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If you guys are preparing for exams like UPPCL, SSC CGL, and many more where computer-related questions are asked then you can have a look at our post in this post we have added computer questions for competitive exams which are common Can help you in preparation, so let's go to the question without wasting time.

introduction to computer mcq questions with answers

Question 1:- Who is called the father of computers?

Answer:- To Charles Babbage.

Question 2:- In which year did Charles Babbage discover the computer?

Answer :- 1830.

Question 3:- Who is called the father of computer science?

Answer :- To Alan Turing.

Question 4: - What is the method used to identify the validity of a computer user called?

Answer :- Authentication.

Question 5:- Which language is used for scientific work in computer?

Answer :- FORTRAN.

Question 6:- What is the full form of FORTRAN?

Answer :- Formula translation.

Question 7:- How many bits are there in IPv6 address?

Answer :- 128 Bit.

Question 8:- When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated every year?

Answer :- On 2 December.

Question 9:- To whom is the word Pentium related in computer?

Answer :- From Micro processor.

Question 10:- What is the full form of CD?

Answer :- Compact Disc.

Question 11:- Which keys are called Ctrl, Alt and Shift?

Answer :- Modifier Keys.

Question 12:- What was used to make the first generation computer?

Answer :- Of Vacuum Tube.

Question 13:- How many Bits are there in a Byte?

Answer :- 8 beats.

Question 14:- Four bits is equal to how many nibbles?

Answer :- A nibble.

Question 15: Whose backbone is called HTTP?

Answer :- of WWW.

Question 16:- Compact Disc is known by what other name?

Answer :- Optical Disc.

Question 17:- What is the program that converts high level language into machine language called?

Answer :- Compiler.

Question 18:- What is the message or mail sent on the Internet called?

Answer :- E-mail.

Question 19:- Which method is used to read the check in any bank?

Answer :- MICR.

Question 20:- What is the main system board of the computer called?

Answer :- Mother board.

Question 21:- Which important part of the computer was discovered by Douglas Engelbart?

Answer :- Mouse.

Question 22:- When did Douglas Engelbart discover the mouse?

Answer :- 1963-64.

Question 23:- By which our position is known while writing a word?

Answer :- From blinker.


Question 24:- What is the sudden shutdown of a running computer or program called?

Answer :- Crash.

Question 25:- What is the graphical conversion of any program called?

Answer :- Flowchart.

Question 26:- Who is considered the father of Internet?

Answer: Vint Cerf.

Question 27:- When did he discover the Internet?

Answer :- 1983.

Question 28:- Who is the discoverer of USB?

Answer :- Ajay Bhatt.

Question 29:- What is junk email called in computer mobile or tablet?

Answer :- Spam e-mail.

Question 30:- What is the full form of USB?

Answer :- Universal Serial Bus.

Question 31:- Who is the creator of Wi-Fi?

Answer:- Vic Hayes

Question 32:- What is the full form of Wi-Fi?

Answer :- Wireless Fidelity.

Question 33:- What is the main memory of the computer?

Answer :- RAM and ROM.

Question 34:- When a document is printed out from a computer, what is it called?

Answer :- Hard copy.

Question 35:- What is the full form of MICR?

Answer :- Magnetic Ink Character Reader.

Question 36:- Which was the world's first computer network?

Answer:- Arfa Net

Question 37:- Parallel port is mainly used in which device?

Answer :- In the printer.

Question 38:- What was the name of the world's first computer?

Answer :- ENIAC.

Question 39:- What is the full form of ENIAC?

Answer :- Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer.

Question 40:- What is the full form of RAM?

Answer :- Random Access Memory.

Question 41:- What is the full form of ROM?

Answer:- Read Only Memory.

Question 42:- Which unit is used to measure the quality of the printer?

Answer:- DPI.


Here in this post, we add some MCQ related to computers so if you are searching for an introduction to computer mcq questions with answers then you should read our post till the end.

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