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 Candidates are waiting for the MP NHM Staff Nurse Vacancy when NHM MP Online will finally come so that a large number of candidates can fill out this form.

Therefore, the candidates should now start preparing for the exam, for which it is necessary to first know about the NHM MP Staff Nurse Syllabus in Hindi and NHM MP Staff Nurse Exam Pattern, from where the questions are asked in this examination.

MP NHM Staff Nurse Eligibility

The full form of NHM is 'National Health Mission. For recruitment in MP Staff Nurse posts, the candidate must have at least the following qualifications.

  • Passed 10+2 Intermediate Exam From Any Recognized Board.
  • A.N.M./ G.N.M. from a recognized Government / Non-Government College. Pass Nursing Course.
  • Get registered with Madhya Pradesh Nursing Council.

NHM MP Staff Nurse Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Now we will know in detail about NHM MP Staff Nurse exam pattern and Syllabus.

serial numberSubjectnumber of questions
1.nursing arts5
2.anatomy and physiology10
4.Medical Surgical Nursing Part I and II10
5.mental health5
6.Midwifery and Gynecology35
7.Pediatric Nursing20

MP NHM Staff Nurse syllabus 

Medical Surgical Nursing Part I Syllabus

◆First Aid

◆Anatomy and Physiology




◆Psychiatric Nursing

◆mental health


◆ psychology



◆Health Educational and Communication 

◆ Computer Skills in Nursing

◆Medical-Surgical Nursing


◆ Personal Hygiene




Medical Surgical Nursing Part 2


◆Health Education and Community Pharmacy

◆Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy


◆Nursing Management

◆Community Health Nursing

◆Fundamentals of Nursing

◆Human Anatomy

 ◆Science and Physiology




◆Drug Management


◆ Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing



◆ Civics


◆respiratory system

Cell Division – Cancer – Tissue

◆Skeletal System

◆Muscular System

◆The Human Body: An Orientation

◆Biochemicals / Enzymes

◆ nervous system

NHM MP Staff Nurse physiology syllabus

◆Cell Transport – Cell Communication – Endocrine System

◆Cardiovascular System

◆ special rites

◆Blood and Immune System

◆digestive system

◆Cat Dissection Week

◆urinary system

mental health syllabus

◆ National Program on Mental Health – Human rights of mentally ill persons.

◆ Mental Health / Mental Illness.

◆ Classification of mental diseases.

◆ Challenges and scope of psychiatric nursing.

◆ Mental health and mental illness.

◆ Historical outlook, and trends.

◆Role of the psychiatric nurse – expanded and expanded.

◆ Epidemiological issues of mental health problems.

◆ National Mental Health Act.

◆ Scope of mental health nursing.

◆ Concept of normal and abnormal behavior.

◆ Standards of psychiatric nursing.

◆Multi-disciplinary team and role of a nurse.

midwifery course

◆Diagnosis of pregnancy.

◆  Symptoms.

◆Differential diagnosis.

◆ Confirmatory test.

◆ Antenatal care.

◆ Evaluation and management of pregnancy (pre-natal).

◆ Normal pregnancy.

◆ Physical changes 

◆ during pregnancy.

◆ Reproductive system.

◆ Cardiovascular system.

◆ Relation of the fetus to the uterus and.

◆Pelvic lie, attitude, presentation, position.

Syllabus for Gynecology

◆ Respiratory system.

◆Urinary system.

◆ Gastrointestinal system.

◆ Metabolic changes.

◆ skeletal changes.

◆ Endocrine system.

◆ Psychological changes.

◆Complications of pregnancy.

◆ History and physical exam.

◆ Delivery test.

◆Symptoms of previous childbirth.

MP NHM Pharmacist Syllabus & Micro Biology

◆Disposal of laboratory/hospital waste.

◆ Specimen collection and transport.

◆Culture Media.

◆ Care and handling of laboratory animals.

◆Staining Methods.


◆ Symptoms of bacteria.

◆General characters and classification.

◆ Sterilization and Disinfection.

◆Growth and maintenance of microorganisms.

hygiene syllabus

◆ Civics.

◆ Nutrition.

◆ Computer in Nursing.

◆  Nursing Management.

◆Cleanliness of the environment.

◆ Pediatric Nursing.

◆ Mental health.

◆First aid.

◆Community Health Nursing.

◆ Psychology.

◆Health education and communication skills.

◆ Medical-Surgical Nursing.

◆Psychiatric Nursing.

◆ Personal hygiene.

◆Fundamentals of Nursing.

◆ Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing.


Here in this post, you can check MP NHM Staff Nurse Syllabus and Exam Pattern or Eligibility Criteria.

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