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 Leadership is required in every sphere of life. This quality is only in limited people, the narrow meaning of leadership is seen in the context of politics. While the simple meaning of leadership is to influence others through their actions in any field, sports, art, literature, education, business, etc. so that they can follow themselves. In today's leadership essay, we have given the meaning of leadership, speech, paragraph, paragraph in simple language on nature, specialty, quality etc.

Essay on leadership

In the English language, leadership is called leadership, which means a person who gives directions to a group of people and gets them to work according to his will. Leadership is such a quality that is in every person.

500 Words Essay on Leadership
500 Words Essay on Leadership

Leadership is not a matter of every person because the person who leads has many responsibilities and the person who follows his responsibilities properly is called a real leader.

Some people show the ability to lead from childhood and many people develop the ability to lead later by taking leadership skills improvement courses.

If the meaning of leadership is taken out, it means that without putting pressure on any person, getting him to work according to his will. To be a good leader, it is necessary that he has leadership qualities.

To lead well, our spoken language should be good, as well as we should also be able to listen and understand people's words. Apart from this, we should also have patience.

A person who has the quality of good leadership can influence any person with his ability. A person who has the ability to ship a leader has a different personality. These people are very punctual, as well as they are completely dedicated towards their work.

A great leader always has a desire to learn something or the other. He tries to improve himself every day and present himself to the people even better.

The person who learns the quality of leadership has more tolerance. He treats all people equally and treats all people with courtesy because under leadership he has to get people to do his work and that is why he knows how to talk to those people. Is.

To lead well or to become a good leader, it is necessary to have a positive attitude inside the person, because people follow the one who gives them the necessary direction.

In such a situation, if you do not have a positive attitude, then you will be disappointed, as well as the people associated with you will also be disappointed, which are not the qualities of a good leader, nor the qualities of a good leader.

To ship a leader, you also have to develop creativity within yourself, because there are some things that everyone can do, but you should think about how you can do the same thing in a different way, because it is a leader's responsibility. The quality is that he can do the same work in many ways.

500-word essay on leadership

Leadership is a quality that is found only in very few people. People of extrovert nature who lead a public life and think of taking their society and country forward with them are called leaders.

A good leader is also a good guide, he knows good, bad, right and wrong. Popularity is the first criterion without which there is no importance of leadership. Leadership ability is innate in some people, some mold themselves through life experience.

What do you understand by leadership. We are not talking about those leaders. that happen in politics. We are talking about leadership, leadership means leadership. The person who is ready to face every situation, struggles with problems. Knows how to face every challenge with honesty and hard work, leadership ability is full of him.

The master of the art of leadership achieves victory in every field. Efforts should be made from childhood to make leadership a part of our life. For this, one should move forward with hope and confidence since childhood. Hope can make even the inanimate alive. And with self-confidence, a person can conquer the world.

If you don't believe, then look at the people around you, for example, the youngest Everest conqueror Malavat Purna, and Divyang Everest conqueror Arunima Sinha. He has achieved immense success by leading with determination, courage, hope, and confidence.

Similarly, Steve Jobs, the father of the digital revolution, raised many difficulties in his life and made the spirit of leadership so strong that today many iPods, and high-quality phones are his gift.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, failed many times, but hope and confidence made him famous all over the world. An example of his successful leadership is given till date. Hope is such a lifeblood, which gives life to a dying person.

The feeling of leadership is filled with codification only in hopeful people. Just as hope makes its place in a person's mind and heart with positive thinking, in the same way, self-confidence makes a person fearless and courageous. Dale Carnegie says, "The way to build confidence is to do the thing you fear."

In this way, as you get successful, your confidence will increase. To get success in life, it is very important to board the ship of leadership. With the spirit of leadership, a person accepts defeat easily. And then by making it a rung, it reaches the destination of success.

A person full of leadership not only moves forward, but along with it he also takes with him such people who lack leadership, hope and self-confidence. By doing this, one-day leadership also comes in those people, who are with their leader.

You also become a leader and include such children with you, who lack hope and confidence. By doing this you will become everyone's favorite and will be called a successful leader.

Essay on Leadership in 700 words

The meaning of leadership is related to influence. That is, the person in a group who influences other members of the group with his thoughts, actions, etc., is called a leader.

In general, it can be said that the leader has some specific qualities by which he influences the behavior of other members as well. In some places, the person with power is given the task of leadership. Like lions etc. among animals.

In the human community of any type of group, usually, the leader is more socially organized. The feeling of leadership is there in humans from the very beginning. In childhood, the child wants to establish authority over other children by his dominant nature.

After this, in later childhood, the child who gives instructions and forces others to obey, cannot be a leader, but the child who calmly reveals his instructions to them and teaches them the path of future welfare and success with sympathy. He becomes a leader.

In fact, only that person can become a leader, who by influencing the thoughts, behavior, and actions of his followers, gives them definitely and new direction and purpose and guides them.

No person can live without leadership, in that any other person must have partial or complete influence and that influence is leadership. It can be said that leadership is a universal phenomenon, so where there is society there must be leadership.

In fact, leadership is necessary for proper guidance to the group, determination of objectives, proper organization of the group, change for the progress of the group (for progress and innovation of the group), implementation of tasks, motivation, and control over the group, etc.

A leader should be proficient in all three aspects of cognitive, emotional, and psycho-active, that is, his personality should be extroverted. He should be proficient in the physical, emotional, social, and mental aspects of personality.

That is, the leader should have efficiency in all four aspects physical, mental, emotional, and social, in addition to this, some general qualities that a leader should have are as follows.

  • foresight
  • Self-confidence
  • resolute
  • flexible as needed
  • expert in his field
  • courageous and hardworking
  • persistent effort
  • group dynamics
  • moral and kind
  • Stimulant
  • empathetic
  • full flow logical expression
  • Skilled in the art of information gathering and communication
  • perfect character and adjuster
  • One who works for the public interest should have a good memory, language, practicality, etc.

Types of leadership

Leadership has been classified on various grounds, the main ones are:

  • Democratic leadership

In this type of leadership, the leader decentralizes his authority. But he himself remains the main focus and continues to motivate the group. In this, the members of the group get equal opportunities to express their views. Democratic leadership is the best kind of leadership.

  • Authoritarian leadership

In this type of leadership, the leader adopts a repressive policy, and he keeps the members of the group under his control. His decision is paramount. He lays more emphasis on his subject and following his orders than on group interest and such leaders also lay emphasis on individual worship.

Apart from this, another type of leadership also comes in this category. What is called open leadership Leadership has been classified in another way, under which leadership in which the leader rules the heart of the group and is popular is called open leadership.

In many institutions, the members of its committee make a person the head of the institution, or the leadership done by their head in the institutions is called institutional leadership. The leadership done by its senior-most member or expert in any part is called the leadership of experts.

In this way, on the basis of the qualities found in leadership, leadership has been divided into artistic and managerial leadership.


Here in this post, we add all related information about a leader so if you want to write a 500-word essay on leadership then you should read our post till the end.

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