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Meaning of library:- Library is the place where there is a collection (collection) of different types of knowledge, information, sources etc. The word library is the Hindi version of the English word library [library]. The word libary is derived from the Latin word 'liver', which means book. Library historiography refers to the systems and methods of preserving the form of books and documents. Library This word is made up of two words - Book + Alay. Library is the place where study materials (books, magazines, maps, handwritten texts, and other reading material) are stored and this material is protected. A cupboard full of books or a collection of books near a bookseller is not called a library because books are kept there for commercial purposes.

To keep the human body healthy, the way we need nutritious and balanced food. Similarly, acquisition of knowledge is necessary for mental health. Knowledge cannot be obtained without making the mind dynamic. 

To gain knowledge, one has to go to school and take refuge in a teacher. Similarly, to acquire knowledge one has to take the help of library.

 A huge amount has to be spent to educate and give knowledge to the people. That's why schools and colleges are opened and libraries are established in them. So that the person seeking knowledge can get knowledge easily.

There are two parts of the library. Reading Room and Library. In addition to daily newspapers published from all over the country, there is a reading center for weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines. From here we get information about day to day events. A library is a storehouse of various subjects and their various books. 

The tradition of libraries in India has been there since ancient times. The libraries of Nalanda, Takshashila were famous all over the world. Along with printing, the popularity of libraries increased in India. Apart from this, there is also a National Library in Delhi. Books are friends of man. On the one hand, where they entertain us, they also increase our knowledge. 

We also get information about civilization from books only. Books only inform us about the ideas from ancient times to the present. Apart from this, books introduce many mysteries of the world. Any person can buy books only up to a limit. It is not in everyone's capacity to buy all the published books. 

That's why libraries were established. Library means house of books. Books of every subject are available here. Foreign books are also included in these. Like the school, the library is also a temple of knowledge.

There are many types of libraries. The first of these libraries are those which belong to schools, colleges and universities. The second type of library is private. People who are fond of gaining knowledge acquire knowledge of themselves and their acquaintances by making libraries in their respective offices or homes. The third type of library is the state library. They are operated by the government. Everyone can take advantage of these books. The fourth type of libraries are public. You can also take advantage of these like government libraries.

Apart from these, mobile library services are being run by voluntary organizations and the government. These libraries are on a vehicle. Our era is the era of knowledge. At present, knowledge is God and power is. The help that you get in the increase of knowledge from the library is not possible from anywhere else. In the school, the student can only get the knowledge related to the subject, but the library is a treasure house of knowledge.

Essay on library in 1000 words.

Role :- The way our body is energetic with a balanced diet. Similarly, study and health are of great importance for mental development. Nothing in this world can be more sacred than knowledge. In the absence of knowledge, there is no difference between human and animal. 

Knowledge is God. There are many means of acquiring knowledge. In which there is study of satsang, deshatan and scriptures. In all these, the book has been considered the best means of attaining knowledge. 

Books store immense store of knowledge in themselves. Through them one can get the scriptures of thousands of years while sitting at home. Which happens to us from libraries. In which we can get acquainted with science.

Origin of library:- Library is made up of two words. House of Books. Merely collecting books at one place or filling a room does not make a library. Library is one such place. Whose utility has a well-planned legislation.

Importance of library:- Library is that place. Where there is a group of books. These books are loaned to the readers for a period of time. When the time is up, they return the books and borrow new books. Everyone who borrows a book from the library has to pay a monthly or annual fee. Then he becomes a member of the library and acquires the right to borrow books.

Library is everyone's true friend:- Library provides them a good opportunity. Those who cannot buy books. In our country every reader cannot buy every book. Very few people can do this. Libraries are public property. Government opens libraries in towns, cities, villages and they also get helped. Who is unable to buy the book. But want to get education. That's why library is like a true friend of all whether it is a poor or a rich person.

Types of Books in the Library:- There are many types of books in the library. Readers borrow books of their choice. The library has books related to novels, biographies, autobiographies, poems, stories etc. Newspapers and magazines are also available in some libraries.

There are different types of libraries. The first type of libraries are those. Which is present in schools, colleges and universities. The second type is the private library. Whose owner and user are usually the same person. Libraries of teachers, lawyers, doctors, litterateurs, politicians and other knowledge seekers and rich people come in this category. The third type of library is classified.

 Their owner is a community or class. Only people belonging to these sects or institutions can use these libraries. The fourth type of libraries are public. These are also often institutional or political. Anyone can be its member. These can also be of two types.

Permanent and moving around. Apart from these, there are also mobile commercial libraries. Those who are in buses or trains. Apart from these, there are also state libraries. Whose arrangements are made by the government and their use is limited to special persons. These are beyond the reach of the common man.

Benefits of Library:- There are many benefits from the library. It is a capable storehouse of knowledge. Library is one such resource. From where the pure stream of knowledge always flows. Ramchandra Shukla has said it right.

“The best we can know about a great man is through books. Even his friends and sons cannot know that much.

Books related to different languages, religions, subjects, scientists, inventions and historical facts at one place can be available only in the library.

Through the library, we can do self-intelligence and self-refinement. Such a stream of knowledge flows through books. Which develops our heart and our brain. By studying in solitude and quiet environment, any person can obtain many gems of knowledge. In this place, invaluable books of different countries and times can be easily found, our general knowledge also increases with the knowledge of books.

In modern inflation and poverty, it is not possible for every person to buy more knots. Many texts can be studied in the library by paying a nominal fee or by getting free membership. We also get enough entertainment by going to the library. Here we can make good use of our leisure time. Sitting in the library encourages study and deep study is possible. Mahatma Gandhi used to say that every house in India should have a library.

Good use of library books:- Library is a place of social importance. Therefore, the books here should not be wasted. Books should be returned on time and their pages should not be soiled, nor should pages be torn or pictures should be cut. One should study peacefully by sitting in the library. Where did the book come from? After studying, the book should be kept there.


your school library essay 150 words

r your school library essay
r your school library essay

The word library is made up of books and Malaya, means - house of books. Indeed, a library is a place where a wide variety of books are available to read. The library is the storehouse of knowledge for the readers where every student acquires knowledge.

There are many cabinets in a library. It contains books on different subjects. Like- For Hindi and English language books, novel-story, play-one-act, poems, essays, etc. are divided into genres. Each book is labeled with its serial number.

The library has some big tables and chairs on either side of them. Newspapers and magazines are kept on the tables. People sit there and read them. The person in charge of a library is called a librarian.

The library is rich in books, full of papers and magazines, and fragrant with a studious atmosphere. It is the disseminator of knowledge science and is a means of mental appetite-peace. Truly, the library is the temple of knowledge and science. We must take advantage of it.


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