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 Will share some experiences through an essay on rail travel. We all must have traveled by train. It is a very attractive sight. The experience of traveling by train leaves a positive effect on our minds. In such a train journey, I am going to tell you the form of an essay, so let's start. 

essay on a journey by train 100 words
essay on a journey by train 100 words

Essay on a journey by train 300 words


The train has an important place in land transport. I had traveled many times by bus but never had the opportunity to travel by train. I traveled by train for the first time during summer vacation. This trip was the most memorable trip of my life because what I experienced I never experienced on any other trip.

Itinerary for Mumbai

My father is a government employee. They get leave travel exemption from time to time which is called LTC. Every Government servant travels on LTC from time to time. Last summer vacation, my father made a program to go to Rajasthan on LTC. On this occasion, we planned to go to Mumbai by train. This was my first train journey.

start of journey

On May 10, when the summer vacations were over, we left home for the railway station in Gujarat. Taking our essentials, we reached the railway station by taxi. Our train was to stand on platform number 8. We sat on the bench at platform number 8 to wait for our train.

Our train was to leave for Rajasthan at 6:00 in the morning, but it was told through the audio system that the train going to Rajasthan would leave today with a delay of one hour. We again started roaming here and there on our platform. Waited till 7:00 to study the newspaper.

There are many types of shops available on the platform. Paper, magazines, and book seller's shop, fruit seller's shop, food stuff shops, etc. I bought a magazine 'Parag' and 'Nandan' to read in the car. At 7:00 am, the train reached Platform No. 8, humming along.

Travel experience

We already had reservation. We sat on our pre-assigned seats in our reserved compartment. There were still 10 minutes left for the departure of the train. I came out and looked towards the general compartment. I was stunned to see the crowd there.

The guard blew the whistle and showed the green signal. I immediately ran towards my compartment and took my seat. The train left the station in Gujarat slowly humming along. The hustle and bustle of Gujarat railway station disappeared from my sight.

The train was moving at its own pace. I was enjoying sitting near the window of the car watching the scenery outside. All kinds of scenes were coming in front and immediately after giving darshan, they used to hide behind. Every scene is like playing a game of hide and seek with me.

I found my first train journey very enjoyable. I found the scenery outside very breathtaking. Right now we were passing in front of waving green fields. In a moment a city of beautiful buildings appeared. One moment we were in the city and the next moment we were in the jungle.

I have never seen such diversity in such a short time. After crossing big cities, rivers, and forests, our train reached Rajasthan the next morning. On the way, we had lunch and breakfast on time. My mother also brought many other things to eat on the way.

At the end of the trip

Our train had reached our destination. After the car stopped properly, we got down with our luggage. The porter picked up our luggage. There was the same movement on the platform that was there in Gujarat. There also announcements were being made about the arrival and departure of trains. The tea vendors and breakfast vendors were coming forward and forcing them to buy their goods.

The porter brought our luggage out from the platform. We first found a guide as we did not have a good knowledge of Rajasthan city, immediately a guide came to us. We informed him about all our plans, then he guided us to Rajasthan. Our train has ended here.


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