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tsunami essay PDF

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A tsunami is a kind of natural disaster that destroys human life. This is such a disaster in which there is a terrible vibration at the bottom of the ocean. The series of fast and big waves reach the height of the sky and take the form of destruction. Due to earthquake, natural disaster like Tsunami is born. 

History is witness to how dangerous Tsunami is. A tsunami is a continuous wave generated on the surface of the ocean, the leading point of which is available just below the water's surface. Due to tsunamis, water waves are formed rapidly. Then it reaches the areas closest to the ground and wreaks havoc.

The Greeks were the first to claim the tsunami. Actually, a tsunami is like an earthquake. An earthquake that occurs on the ocean floor is called a tsunami. 

Tsunamis occur in seas and oceans. Sea waves are up to 11 meters and 18 meters high. It wreaks havoc on the seashores. In the year 2004, about three lakh people died due to tsunami waves in the Indian Ocean.

The tsunami caused terrible destruction in many countries like India, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Somalia, Bangladesh, etc. A tsunami destroys all the boats, and big ships floating in the sea. Trees and plants get destroyed. 

Destroys villages, settlements, houses, and huge buildings in the areas adjacent to the sea coasts in a jiffy. People start trembling in the name of the Tsunami. Tsunamis also destroy big cities. There is a lot of loss of life and property.

The destructive and fierce waves of tsunamis are also generated in the water of lakes. It becomes huge near the coast. The waves arising in the lakes are not as dangerous as the sea waves. 

Waves generated in lakes do not travel that far and waves generated in oceans travel in many directions from the main point. The orgy of destruction is seen through this. 

The highest tsunami ever recorded occurred in the Gulf of Alaska. Because of this, a huge rock had fallen into the bay. The height of the waves was recorded to be around 524 meters.

In the year 2004, our country also witnessed a terrible Tsunami. This dreaded tsunami point originated in Indonesia. Lakhs of people died in this. This tsunami traveled through its main point and destroyed many countries. 

Thailand, Maldives, and Bangladesh also came under their grip. Homes, cars, vehicles, and essential items of shops all get washed away in seawater. Many people get swept away in the water and die. It is very difficult for anyone to tell when a tsunami will come.

As soon as a tsunami arrives, animals sense its arrival before humans. That's why they go to safe places. People living in areas near the sea coast should keep an eye on the changing behavior of animals.

People should go to their safe places as soon as there is a warning and realization of a Tsunami. As far as possible, people should take shelter in higher places i.e. on the roofs. Some people do a lot of stupidity and stand and watch the horrific view of the Tsunami. He photographs such scenes and captures them on mobile. 

In such a situation, many people fall prey to this tsunami-like accident. The waves are so strong that they drown people. In places where a tsunami is strongly predicted, the government should make an emergency evacuation plan. This allows people to be evacuated safely.

In the year 2007, the country installed tsunami warning systems in many places. It alerts people before any such disaster occurs. The country needs to look into installing modern early warning systems. People are alerted about disasters like tsunamis by installing tsunami machines. If a tsunami warning is given by the government, it is also necessary to obey it.

People living on the beach should have earthquake-related information. All beach information is delivered by television and radio. This is also important. How fast the earthquake has come and in which direction it is going, all this information is necessary for the public mind.

It is very important to have a safety kit with you during a tsunami. All these essential things come in handy in the time of need of people. People should keep torches, medicine, candle, food items, money, etc. 

in essential resources. If anyone is injured in a tsunami-like situation, people should immediately contact the rescue team. People should keep a number of ambulances and doctors with them at the time of such a serious disaster.

tsunami essay conclusion

Conclusion Tsunami is a dangerous disaster. It pulls the plates down into the ocean with Earth's gravity. Due to this, terrible waves are born. A man should preserve and maintain the balance of his environment so that such a disastrous situation does not arise.

tsunami essay 500 words

A tsunami is counted as the most dangerous natural disaster. Wherever this calamity comes, it goes on destroying everything.

Tsunami It is a severe natural disaster born from the sea. There is an atmosphere of fear in many countries at the same time when Tsunami comes because modern science has no way to avoid this natural disaster.

Starting from the sea, Tsunami moves ahead incorporating mountains, river drains, and debris inside it all, hence it is considered very dangerous.

It is believed that the first definition of Tsunami was done by the Greeks. When a tsunami occurs, ocean waves can reach hundreds of kilometers high. The most severe tsunami to date came in the Gulf of Alaska, the height of its waves was recorded up to 524 meters.

The countries which are close to the sea, the risk of tsunami is very high there. In 2004, there was a tsunami in India, and it started in Indonesia. This tsunami started in Indonesia and caused havoc in India, Thailand, Maldives, and Bangladesh.

Modern science has developed such technology that information about tsunamis can be obtained some time in advance. But if we want to get permanent relief from these natural calamities, then nature conservation is the only solution.

What is Tsunami? 

When earthquakes occur on the ocean floor, huge waves start rising due to their vibrations. When the air pressure is high in those waves, they take a dynamic and destructive form which is called Tsunami.

Sometimes, when a volcano explodes, severe vibrations are generated, due to which there is also a danger of a tsunami. Tsunamis can also be born due to landslides and cyclones.

Religious texts explain Tsunamis as the reason for the natural change and the eradication of sins. Which is proving 100% correct in today's time. Because today man is exploiting nature due to his greediness and as a result of which nature takes the form of destruction.

Reasons for Coming Tsunami

  • Do you know – The causes of tsunamis include landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heavy rains, and cyclones.

  • Tsunamis are generated due to tidal waves forming inside the ocean. Tidal waves are generated due to natural imbalance.\

  • Waves are most responsible for tsunamis. The higher the waves rise, the greater their danger. Preventing a tsunami is almost impossible.

  • Today hundreds of trees are being cut every hour in the name of urbanization and development. But man is trying to be deliberately ignorant of its consequences.

  • The balance of nature is very important to keep human life safe and trees have a huge contribution to the natural balance. Trees keep the seasons balanced. Soil erosion stops through trees and the most essential oxygen gas is produced for living. For this reason, we should plant more and more trees.

  • Due to the cover of forests, the problem of global warming has increased today. The general temperature of the earth has increased a lot due to which the glaciers are melting very fast.

  • The sea level is rising due to the melting of glaciers. The higher the sea level rises, the greater the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis.

  • Man is tampering with nature in the name of development. The sea is obstructing the cycle by stopping the water of big rivers. Not only this, it is directly challenging nature by making artificial islands in the oceans.

  • Man has developed a lot on the basis of his brain and he has every right to keep developing regularly. But he has to understand nature and connect his existence with nature, only then it will be possible to get rid of these calamities.

Effects of Tsunami

On July 9, 1958, the biggest tsunami in history was recorded. The earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska took the form of a devastating tsunami and millions of people were killed in no time.

  • There are very high and wide mountains in the Gulf of Alaska. The destructiveness of this tsunami can be gauged from the fact that high mountains were also washed away in the tsunami.

  • When a tsunami comes, man becomes helpless and sees the pride and standards of his development being shattered. In the event of a tsunami, no other measure other than displacement proves effective.

  • When a tsunami occurs, a large section of human beings lose their lives, and even more, people leave their homes and go to safer places.

  • When a tsunami comes, big buildings, motor vehicles, everything gets washed away in a few seconds. Even a small effect of a Tsunami can worsen the situation of the whole country.

  • Due to the natural disaster Tsunami, traffic comes to a standstill and communication breaks down, and no relief work is possible. Government property worth lakhs of crores gets destroyed due to tsunami. Also, crores of rupees have to be used to bring the situation back to normal.

  • After the tsunami leaves, many dangerous diseases are born. For example, after a flood in Gujarat, a plague-like epidemic broke out, causing the painful death of thousands of people.

  • After any natural calamity, the life of the people becomes busy and makes them think for what reason they had to become the victim of such a big tragedy.

Tsunami Prevention Measures 

Preparation is done in advance to face any natural calamities. To avoid tsunamis, the preparations made in advance prove to be very effective. Because Tsunami moves very fast and destroys everything in a jiffy.

  • Today, almost every country has a warning system to avoid tsunamis and such techniques have also been developed through which the speed and severity of tsunamis can be estimated.

  • As soon as the tsunami warning is received, first of all, the people living on the beaches should be taken to a safe place. People living on the banks of rivers and ponds should also be shifted to a safe place.

  • The administration should be alert and active in advance. The strategy to avoid tsunamis should be made in advance by the Water Department, Electricity Department, Medical Department, and Food Supply Department.

  • Food, water, and medicines should be collected as soon as there are signs of natural calamities like tsunamis. The animals should be untied and taken to a safe place.

  • Remember to keep in touch with the defense team as much as possible and keep getting accurate information through TV, radio, or the internet and avoid rumors when tsunami comes.

  • In the case of Tsunami, you should give more importance to your life and not to other things. Because items can be replenished when there is life.

  • Cleanliness of the environment is the only option for permanent security. There is a need to plant new trees in place of the cut trees. There is a need to find a justice way for harmful gases and chemicals.

  • Instead of tampering with nature, there is a need to live in balance with nature. These simple-looking formulas are permanent prevention measures from any natural calamities.


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