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essay on Hindi language
essay on Hindi language

Hindi Language Essay in 200 words

India is a country of different castes, religions, and cultures where many languages and dialects are used. In such a situation, if a country does not have its own national language, then it is impossible to imagine unity in the country. That's why "Hindi" has been declared as the national language in the Indian Constitution so that everyone is bound together by the thread of this national language. But, despite being the national language, it could not get the status it should have got.

The Mughals and the British also ruled in India and this could also be the reason for this. To some extent, we consider ourselves small by using the Hindi language and consider ourselves great at using English. We have to improve this mindset and this work should start from our home otherwise one day we will start taking support of internet to understand our national language which we have already started. Apart from Hindi medium schools, Hindi is not promoted in any other school. We should encourage children to read Hindi books and talk in Hindi because this is a habit that can be developed from childhood.

essay on hindi language 1000 words

  • introduction

Each independent nation has its own language which is used for official work and exchange of ideas in the country. When a country enslaves another country, it uses the language of its own country instead of the language of that country so that its influence on the slave country can be increased. When India became independent, the framers of our constitution established Hindi as the state language for official work on the national language of the country. That's why Hindi is the national language of the country.

  • Hindi is the link language of the country

Hindi has fought for freedom, Hindi has connected north to south. It is the only link language of India. Through Hindi, any person can run his work in any corner of India. It is spoken as a very popular language in Hindi-speaking provinces, but it is also commonly spoken or understood in non-Hindi-speaking provinces.

Everyone can understand Hindi in any province of the South. People of Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa understand Hindi very well. If the survey is done honestly, then 80% people in whole India can understand Hindi speaking, but the atmosphere has become such that on the occasion of census, people do not even write about knowing Hindi language. People in Tamil Nadu know Hindi but if they are spoken to in Hindi, they do not answer in Hindi even after knowing it. This is the result of the current environment towards Hindi.

  • Hindi language locale

Hindi language is currently one of the languages of the world which is spoken by most of the people. At present, Hindi has good respect in radio broadcasts of every developed country of the world. Hindi is taught in universities of almost all the countries of the world. Hindi is taught in 26 universities in America and Hindi is taught in all 12 universities in Holland. Similarly, Hindi has a proud place in other countries as well.

Hindi is taught in all the universities of India. Hindi is the medium of instruction in most of the universities. Hindi is a rich language of the country in which all kinds of literature has been created. Hindi literature has given birth to many great litterateurs till now. It is fully developed in all subjects. Kabir, Sur, Tulsi, Bihari etc. ancient poets have been sons of Hindi. Hindi has given birth to modern writers like Bhartendu, Dwivedi, Prasad, Maithilisharan Gupta, Pant, Mahadevi Verma, Dinkar, Premchand etc. Work is going on at a rapid pace in all genres of literature in Hindi.

Hindi has been made the official language of the country for official purposes under Article 343 of the Constitution. According to Article 350, it is the responsibility of the Central Government to always make efforts for the promotion of Hindi. The central government has so far failed to promote Hindi even after its approval in the constitution. In Hindi-speaking states, it is rarely used for official purposes.

  • indifference to self-language

Despite Hindi being a prosperous and popular language in our country, the apathy of our rulers and administrators towards it is proving fatal for the country. There is no small or big country in the world which has neglected its language so much. Even after being approved by the constitution of our country, English language has got a prestigious place by not working as a popular Hindi rich language. Such attraction towards English and indifference towards Hindi has increased even after the independence of the country. The leaders of our country have made Hindi a toy of their protest for their petty gains.

  • self-language conflict results

He who is indifferent to his language is also indifferent to his self-culture. The one who does not love his language and culture does not love his country and society. A child who is educated through English medium is familiar with the English language, Western culture


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