How to Become Graphic Designer in India 2023

 In today's article, you will get complete information about how to become a Graphic Designer.

If you also want to become a graphic designer, then our today's article will prove useful for you.

In today's article, we will give you complete information about how to become a graphic designer without a degree, what is graphic design, etc.

Will give information. With this, you will easily understand what Graphic Designing is and can make Graphic Design me Career.

If we talk about the career option of graphic designer in India, then in today's time you will find many career options in this field.

Nowadays every image and video shown on TV and news in front of you has graphic design. From this you can imagine how much demand there can be for graphic designing in India.

So if you are a person of a creative personality and want to do something new, then Graphic Designing can be a good career option for you.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a kind of art in which you can create any image with the help of your creativity and software tools.

Let's prepare the design.

This design can be a Poster, Banner, Logo, etc.

Let us tell you, in today's online era, the visual presentation is very important in the branding of any product or any company and only a graphic designer can do this work.

Graphic designing is needed in almost every industry today.

Like – Graphic designer is also needed in TV program advertisement agency, newspaper agency, social media,etc.

How to Become Graphic Designer
How to Become Graphic Designer 

How to become a Graphics designer?

There are many types of courses available today to become a graphic designer.

You can join any online or offline course of your choice to do a graphic design course.

We recommend that if you want to learn graphic design, then you should learn offline.

For this, you should take the help of any institute.

We are advising you to learn offline because when someone is there to clear our doubts in front of us then we can understand anything better.

We get a lot to learn online, but the satisfaction you will get from an offline teacher may be a bit difficult to get from an online teacher.

To learn Offline Graphic Design, you will find many colleges and universities in India where courses related to graphic designing are being conducted today.

It offers courses ranging from certificate courses to bachelor's and Ph.D. courses.

Graphic designer requirements

If we talk about the minimum qualification to become a graphic designer, then it is necessary to have a 12th pass.

Apart from this, you will get many diplomae and PG diploma courses in Graphics Designing, which you can do even after graduation and post graduation.

Which courses come in Graphics Designing Course?

  • B.Sc in multimedia
  • Bachelor in Fine Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Design
  • Graduate Diploma in Design
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing
  • visual communication design
  • Advertising and Visual Communication
  • Applied Arts and Digital Arts
  • Certificate in 3D animation


Graphic designer course Fees

Looking at the demand for graphic designing, its courses have been started in many colleges and institutes in India.

If we talk about its fees, then the fees for graphic designing vary according to the institute and the duration of its course.

Generally, the fees for doing diploma in this course ranges from 10000 to 50000.

You may have to spend up to one lakh rupees for doing a degree related to graphic design.

Career Scope in Graphic Designing

In today's time, the trend of graphic designing and visual arts is increasing very fast.

In such a situation, very good career prospects are available for you in this sector.

  • Can create a visual brand for any company or organization.
  • You can get a job as a graphic designer in any newspaper.
  • Can work in an advertising agency.
  • You can make a career in digital filmmaking.
  • Can work in website design company
  • You can get job in a book publication house.
  • Can also work in the field of product packaging
  • Can find jobs in computer games, poster-making companies
  • Great job opportunities can also be found in areas such as corporate identity and corporate communication.

graphic designer requirements skills

To become a Graphic Designer, it is important for you to know what skills you should have for a Graphic Designing career.

  • Let me tell you, what is most important for making a career in design is that you have a creative mind.

  • Apart from a creative mind, you should also know drawing, and scratching.

  • You should have good knowledge of IT, Computer that you will learn with time.

  • Apart from all this, your grip should be strong on the software used in graphic designing.

Source To learn Graphic Designing?

There are so many ways to learn Graphic Designing,

  • Where you can learn easily, but the most important thing is that you should have the passion to learn, only then you will be able to learn.
  • If you have passed 12th then you can easily learn this course by taking admission in the graphic designing course.
  • On completing the course, you will be given a certificate so that you can get a job in the company of your choice.
  • You can do courses like Bachelor in Design, Visual Communication Design, Certificate Course in Graphic Design, etc.

How to Become a logo designer

By the way, you can learn to design logo online even at home. There is no such thing that only those who do courses in professional institutes will be able to do good designing. In today's time, you can also learn by doing YouTube videos or any online course.

If you do not want to learn by yourself and you do not have any idea about it! So you can also learn by taking admission to any Graphic Design Institute. That institute will teach you the process of logo making and how to use software/Apps.

Software is needed to create any logo! Usually, it is difficult for a new person to use Advance Logo-making software (Illustrator). So first of all you have to learn to use those apps and software. You will be able to learn that software only after practicing for a few days.

Best Graphic Designing College in India

  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • IIT, Mumbai
  • Arena Animation, Bangalore
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune

learn from youtube

The trend of youtube is increasing day by day so you can easily find graphic designing tutorials on youtube.

You can also take the help of YouTube to learn Graphic Designing.

You will find thousands of channels on YouTube from where you can learn Graphic Designing for absolutely free and for this you will need to go somewhere.

But its biggest drawback is that if you learn from YouTube then you will not get any certificate.

graphic designer salary in india

If we talk about salary, then initially a graphic designer would get a salary of 15000 to 20000 only.

But as your experience and your creativity increase in this field, your salary also increases.

When you have good knowledge of graphic design, you can get a salary offer of up to 1,00,000 in India.

Software for a graphic designer

Looking at the demand for graphic designing, in today's time new software is being created every day, with the help of which you can give a very attractive look to your graphic design.

Here below we will tell about some graphic designing tools which most of people use for graphic designing.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular software for graphic designing.

With its help, you can easily create banners, posters, website logos, etc.

Not only this, but with its help you can do everything from photo editing to creating a design.

  • corel draw graphics suite

Corel Draw is also a very famous software in graphic design.

Earlier it was used only in Windows but now it works for Mac as well.

This software works to give a professional look to your design or photo.

There are many customization options available in this software that work to make it even better.

  • Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is also one of the best software for graphic designing.

It is generally used by professionals to design their graphics.


here in this post, we add all related information about graphic design so if you want to know how to become a graphic designer in india or what subjects are needed to become a graphic designer then you should read our post till the end.

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