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 Generation Gap is explained as the difference in ideologies and views between people of two different generations. It could be a difference in political views, religious beliefs, or just a general outlook toward life. Here we have written this essay in different words.

Essay on generation gap 

generation gap essay
generation gap essay

 Essay on Generation Gap in 150 words

As generations come and go, they each have individual values, attitudes, and goals that set them apart from other generations. There has always been a difference between the present generation and the earlier ones. Acting as a barrier, it keeps the different generations apart. Several factors play a role in the formation of this barrier.

Previous generations have played a big role in shaping the latest generation by giving more help. Furthermore, my generation has developed a different outlook on life and the self. Finally, open-mindedness is easily seen among my generation.

Essay on Generation Gap in 200 words

People born at different ages differ from each other in different aspects. The world is changing rapidly and thus differences between people born at different times are inevitable. For example, People born before independence are very different from people born today. There is a huge difference in the thinking of the two generations.

Society changes at a constant pace and hence the lifestyle, ideology, opinion, belief, and overall behavior of the people also change with time. This change gives birth to new ideas and breaks unfair customs and has a positive impact on society. However, most of the time it leads to conflict between the two generations.

A parent-child relationship is often affected due to differences in their generation. It is observed that parents try to impose their values and ideals on their children while the latter want to explore the world on their own. Due to the generation gap, many relationships have gone sour. Many parents and children struggle with their worldviews, which they should understand because the generation difference is natural to them.


speech on generation gap for class 8

Generation Gap is referred to as the difference between the beliefs and ideas of the people of different generations. This is a common phenomenon and has been going on for centuries. The term is often used to describe a difference of opinion between children and parents or grandparents.

  • Origin of the Word – Generation Gap

The concept of the generation gap was introduced in the year 1960. During this time it is seen that the younger generation questions almost everything according to the idea of their parents. This included their religious beliefs, political views, moral values, relationship advice, and even the type of music and shows they performed. Famous sociologists such as Karl Mannheim looked at differences between generations and how generations separated themselves from each other in different situations.

  • Generation Gap – An Interesting Concept

While the generation gap is usually a cause of conflict between children and their parents, it is actually an interesting concept. The world would be pretty dull if it weren't for this difference. Each generation sets its own fashion trends, introduces its own vibe, influences the development of science and technology, and comes up with new ideas.

The generation gap has given rise to many changes in society, especially in India where the joint family system was popular for ages. The concept of nuclear families is of late origin in India and is also a result of the generation gap. People these days are craving for privacy and want to lead their life in their own way and a joint family system is a hindrance to the same. Many people are going for nuclear families in this way.

Essay on Generation Gap in Hindi in 400 words

The fields of science and technology are constantly evolving and so are people's way of life, beliefs, perceptions, and overall behavior. Thus, people belonging to different generations behave differently and have their own set of ideologies which is called the generation gap.

How is the generation gap Avante?

People belonging to different generations are given different names for example, those born before independence are called conservatives, the later generation are called baby boomers, and those born in 1965 and 1980. This was known as Generation X and those born between 1980 and 1999, are known as Generation Y. There are some things that clearly show the gulf between these generations. Here's a look at the same:

family system

The old generation people lived in a joint family system and believed in sharing and taking care of them. However, this concept was deteriorating over generations. The present generation wants independence and there is hardly any traditional way of living in joint families. There has been a drastic change in the overall lifestyle of the people.

Language: Hindi

The Hindi spoken by people belonging to the pre-independence era is quite different from the language spoken today and this change has not happened suddenly, it has happened after a generation. Each generation adopts a new set of slang, creating some division from the first one. Because of this change in language, communication between people at work as well as people of different generations at home sometimes becomes very difficult.

workplace attitude

While people belonging to earlier generations were good at taking direction and loyal to one employer, these days people get bored very quickly and in some years they keep on looking for a new job even in the months to come. Gen Y people are innovative and want to share and implement their own unique ideas rather than taking instructions from their bosses.

Attitude towards women

Women belonging to the older generations were mostly confined to the home. He was seen as the only person who should take care of the house, go out and do the work of the men of the house. However, the attitudes of the society towards women have changed over the generations.

 Essay on Generation Gap in 500 words

The Generation Gap Theory, introduced in the 1960s, states that the younger generation always questions the ideas and beliefs of the older generation and challenges them.

  • classification of generations

It has been observed that people of different generations behave differently in any given situation. Based on their point of view, beliefs, ideas, and all behavior generations are classified into different categories. 

  • traditionalist
  • the baby boomers
  • generation x group
  • generation y group

Here is a brief description of each of these genera:

  • traditionalist

These people belong to the group that was born before 1946 and is now 70 years old. These are said to be those who take orders well, and get satisfaction when some work is done efficiently. They love sharing their experiences with the younger generations and prefer to be around people who appreciate their knowledge and experience.

  • the baby boomers

These people were born between 1946 and 1965. People of this generation work hard but are mostly not open to feedback. They want monetary rewards and promotions. Since most of them did not grow up in luxury, they make sure that their children have everything they want. They also have the urge to feel appreciated.

  • Generation x

People belonging to this generation were born between 1965 and 1980. Generation X wants its status. The best reward for them is in the form of time. They want to do things their own way and do not like to go by any rules. They want to be told that they can do things their own way. Most of these people saw their parents working and their influence was not good on them. So, they give priority to their family life over their job. This generation is known to push for flexible working hours.

  • Generation Y

This is a group of people born between 1981 and 1999. Most of them have just entered the workforce. This group is interested in meaningful work and also ready for quick response. People of this generation are very creative. They love working with creative people and in places where they are allowed to explore their creativity. 


The human race is constantly evolving and hence there are changes in the ideologies of people belonging to different generations. While it's perfectly fine to have one opinion separate from another, it should never be the cause of conflict.

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