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essay on market
essay on market

essay on market for class 5

Introduction Market is such a public place without which we cannot buy the essential things of daily life. Some markets are permanent and some are public. Markets in cities are usually permanent and open every day. The market remains closed only one day a week. Everyday essentials are easily available in the market. Permanent markets are always open no matter what the weather. Items like fruits, vegetables, grocery-related food, etc. are easily available in the market. Often people make a list of ingredients before going to the market. This list is used by him when he buys the things he needs from the market.

Weekly markets are also held at some places in the cities. Permanent markets remain open till evening. In daily life, as soon as household items start ending, people remember only one place, that is the market. The markets of cities and metros are very large. Its decoration is very beautiful. Village markets are temporary and not so vibrant. There is a crowd of customers and traders in the markets.

Stationery items, bangles, jewelry, clothes, etc. are sold in the shops of the market. Here electronic goods like mobile, fridges, clocks, radios are easily available in the market. Books, toys, etc. related to the education of children are all available in the market. Food items like sweets, spicy items, chocolates to cold drinks etc. are present in the markets.

There are innumerable shops in the market place. There we can buy things of our choice. If you do not like something from one shop, then you can go to another shop and buy it. There are twenty-thirty shops for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Many small and big restaurants are also available for food in the market. There are more such things in the market that are useful for housewives.

Traders often come and set up their shops in the markets. Within a short time, the customers go to the shop according to their needs and buy the items. Every day customers have to come to the market according to their needs. At many shops, customers have to bargain to buy things.

Many times the customers get the impression that the shopkeeper is deliberately quoting a higher price. In such a situation, the customers pay the price of the goods. Often the women of the house have good judgment of things. The wholesale market is also a good way of business. In this type of market one type of thing can be bought in large quantities. This benefits the customers and they get things at a cheaper price. The prices of goods decrease or increase on the demand of the customers.

If there is an increase in the demand of the customers regarding any item, then the prices increase. As soon as its demand in the market decreased, the prices came down. The markets in the metropolitan cities are huge and grand. There are shopping malls in metropolitan cities where things of different brands are available. Shopping malls are huge and have many facilities. People can shop and watch movies in one place. Famous and popular restaurants are present in the shopping mall where people can eat their favorite food.

The shopping mall has a variety of options and the products here are also great. Nowadays people have become so busy that people get the convenience of shopping from shopping malls. You cannot bargain for anything here. Here the customer has to pay the same price which is written on the item. Famous and well-known brands sell their goods in shopping malls. There are big malls in almost all the big cities in India where there are many other interesting facilities from the market.


Without the market, our life would be difficult. We all know very well the importance of the market. Every person living in society comes to the market and buys according to their need. The basis of the economy of any country is the market. People's heart gets elated by the brightness of the markets.

Essay on Market 500 words

There is a small market near our house, this is our local market though it is not very big, one can buy almost everything there.

The first shop we come across is that of a general trader. Many customers are standing in front of the shop. Some are buying wheat and lentils, others asking for dried fruit. The merchant is a stout man, dressed in a traditional Indian outfit, namely a white long shirt and a loose white pyjama. In front of the merchant are the scales with which they weigh out the various articles for the customers.

There is a bakery just opposite the general merchant's shop. It was initially meant to serve the British though after independence, many Indians have started buying breads and cakes from it. It is a long shop with an oven at the back. there is a counter in front of the shop

Behind the counter of the shop are glass cases in which freshly baked bread, cakes, pastries, rolls and biscuits are kept. There is a rush of customers especially in the morning and evening hours. This is the time when people come to buy bread and other items for breakfast and evening tea.

There is a cloth merchant's shop near the bakery. He sits in front of the shop on a wooden platform. Bales of cloth are kept at the back of the shop. Unlike the baker, who is a slim and trim man, the cloth merchant is a stout and short man. He has a dark complexion and generally wears khadi while roaming around the house. His shop usually has two to five customers per day. This number increases significantly during the festival season.

Apart from these three permanent main shops there are number of other temporary shops which sell utensils, foot-ware, milk products and sweets. Then there are the many hawkers, who go about selling items like calendars, candles, balloons, plastic toys, etc.

To give thanks to these merchants and customers, the market always wears a festive look. There are colorful flags and banners fluttering in the wind and the sound of old songs swaying in the air from a raucous old gramophone that fills each market every week. Is especially active on the day of.

Such weekly markets are really a boon for the people who live in far off areas. These days they can buy all their essential items at reasonable prices. There is no discrimination in these markets and people from all walks of life visit every week in fact such markets are a great diaspora of the society.


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