the demand for better vision and healthy eyes will never decrease, there is always scope for employment opportunities.

Cons of Becoming an Eye Doctor

Friends, now let's talk about what are the disadvantages of becoming an eye doctor (Disadvantage of Becoming an Eye Doctor in Hindi) because it is very important for you to know this, which is as follows: -

  • This job is always challenging as people's lives are involved in it.
  • When you treat the eyes, it has to be done with great care because even a small mistake can spoil people's lives. The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the whole body.
  • When you treat a patient, you must be aware of each and every detail of the patient.
  • Being an Eye Doctor, you will always have to deal with both good and bad patients.
  • What is CDPO, and how to become CDPO.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the optometrist like how to become an eye doctor, optometrist qualifications, and many more so if you want to become an optometrist then you should read our post till the end.

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