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Kabaddi is a very popular game in India. Kabaddi has great importance in India as it is counted among some of the oldest sports in India. Also, it is mostly played in villages and small towns. Kabaddi is being played in India for many years.

Today Kabaddi is considered one of the few famous sports in Asia and this game is being played at the international level as well. If you want to write an essay on Kabaddi, then in today's article we have tried to give detailed information about it.

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Kabaddi is considered one of the few important sports in India. It belongs to the old tradition of India. The game is also described in the Mahabharata, the holy book of Hinduism. In India, this game can be played between any number of people. Just divide all the people into two equal teams and divide a piece of the open field into two parts and the game can be started.

It is an old and cheap game, which does not require any special sports equipment to play. In this game, both the bans try to score more points than each other, and the team that scores the most points in a span of 40 minutes wins. This game is played not only in India but also in different countries of Asia. Some minor changes have been made in this game in every country, but at the international level, the rules of this game have been kept the same for everyone.

This game teaches us that not only physical strength but also the right understanding has a very important contribution in life. We cannot win this game only on the basis of physical strength, nor can it be won only on the basis of prowess. In this game, you have to be patient and make the right moves at the right time, along with your partners in the right way and your physical strength makes you the winner.

This game has played a very important role in India. India has won four gold medals at the international level in this sport, which is the most in comparison to any other country. 

essay on kabaddi

India is such a country, where many types of sports are played. One of the most popular sports is Kabaddi, which we play for fun. In today's article, we will know in detail about the popular game Kabaddi.

Kabaddi is one of the most popular sports today. Kabaddi is an outdoor sport. Many types of sports are played in our country, in which kabaddi is also a sport. People play this game with their minds, we do not need anything while playing this game.

Kabaddi is the oldest game of India. To play the game of Kabaddi, players need to have strength as well as intelligence. Kabaddi was earlier played in India as well but now India's neighboring country Nepal is also played in Sri Lanka. Kabaddi game is 4000 year old game

Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports, it is a game that requires both strength and agility. Along with eating and drinking, it is also necessary to play sports. Small children don't learn sports first of all. Kabri is also the national game of Bangladesh.

Kabaddi players are divided into two parts. There are 7,7 players on both sides. The Kabaddi ground is 13 meters by 10 meters. A line is drawn in the middle dividing the field into two equal parts. Which divides the field into two parts. As we say, Pala.

When both teams enter the field, they come to the captain of both teams and toss them. The captain wins the toss. He goes for the first raid. The player who goes for the date goes to the raider. The player who tries to catch him is called a stopper.

If a player goes to Kabaddi and comes back after touching a player from the other team, he gets 1 point. And the player whom he has touched is out and has to sit outside his ground for some time. The game of Kabaddi is played in two rounds of 20:20 minutes each.

A break of 5 minutes is also available. The first of both the teams are also changed. Kabaddi has also been included in the Asian Games. That's why it has become a favorite sport in the neighboring countries of our country as well. Since 2004, the World Cup game of Kabaddi is also played. India has won all the World Cups so far.

essay on kabaddi for class 4

Sports have special importance in our life. Especially important are those sports which cause our physical labor. Sports are very important for us. Well, I play many sports. Some outdoor and some indoor games are also there. But my favorite sport is Kabaddi.

essay on kabaddi for class 4
essay on kabaddi for class 6

To keep our bodies healthy, it is also necessary to play in the same way as we eat and drink. Kabaddi is the cutest game. There is no place to play Kabaddi in the cities, which is why most of the Kabaddi is played in the villages. My favorite sport is kabaddi.

Kabaddi game is a 4000-year-old game that started in the Punjab of India but now Kabaddi is played in neighboring countries along with India and it is also their favorite game.

Different sports are played in India, which includes Kabaddi. The Kabaddi game started in India only. Everyone plays Kabaddi. While playing Kabaddi, we do not need any items.

Both intelligence and brain are used while playing this game. The Kabaddi field is divided into two parts, in the middle of which we draw a line, we call that line Pala.

While playing Kabaddi, two teams face each other. In which the number of players is 7,7. The players of both teams are made to toss by keeping them standing face to face, the player who wins the toss gets the raid before that.

The player who goes to raid is called a raider. If a player touches the hand of the player of the opposite team, then he gets one point and the player who has touched that player gets out of the field for some time, the front team is called a stopper.

The color of the dress of the players of both team's Kabaddi is different. But the size of the dress remains the same. By this, it is known which team he is a player off and his vest is numbered on both the front and back. With the help of that number, his name is also known.

Kabaddi players are numbered so that they know their names, players are called by their names. Both teams of Kabaddi have captains. Before the Kabaddi game begins, both captains make their respective identities.

There are many reasons why kabaddi is my favorite game, in which our physical labor is done by kabaddi. And it gives entertainment. This increases the agility of the body. And enthusiasm increases.

Kabaddi is one such game. In which we need some players. We don't need anything except the players. The way it happens in other games. Like a bat, ball, and stump in cricket.

Kabaddi is also an international game. Till now many competitions of this game have been held at the international level. In which every time the Indian team has won. Which is a matter of pride for us.

Kabaddi game is generally played by those people, who are strong and agile. But there are some people who are agile. In this game, agility is needed more than strength.

Every year there are national-level competitions in our country, in which teams from many states of India participate. And entertains everyone by showing a good game. There is also a competition for this game at the school level.

essay on kabaddi for class 6

  • Preface

Kabaddi is considered to be one of the oldest sports in the world. The mention of this game has also been found in some texts of Hindu civilization, from which the researchers guess that this game is being played in India from about 4000 years ago. If you understand the definition and game system of this game well, then you can get an idea of how important it is for our physical and mental development and how carefully this game has been prepared for everyone.

India has brought the importance of this game in front of the whole world and today Kabaddi is being known as an international game. It is not that Kabaddi is played only in India, this game is popular in many Asian countries under different names.

  • How is the game of Kabaddi played?

If we talk about the game of Kabaddi in India, then here a piece of ground is divided and two teams are formed which have an equal number of people. One member of the first team goes to the other team's territory and takes charge of coming back without touching anyone on the other team without holding their breath.

On the other hand, it is the work of the restricted team they do not let the person come without breathing, if the people of the team together force that person to breathe again, then that person is out and the team in front gets marks.

The person who goes to the opposite team's court is called the reader and the member of the opposite team who tries to catch it is called the stumper. The raider is given 1 minute to go to the opposite team's court and come back after touching a person, if in this 1 minute he touches any person of the opposite team and comes back to his circle.

The person he touched is out of the game for some time and the raider's team gets points. gets out of the game and that team gets the point.

  • international rules of kabaddi

The game is played in a slightly different way at the international level. As we told you, this game is popular in different countries by different names, because of this, some small rules have been changed in every country, because of this it is an international game, it has been made so that all people understand this game. and take the right decision.

Internationally, the Kabaddi field is 13 meters long and 10 meters wide. By drawing a straight line in the middle of this field, the field is divided into two equal parts, and teams of 7-7 people each are formed. The toss is done at the beginning of the match, the team winning the toss and one member gets a chance to go to the front team's circle.

The game of Kabaddi for men is of 40 minutes and consists of two halves of 20 minutes each. After every 20 minutes, there is a break of 5 minutes, at that time the poles of both teams are changed. This game can be played in an open field without any special sports equipment and it is a lot of fun to play.

  • Importance of the game of Kabaddi

You must have understood how the game of Kabaddi is played, and you must also understand that this game was created many years ago in India. And the importance of this game is so much that playing this game daily not only leads to physical but also mental development.

To win this game, the right moves at the right time, the patience of the person, physical strength, and what kind of plan you have made to work together with the whole team with the right booze, all have to be put together. Remember the game of Kabaddi cannot be won only by physical force and not only by understanding, you have to keep the right coordination of your mind and body.

This game teaches us that when we have to fight with someone, we have to go alone and when trouble comes to us, everyone should work together.

  • India's contribution to Kabaddi

As we told you, the game Kabaddi has been played in India for many years. This game has also been described in many texts of Hinduism. In some studies, it has been found that Kabaddi is being played in India for about 4000 years. . India has a unique relationship with this game, even today Kabaddi is played with great fun in various small villages, towns, and small cities of India.

India, fulfilling its duty towards this game, has given this game a place in the Asian Games. Today this game is played internationally in the Asian Games in which different countries of the world participate. India has won four gold medals at the international level in this game and has kept its name in a high place in this game.

  • conclusion

The game of Kabaddi has its own fun. The pleasure of watching as well as playing this game is something else. We need to develop this ancient game so that we can make it as popular as cricket.

Final Words

Here in this post, we discuss the related information about Kabaddi, so if you are writing an essay on Kabaddi for your school and college then you must go through our article.

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