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 Hello friends, today we will give you complete information about Electric Vehicles Essay in India, what will be the role of Electric Vehicles in our lives, and how they will affect our lives. With the advent of electric vehicles, there will be a great reduction in the amount of pollution from our lives. Just as the increase in pollution is affecting our health today, with the advent of electric vehicles, our earth will be free from pollution.

essay on electric vehicles in India
essay on electric vehicles in India

Essay on Electric Vehicles 

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that runs on electricity and a battery. To run an electric vehicle, a battery is required which is charged by electricity. The cars, scooters, bikes, and other vehicles that we use today. They run on petrol, diesel, and other harmful oils. With the use of which our earth is facing a serious problem of pollution. 

If we do not promote electric vehicles today, then this pollution will be very harmful to our future generations, due to which human life can also be in danger. If we use electric vehicles today, we can save our generation from this danger.

  • According to experts, India is likely to go completely electric by 2030, which would require the development of infrastructure related to charging stations and service stations.

  • Today our government is also making its full contribution to the field of electric vehicles. Which is meeting the requirements of electric vehicle chargers and on-the-spot charging for electricity.

what is an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are those that run on batteries and in which energy is given to the electric vehicle by charging the battery. The electric vehicle is also called EV in short, thus no fuel is used in Electric Vehicle like – Petrol and Diesel. In an electric vehicle, a power source is used to charge the car. In which, by charging the battery, energy is provided to make them run.

The way we get petrol and diesel dropped in an ordinary vehicle, in the same way, we charge the battery of an electric vehicle.

Need for the use of electric vehicles

It is very important to use electric vehicles due to the following factors-

  • No gas is required and there will be no pollution.
  • simple and easy driving.
  • Will reduce the import of petrol and diesel.
  • to reduce global warming.
  • low maintenance and money saving.
  • To promote the use of renewable energy.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles


  • they are eco friendly
  • Maintenance is less frequent and less expensive
  • Provides the smoothest driving
  • they are very cool
  • you get a tax credit
  • Harm


  • Limited range and long recharge time
  • Recharging may take some time
  • Charging station availability is unstable
  • have fewer options
  • electric vehicles are more expensive
  • Battery replacement costs too much

Advantages of electric vehicle

are eco-friendly

The use of electric vehicles is completely environmentally friendly. With the use of electric vehicles, our earth can become pollution free, which is now polluted with petrol diesel, and other harmful gases. We should use electric vehicles more and more to protect our environment.

Electricity is cheaper than petrol

While EVs can run on 100 percent renewable energy, conventional cars cannot because the burning of fossil fuels increases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since electric vehicles do not emit smoke. The cost of charging for charging an electric vehicle is also very cheap compared to petrol and diesel.

Maintenance is less and less expensive

The maintenance cost of an electric vehicle is very low. Because their parts wear less than other ordinary vehicles. EVs have fewer moving parts, so they don't wear out as fast as traditional auto parts. Generally, all EV owners need a basic check in terms of maintenance if they keep the car in good condition and practice safe driving. Repair work on EVs is simpler and less expensive than on conventional vehicles.

You will get a tax credit –

If you own an electric vehicle, you can get a tax credit to help reduce your impact on the environment by driving a zero-emissions car. Governments around the world have offered tax credits as an incentive for people to go green, which includes buying electric cars. These tax credits can be worth thousands of dollars in savings. In the United States, the Biden administration has proposed expanding federal green tax credits and expanding green energy programs.

Special Housing for EVs–

Local planners are increasingly encouraging citizens to go electric by providing special lanes and even free parking spaces for them. Charging stations are spreading rapidly across Europe, Asia, and North America, developing partnerships with stores to provide greater convenience.

Disadvantages of electric vehicle

  • Electricity is not free

Electricity is not free for an electric vehicle. If we are going to buy an electric car, then we will have to face problems related to electricity. Electric cars can also be a bummer on your energy bill if you're not considering the options carefully. If you haven't researched the electric car you want to buy, then your decision might be wrong.

  • long recharge time

While it takes a few minutes to refuel your gasoline-powered car, an electric car takes about 4-6 hours and sometimes even a day to get fully charged.

Hence, you need dedicated power stations as they take a long time to recharge. Thus, the investment of time and planning required turns some people away. There are some kits that can reduce the charging time. But again, this would be an additional investment. So consider that too.

  • Short driving range and speed

Electric cars are limited by range and speed. Most of these cars have a range of about 50-100 miles and need to be recharged frequently. You can't use them for long trips at the moment, although this is expected to improve in the future.

  • Electric vehicles are silent

Silence can be a bit counterintuitive as people prefer to hear noises if they are coming from behind them. However, an electric car is silent and can cause an accident in some cases.

  • battery replacement

Almost all electric car batteries need to be replaced every 3-10 years, depending on the type and use of the battery.

  • Not suitable for cities facing power shortage

Since electric cars require electricity to charge, cities that are already facing severe power shortages are not suitable for electric cars. High power consumption can hamper their daily power needs.


Today we have received a lot of information about the electric vehicle. Now the question comes whether we should buy electric vehicles or not. If we think about our future, health, money, and the next generation, buying an electric vehicle can be a good decision for us. 

But if we consider our time and we have to travel for a long distance, then the decision to buy an electric vehicle may not be right. But let us tell you one thing clearly our future is going to be of electric vehicles only. Some solutions to this problem of electric vehicles will definitely be found in the future.


Here in this article, we share some information related to electric vehicles which can be used to write a perfect essay on electric vehicles so read till the end.

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