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'Health is wealth' is a very old saying, which means that health is everything and its importance is more than wealth. First happiness is a healthy body and second happiness is an illusion in the house. This proverb also shows the same thing. Today we will give you a speech on health is wealth, which you can use in your school homework.

health is wealth speech

Good morning to respected teachers and teachers and my dear classmates. As we all have gathered to celebrate this special occasion, I would like to speech on the topic 'Health is Wealth'. We all know about this common saying 'Health is wealth', but I do not believe that we all follow this saying in our daily routine.

All of us know very well that good health leads to a good path however, none of us takes care of our health. If we do not remain disciplined by following the laws of nature, then we will never be healthy in life nor will we be able to achieve success.

God has given us two hands to work and two legs to walk, if we do not use our organs properly as per requirement then it will be our misfortune that will lead us toward destruction. Many people spend many days and nights of the week and month just lying or sitting in bed. They are like fish without swimming or birds without flight.

You can easily imagine that if fish stop swimming and birds stop flying, then what will happen to them at that time? The answer is very simple, they will easily become food for any big bird or animal and gradually their species will be destroyed. Similarly, people whose life is full of luxury, are not healthy.

A few decades back people were healthy and strong as they used to go for long-distance walks and used to do all the household chores by themselves. In more recent decades, there has been rapid growth in technology which has reduced the efforts of human beings in every sphere of life.

Earlier, our elders had a very good lifestyle and their livelihood was very healthy as they used to do things like hunting, agriculture works, plowing fields, roaming, running, etc. Nowadays, any person of any age group suffers from more than one disease (like high blood pressure, heart attack, arthritis, stress-related diseases, etc.) right from the beginning of life.

To keep ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and intellectually healthy, we need to be active on a daily basis, eat well, exercise, think positively, and follow good habits. We need to be disciplined in every aspect of life.

Thank you.

health is wealth speech for class 3

health is wealth speech for class 3
health is wealth speech for class 3

Good morning everybody. Today on this occasion, I would like to share my thoughts on 'Health is Wealth'. As we all know, health has been considered the greatest wealth. It is better to be healthy poor than sick rich. A sick person cannot enjoy wealth and comfort, his life seems to be a burden on him. 

A healthy person lives a lot of fun. There is enthusiasm and happiness in his mind and brain. Whatever work he does, he does with full enthusiasm. that's why you'll hear health is wealth. It is the responsibility of man to strive for good health. For this, the practice of exercise, yoga, and a healthy routine is necessary.

 A person should also take proper care of his food and drink. Positive thinking should be kept in the mind. One should take advantage of God-given gifts by staying healthy. Wealth in the form of health should be protected at all costs. It has also been said – 'One health is a thousand blessings. Good health is the basis of all happiness in life.

1-minute speech on health is wealth

Good morning to respected teachers and my dear classmates. Today I would like to tell my speech to everyone, which I have written on health is wealth, I hope that you will listen to me quietly and learn some good things from my speech, nowadays we all are studying only after money, but health is the biggest. money is said. If money and money go out of hand. So it can be retrieved. But once the health deteriorates, it is very difficult to bring it back to its old condition. That's why wise people take care of their health with care. Good health is the basis of all the pleasures of life.

 Money can buy things but their consumption depends on good health. If a rich person is unwell then his money is of no value. If the poor are healthy then it doesn't matter to Frick because he has wealth in the form of health. Whatever he has, he can use properly.

 There is a kind of beauty in good health. One who is in good health. There is enthusiasm and enthusiasm in his mind. He does his work without any worries. He is not afraid of difficulties and remains cheerful all the time. His food and drink get absorbed into the body, and he does not feel weak and tired. On the other hand, a person with impaired health is sad and distracted all the time. It is the duty of every person to adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep his body healthy and mind happy.

There are many people who desire good health, but very few who make a conscious effort for it. But health cannot be maintained just by imagining. For this, a continuous effort has to be made. A good and balanced diet, regular routine, and regular exercise are the three basic elements of maintaining health. 

There should be coordination of fruits, grains, vegetables, and milk in food. By taking some amount of fruits, fresh vegetables, sprouted grains, and milk daily, a person's health remains good. Along with this, stale, bazaar, over-fried, and flour-rich food is inimical to human health. Nowadays children and youth are getting attracted towards fast food. This attraction untimely invites many types of diseases and obesity. 

A regular routine is of great importance in maintaining health. It keeps the person away from stress. The body works like a machine, so it wants regularity.

It wants that no extreme should be done with it. That's why every person should make a regular routine and follow it. In this routine, the proper places should be given to activities that keep the body and mind relaxed. 

Regular exercise is very important to keep the body healthy. Exercise makes the functioning of all the organs of the body work well and gives them the power to fight against diseases. It makes a person agile and stress-free. Yogasanas and other measures have been discussed in detail in the Indian health science Ayurveda to keep the body healthy. Ayurveda tells what kind of lifestyle a human should adopt according to the season and season.

 If a person has fallen ill, he should immediately seek the help of a qualified doctor, underestimating any disease and ignoring it can prove to be dangerous. By following the advice of a qualified doctor, a person can get well soon. To keep wealth in the form of health, the cleanliness system maintained at different levels is of sufficient importance.

Cleanliness of the body, cleanliness of the house, cleanliness of clothes, and cleanliness of the surroundings should be done with complete rules. Germs stay away from the body if the cleanliness is correct. A person adopting the above measures can always remain healthy. Since a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, we should take all necessary measures to stay healthy.


Here in this post, you can download a PDF of the health is wealth speech for class 2, class 3, and class 1. You can also download a 1-minute speech on health is wealth.

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