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essay on acid rain 1000 Words

essay on acid rain
essay on acid rain 

acid rain introduction: -

Acid rain is that rain, in which such gases are mixed, which harms this nature. These gases are mainly carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxide, and sulfur dioxide.

When their quantity in the atmosphere becomes high, they mix with rain water and cause acid rain. Many such things are used by humans, due to which gases like sulfur and nitrogen are released.

When these gases come in contact with oxygen in the atmosphere, they react with it to form nitrogen, oxide, and sulfur-di-oxide, which are harmful to nature.

When it rains, these gases get mixed in that water, called acid rain. Acid rain is very harmful to this nature and its creatures.

Apart from the rain, acid rain also comes to the earth along with hail, snow, and fog.

acid rain causes: - 

Pollution:- The main reason for acid rain is the pollution spread by humans. Today everywhere man has pushed this earth into the darkness of pollution to fulfill his smallest selfishness. Due to this increasing pollution, rainwater has also started becoming acidic, which is harmful to every living being.

Uses of Vehicles:- Today every house and every person has a vehicle. The more convenience these vehicles give us, the more they are fatal for this nature. The gases coming out of it spread pollution in this nature, due to which acid rain is happening. Vehicles are harming this nature in every way.

Volcanic eruption: - There are many such places in the world, where there are big volcanoes. Due to its explosion, many poisonous gases are released, which work to spread pollution in this environment, it also causes acid rain.

From Factories:- Today factories are being set up by man for everything. In which such works are done, which such gases are released, which pollute this environment. An increase in pollution also leads to acid rain. Which is harming this nature.

use of AC and fridge: - Today man is using many things for facilities, from which different types of harmful gases are released, which are harmful to live beings. These gases mix with rainwater and cause acid rain.

Side effects of acid rain:-

  • Human beings get various types of physical diseases due to getting wet in the water of acid rain.

  • Acid rain is harmful to trees and plants. Due to this, trees and plants get spoiled and destroyed.

  • Due to rainwater going into the rivers, its water also becomes acidic. Due to this, it remains unfit for drinking and the animals living in it are also affected by it.

  • Acid rain also damages houses and buildings. Due to this, the houses and buildings start getting weak and fall down prematurely. Due to this the beauty of the Taj Mahal is also decreasing.

  • Acid rain also damages crops, causing huge losses to farmers.

  • Acid rain also causes respiratory diseases in humans.

  • Acid rain also increases soil pollution. It also reduces soil fertility.

  • Acid rain damages this nature in various ways.

Measures to prevent acid rain: -

Reducing pollution:- If we have to stop acid rain, then we have to reduce pollution from this nature. If there is less pollution then there will be no acid rain. We should take the necessary steps to reduce pollution. Like: - reducing the use of plastic, planting more trees, and reducing the use of such things which pollute the environment.

Reducing the use of vehicles:- We should use vehicles only when we need them more. Reduce their use as much as possible. In case of short distances, instead of vehicles, one should go on foot and primarily public vehicles should be used.

Plantation:- Trees and plants give life to this nature. They release oxygen by taking carbon dioxide from the environment, due to which balance is maintained in the background.


Water pollution is also increasing due to acid rain. If we have to stop acid rain, we have to take all the necessary steps for it. We have to avoid acid rain to save this nature.

essay on acid rain 500 Words

What is acid rain?

Many gases are present in the Earth's atmosphere and they keep on doing many activities together. Out of these gases, sulfur oxide (So2) and nitrogen oxide (No2) present in the earth's atmosphere react with water to form nitric acid (HNO3) and sulfur dioxide or sulfuric acid (S2So4). The acid that is formed by this action comes to the earth along with the rainwater and this is called Acid Rain. Now we have come to know what is Acid Rain, now let us talk about what are its causes?

What are the causes of Acid Rain?

As you mentioned above Acid Rain Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide which is released into the atmosphere, reacts with water and oxygen to form Sulfuric o Nitric Acid. But what could be their main reasons? Let us talk about them:

1. The first and foremost reason is the factories' smoke. The smoke that comes out of factories contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are considered to be the main components that promote acid rain.

2. When coal is burnt to generate electricity, it also produces sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and you will be surprised to know that two-thirds of sulfur dioxide and one-fourth of nitrogen oxides are generated only from factories that generate electricity. Is.

3. How does it come out of two types of vehicles and a very heavy society which takes a lot of energy to run and it promotes acid rain.

Winds carry NO2 and SO2 with them to many different places and trouble settles for many people, so its effect has to be seen by every person in every way, now let's talk, Acid What can be the effects of rain?

What are the effects of Acid Rain?

1. The first effect is that it causes the death of many aquatic creatures. Whenever Acid Rain occurs, it proves very harmful for the creatures living in rivers and seas and they kill them there themselves.

2. As you know, Acid Rain is considered to be the main reason for the destruction of forests in Germany and Western Europe. Due to Acid Rain, whatever acid is present in it falls on the trees and plants born in these forests and it destroys those trees and plants.

3. Acid rain can also cause terrible diseases like cancer. Whenever a person comes in contact with Acid Rain at the time of Acid Rain, it along with his skin causes a terrible disease like cancer.

4. Due to Acid Rain, there is a lot of reduction in the fertility of the soil. Because whenever the rain falls directly from the sky to the earth, it reduces the fertility of the soil even more.

5. Many fields and tree plants are destroyed by Acid Rain because the acid present in Acid Rain destroys them all.

6. Due to the action in Acid Rain, many buildings such as the Taj Mahal of Agra suffer a lot of damage.

Now we have come to know what can be the disadvantages of Acid Rain, and now we friends know what can be the solutions to Acid Rain. What is the solution for Acid Rain?

What is the solution for Acid Rain?

1. To prevent Acid Rain, first of all, the amount of Sulfuric Dioxide (So2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO) has to be brought under control. For which the most important solution may be to separate the oxides of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides before they are released into the atmosphere.

2. Such energy products should be used in which sulfur is present in less quantity. For example, we can use coal which has less sulfur present in it. For this, we can use coal.

3. Many vehicles which still run on petrol and diesel should be converted to CNG or even electric vehicles. For example, as is being done in the Delhi government. People should be motivated to drive electric vehicles.


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