How to Become A Kabaddi Player 2023

 Hello friends, Today I tell you how to become a kabaddi player in this article? I am going to tell you all the information about Everyone who wants to join sports in today's daily life. Because many people earn money from the sports world too. Any sport is such a career that does not require education.

 That's why any person can make a career in it. To become a kabaddi player, we do not need any education or much money to become a kabaddi player, only we should have an interest and passion for the game. So if you have a dream of becoming a successful kabaddi player then what is the delay.

 If you want to make a career in the world of sports, then do not ignore this opportunity.

How to become a kabaddi player

Below we are telling you to step by step:

how to become a kabaddi player
how to become a kabaddi player

1. How to make your career as a kabaddi player?

Friends, you all know that like every game, Kabaddi has its own identity. By the way, this game was mostly played in villages and localities only. But in present times this game has become so popular that it is played in all formats. Also, mainly the beginning of Kabaddi game started in our country India. But this game is also played in different countries of the world Ever since the Government of India started the Khelo India scheme. 

Since then people's interest in this game has started changing a lot. Friends, first of all, to learn this game, there should be interest in it, because to go into any field, it is necessary to have an interest in it.

 As you know that this game is mostly played in schools. It also starts from the school itself, along with this it is necessary to have all kinds of information related to this game to make your career. It is mandatory to know all its rules To learn this game, your physical and mental fitness should be better. 

Friends, first of all, after playing this game in school, perform well at the tehsil, after that play kabaddi at the district level, then play at the district level, and then after a big win, show your performance at the state level.

2. A trainer is required to become a kabaddi player.

Friends, for any sport, we need a coach who makes every effort to give the right guidance to his learning players. When a tournament game is organized for this game, before that the game is practiced with the help of professional experts and coaches. 

Only after this, the players are landed on the field of pro kabaddi, let's talk further about the way to play kabaddi. Friends, as you know, in this game 12 players are included on each team But only 7 players are fielded to play on the field and 5 players are kept for safe play. 

Those who are fielded by the players when special circumstances arise. After winning this game, there is a chance to join the international team. Now let's talk further about the dress of the players, and friends who play kabaddi, every player plays only by wearing a t-shirt and knickers of the player. Along with playing wearing socks and cloth shoes, apart from this, no player playing this game is allowed to wear such things which can harm other players. Friends, in this way you can make your career in the Kabaddi game.

3. Take admission in the academy to become a kabaddi player:-

Friends, everyone plays the game, but the game also has a rule. We see everywhere that the craze of sports is increasing day by day. But as long as we don't know the right information to go up, no matter how well we play the game, it can't be of any use.

 So if you play a good game and want to make your career in kabaddi. For this, it would be better for you to take training in the academy Because all the things to play the game are available there. There you are taught the game by the trainer, and the trainer or your coach introduces you to all kinds of information and rules. 

If you show good performance in the academy, you are soon given the status of a player.

4. What to do to become an International Kabaddi player?

To become an international kabaddi player, we have two options. There is an option in the kabaddi sports academy by taking Bharti we can go to international kabaddi players. 

The second option is district level, if you win in a district-level game, then you are selected for the state level, then from there also if you qualify for a higher level, then you are selected for the international game. You can get a chance.

Friends, in this article I have given you information related to kabaddi. After reading this article, you must have understood very well. If you are interested in the game of Kabaddi and want to make a career in the game. Then this article can prove to be very beneficial for you.


Here in this post, we add all related information about how to become a kabaddi player then you should check out our post till the end.

FAQ For How to become a kabaddi player

1. How many players are there in the Kabaddi game?

Answer: There are 12 players in the Kabaddi game, in which only 7 players enter the field at the time of the game, the remaining 5 players are dropped when someone is replaced due to injury or some untoward incident.

2. kabaddi player's salary?

Ans: PKL 2022 Salary - ₹23 lakh.

3. Pro kabaddi selection age?

Ans: above the age of 18 years.

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