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In simple words, it can be said that a disaster in which there is no control of man is a natural disaster. So friends, let's read the essay on natural disasters: -

Essay on natural disasters 1000 Words

essay on natural disasters
essay on natural disasters

what is natural disaster

Any type of incident which causes immense loss of public money is called Disaster. There are two types of disasters,

natural disaster and man-made disaster, in which man-made disasters are those disasters whose origin is due to human intervention or by humans,

Those disasters are called man-made disasters, whereas natural disasters are those disasters that are generated by nature.

And there is no fixed time for them as to when they come and when they go away, but whenever natural calamities happen, there is an immense loss of people and money.

Even the cities of the city and the countries of the country are victims of natural calamities in such a way that they cannot reach their status quo for a long time.

In other words, it can be said that those calamities on which there is no force of man, are also considered divine wrath,

Those incidents are called natural disasters. There are many different types of natural calamities. Like - as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, droughts, heavy rain, etc.

Type of natural disaster

Natural disaster earthquake

The earthquake comes first in natural calamities because it is such a natural calamity in which the earth starts shaking and explodes from many places.

In which the cities of the city get engulfed and millions of people die. An earthquake is a condition in which the earth starts vibrating due to any reason.

Earthquake causes immense loss. There are many reasons for earthquakes, such as volcanic eruption, the sliding of plates inside the earth and some people also consider it a goddess outbreak.

When an earthquake occurs, the strongest buildings collapse, under which thousands of people die, many children become orphans, and many women become widows.

Scientists have been trying for a long time to find a solution to the problem of earthquakes, but so far their efforts have not been successful. Only earthquake prevention measures are adopted.

For example, in earthquake-affected areas, houses should not be made of brick and cement, but houses should be made of cardboard, plastic, and fiber, paying attention to earthquake warnings and news, etc.

Natural disaster tsunami

Tsunami is also a kind of natural disaster, which is generated in water, that is why it is also called a water earthquake because it is similar to an earthquake.

In simple words, when seawater takes the form of vertical waves, then that situation is called Tsunami.

Tsunamis are very destructive in the seaside areas, which reach a height of 20 meters, and the cities of the seaside towns are washed away in the sea.

There are various causes of tsunamis, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. When an earthquake occurs on the ocean floor, and a volcano arises, an immense amount of energy is released,

Due to this, there is the displacement of ocean water and it takes the form of water waves, which enters the nearby towns and cities and takes the form of tsunami.

To avoid Tsunamis, different types of measures should be taken in the coastal areas, cities should be settled away from the sea,

And people should remember the contact numbers of the rescue team, people should also pay attention to the unusual activities of animals and birds and pay attention to Tsunami Warming.

Natural disaster volcano

Volcano (Vulcano) is also a devastating natural disaster, as soon as it is generated, people come in its grip for hundreds of miles.

Volcanoes are more visible in the Pacific Ocean coastal areas. There are of three types, Active volcano, Supt volcano, and Dead volcano can be said in simple words,

A volcano is a natural calamity in which destructive gases and lava emanate from the area of a volcano, which along with destroying human beings and animals, also destroys the vegetation and natural wealth there.

The reason for the formation of volcanoes is the important cooperation of different types of metals and heat inside the earth, many metals are found inside the earth.

Which melt inside the earth at extreme heat and pressure and come out with high pressure through a hole in the earth. This condition is called volcano.

To get rid of volcanoes, the city should not be settled in the volcanic area and human activities should not be allowed in those places where there are dormant and dead volcanoes.

Natural disaster Draught

Drought is such a natural calamity, due to which human beings and all kinds of animals including plants also get destroyed.

The fertile soil becomes barren, leaves its fertility, and appears dry. In simple words, it can be said that drought is a situation in which the rainfall is less than 25 cm.

That is a large area where the rainfall is less than 25 cm is called Drought Area. In such areas, all kinds of human activities slow down.

There is no water left even for drinking, the water level of the earth decreases, and plants and trees dry up and wither.

The most important reason for drought is the destruction of trees and forests, today forests are being cut due to increasing population and industrialization, which are causing drought.

Because only trees bring rain. That's why tree plantation should be done everywhere to get rid of drought.

Natural disaster flood

Flood (Floods) is also terrible destructive disaster that comes under natural disaster, in which along with the loss of immense human wealth, different types of animals and birds also get affected.

Generally, the filling of water in a large area is called a flood. There can be many reasons for flood, such as uncontrolled rains, the breaking of a dam, or changing the course of a river.

Many kutcha houses collapse due to floods, children and old people, animals go in the flow of water, and property worth billions of trillions is destroyed.

After the flood, various types of diseases are born, which put many animals including humans to sleep in the lap of death.

Dams should be built on the banks of rivers to get rid of floods and cities and towns should not be built around big rivers.

The disadvantage of Natural disaster

Natural calamities are such calamities, which do not have any definite time to come, even some such natural calamities happen.

Which does not even give time to man to think that he should do such calamities, millions of lives are lost, and human activities stop,

And it takes years to get back to the status quo. Many types of terrible diseases arise. Due to this the existence of other living beings along with humans ends,

Even the vegetation is affected, and in the disaster-affected areas, vegetation is not seen for a long time, that place becomes ruined, and desolate.

Due to earthquakes, railway lines, electric poles and roads, etc. get destroyed, then due to drought, the soil loses its fertility, and due to lack of water, the crops dry up.

Houses are destroyed by floods and many people die due to diseases like epidemics, cholera, and malaria.

Ways to avoid natural disaster

Despite the continuous efforts of scientists, till now scientists have not been able to control natural calamities. In such a situation, only natural calamities can be avoided.

With the efforts of scientists, a natural disaster warning system has been developed, in which attention is paid to natural disasters and meteorological activities.

And after studying them, the work is done to convey the information related to them to the public through the news. So man should pay more attention to these warnings

Cardboard and plastic fiber houses should be constructed in earthquake-affected areas, and cities and towns should be built on high hills in tsunami-affected areas.

Dams should be constructed near the rivers, tree plantation programs should be run in the drought-prone areas, knowledge of natural calamities to every person measures to be taken and

Must be in contact with the security team. In this way, we can reduce the loss caused by these disasters to a great extent.


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