[2023] How to become DGP in India

 Friends, in today's article I will tell you what is DGP, How to become DGP, what should be the eligibility to become DGP, and how much the salary of a DGP (DGP Salary), I am going to tell about all this in details, so keep reading this article.

Friends, everyone's dream is to become a big officer. Right now most of the youth have a dream to get a job in the police on a big post. Every youth working in the police gets a lot of respect in the society.

Today we will learn about the biggest post of the police department in this article. Today I will tell you about the DGP officer. In this article, we will know the following important information related to DGP

If you also want to become DGP or want to get information about DGP, read this article completely. In this article, you will get all the information about becoming a DGP.

What is DGP?

Friends, DGP is the biggest post in the police department. DGP is called Director General of Police in Hindi. There is a DGP or 4 posts similar to DGP in every state. Only an IPS OFFICER can get the post of DGP. DGP is the highest post in the police department of the state.

The responsibility of the state police system is also on the DGP. To become a DGP, you must first become an IPS officer. The DGP of the police department enjoys the status of a cabinet minister. The Police Head of any state is called DGP.

Friends now talk about what is the full form of DGP, then DGP's FULL FORM is DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE.

how to become dgp
how to become dgp

What is the job of DGP?

The most important job of the DGP is to maintain law and order in his state.

  • It is the job of the DGP to maintain peace and order in his state and to ensure that the law and order in his state is implemented smoothly or not.
  • DGP plays an important role in reducing the rate of crime in his state, he takes information about the crime report of every district. They instruct the police departments there on how to work so that crime in those districts is reduced.
  • The DGP regularly inspects all the police departments coming under him to ensure that work is being done in the police department and resources are being received there.
  • The DGP, along with his officers, encourages the work being done by the state government.
  • The DGP has to report every year to the state government about the law and order situation in the state and the crime rate in the state.
  •   DGP has the responsibility of law and order of the entire state.

Eligibility For DGP

  • To become DGP, first of all you have to pass 12th examination from any recognized board with good marks in SCIENCE, COMMERCE, ARTS from any subject.
  • To become a DGP, you have to graduate from any stream at least from a recognized university.
  • To become a DGP, you have to clear the UPSC's IPS exam with good marks. Because only IPS officers can become DGP.


As we know that DGP OFFICER can only become an IPS officer, that's why its age limit has also been fixed according to the examination of IPS officer.

  • The age limit for the general category student has been made from 21 years to 30 years.
  • For the reserved category students, the government has given some relaxation in this exam like.

  • A relaxation of 3 years has been provided in this age limit for OBC students.
  • A relaxation of 5 years has been provided in this age limit for ST/SC students.

How to become a DGP 

Friends, there is only one way to become a DGP officer, that is promotion. IPS officers become DGP officers by promotion.

Friends, to become a DGP officer, you have to first pass the 12th examination with good marks. Because in 12th you are given BASIC and ADVANCED information about the subject, that's why you should do your 12th studies very well. So that you can have all your information.

After doing 12th, you should graduate from a good university because all these things are necessary to become an IPS.

After completion of graduation, you have to give the IPS exam. Those students who are successful in this exam, they become DGP by promotion later. THE UPSC IPS exam is very difficult and to succeed in this exam you have to work hard continuously.

After passing the IPS exam, you get a job in the police department on your post. Looking at your work in the police department, you are given a promotion. After IPS you get the post of ASP.

After working for some time in the post of ACP, you are made SP through promotion. After SP post you get a promotion for the SSP post. After the post of SSP, you are appointed for the post of DIGP. After the post of DIGP, you get a promotion for the post of IGP. After the post of IGP, you get an appointment to the post of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE (ADGP). After the post of ADGP, you get promotion for the post of DGP.

The post of DGP is the best post in the police department of any state and to be engaged in this post, you have to work with honesty and hard work in the police department. Friends, the bigger the post, the more your responsibility increases. The responsibility of the work system of the entire state is on the shoulders of the DGP.

DGP Salary

Friends, now let's talk about the salary of DGP officer. Friends, DGP is the highest post in the police department, that's why DGP gets the highest salary in the police department. DGP gets salary ranging from ₹ 56000 to ₹ 225000 every month. Along with this, DGP also gets grade pay every month.

Apart from salary, DGP gets many facilities like

  • There is a government residence for the DGP to live in and many employees with that residence such as the Chowkidar Rasoi.
  • The DGP also gets a government vehicle and along with the government vehicle, a driver is also provided.
  • Facility like MEDICAL INSURANCE is also available.
  • FREE ELECTRICITY, FREE TELEPHONE facility is also available.


Here in this post, we add all related information about DGP salary, age limit and much more info so if you are searching for how to become DGP then you should read our post till the end.

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