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 Organic farming is called organic farming language. Organic farming has special importance in Indian regions. So today we are going to present you with an essay on organic farming through our article.

Essay on organic farming

Essay on organic farming
Essay on organic farming 

  • Introduction

India is an agricultural country. Where most of the population runs their livelihood from agriculture. The Green Revolution in the country of India was also a campaign started for progress in the agriculture sector. Even today, traditional farming is done in the rural areas of India, which is called organic farming / organic farming.

  • Organic farming

The benefits of organic farming are multifaceted. Farmers get its direct and indirect benefits. Along with the health and environment of the farmer, the land of the farmer benefits. Farmers also get economic benefits by doing organic farming. In today's time, the prices of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have increased a lot. In such a situation, farmers become more indebted to these chemical farming.

But in place of chemical fertilizers, when organic fertilizers made from the remains of trees, plants, and animals are used in farming. Then the fertility of the farm increases.

  • benefits of organic farming

The following are the benefits of organic farming –

• Fertilizers produced by organic farming are pure nutritious and full of nutrients.

• Organic farming is a very simple process as it does not involve the cost of chemical fertilizers, hybrid seeds, etc.

• Organic farming is eco-friendly, so it does not cause any harm to the environment.

• Farmers benefit from relatively higher production and fewer diseases.

• Due to the demand abroad, a good export is possible.

  • organic farming project

Various types of organic farming projects were started by the central government to promote organic farming. Through this the farmers have also received a lot of enthusiasm. The following are the organic farming projects released by the central government –

  • In 2015, the Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North East Region scheme was launched by the Central Government in the North Eastern Region.
  • Promotion of organic farming was started at the district level in the name of One District – One Production.
  • The Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana, launched in 2015, is a component of 'Soil Health Management', a sub-mission under the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.


Looking at the present circumstances, it would not be an exaggeration to say that if humans have to maintain their existence on earth for a long time, then it is mandatory for them to adopt organic farming. In modern times, chemical experiments in agriculture have done a lot of harm not only to humans but also to nature. It has become the compulsion of human beings to adopt healthy and environment-friendly organic farming leaving aside farming that affects health and the environment.

Essay on organic farming 1000 Words

A saying that was prevalent in India in ancient times. “Best Farming Medium Van. Adham Chakri Bhik Nidan” means in simple words “The best job is to do farming. Then do business Then if you don't get a job and nothing in the end, then you have to live by begging.

But in today's era, it is the opposite. People like to do jobs. Instead of doing farming, the farmers who are doing farming are also being forced to leave farming. Due to the high cost of grain production and less grain production.

But for the last few years, a new technique of farming is being adopted in India. Which is called "organic farming". In this, cost of grain production is less and grain production is more.

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a new technique of growing crops in which, instead of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic manure, green manure, dung manure, cow dung manure, and vermicompost are used. This new method of farming is called “organic called farming.

Organic farming protects the environment from the ill effects of chemicals. Increases the fertile capacity of the land. Increases the yield of crops. The grains grown by organic farming methods are of high quality which is good in terms of health.

Reasons to adopt organic farming

The main reason for adopting organic farming is the western technology adopted in the field of farming after 1966-67, which is known as the "Green Revolution". This method of farming gave the fields a lot of crops. But gradually it took away all the fertility of the soil. The crop was good, but at the same time, it also created many deadly diseases.

The name the Green Revolution resonated a lot in India in the sixties. Then its aim was to free the country from starvation. To grow more crops, excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides were used in the fields. Due to this, there was an unexpected increase in crop yield, which was named the "Green Revolution".

The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides may have greatly increased the yield. But the fertility of the land has been destroyed.

Chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides were used to get maximum production. Due to this the cycle of exchange between organic and inorganic substances of nature got affected. And gradually the fertility of the land got destroyed.

Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides pollutes the environment. This has a bad effect on the health of the people. The resources provided by nature have been destroyed. The power of the land has decreased and the fields have become barren.

This is the reason why now the common farmer is committing suicide. There is a need to think seriously and take action on this. Today again a new debate has started around the world regarding agriculture, the environment, and natural resources. This debate is about the effect of technology falling in resources.

That's why people are adopting this new method of farming (organic farming). So that our future generations can get fertile land, good grains, and a clean and healthy environment.

Objective of Organic Farming 

The main objective of organic farming is to increase the production of crops along with maintaining the fertility of the soil.

  • Making the environment pollution free.
  • Maintaining soil quality and saving natural resources.
  • Eliminating human health ailments.
  • Maximize production and reduce costs.

benefits of organic farming

There are many advantages of organic farming.

Due to this, the fertilizer capacity of the land is maintained. And by using organic fertilizers, the quality of the soil's fertilizer capacity keeps on improving.

  • The requirement for irrigation is less in this type of farming.
  • The environment remains pollution free by the use of organic fertilizers.
  • Humans and animals and birds are saved from many diseases.
  • There is a good yield of the crop.
  • The grains grown through organic farming are of high quality, which is also good from the point of view of health.
  • The value of grains grown through organic farming is also high, due to which the income of the farmer increases. That means good profit at a low cost.

Benefits from soil point of view

  • Organic fertilizers are also beneficial from the point of view of the soil. The water-holding capacity of the soil increases. And the evaporation of water from the soil decreases.
  • Friendly insects are also not destroyed by using organic manure. And the number of friendly insects and bacteria increases. Those who keep improving the quality of land continuously.
  • Increases nitrogen fixation in the soil. And soil erosion is also less.

Environmental benefits

  • Organic farming is also beneficial from an environmental point of view. This also increases the water level of the land.
  • There is a reduction in pollution through soil, food, and water in the ground.
  • Using waste to make compost also reduces diseases.
  • There is the reduction in the cost of crop production and an increase in income.


Here in this post, we add all related information about organic farming so if you are thinking to write an essay on organic farming then you should check our post till the end.

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