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essay on my life goal 1000 Words

essay on my life goal
essay on my life goal


Being ambitious is a natural quality of a man in this world. Every person desires to achieve something special in his life. Man has many types of imagination. Everyone has imagination, but only a few people have the power and dedication to making it come true.

Everyone wants to achieve their goal of ambitions. The man never does any work without any purpose, every work of a man fulfills its purpose. 

 Our life is like a journey. If the traveler knows where he has to go, then he starts moving towards his goal, but when the traveler does not know his goal, then his journey becomes meaningless. 

Similarly, if a student knows what he wants to become, then he starts striving in that direction and also becomes successful in his goal. When a student does not have any purpose, then he does not achieve any goal in his life and his life becomes a common life.

the first beginning of goal setting in life -

The first activity of children in life is to play and jump. At that time children understand that they have to become something in life and they have many goals in front of them.

 As he comes in contact with people, he comes to know about many goals, and his curiosity to get information about how to fulfill them starts increasing. Sometimes he starts thinking that he will become a doctor and sometimes he starts thinking that he will become a teacher and sometimes he thinks that he will become an engineer, and sometimes he thinks that he will become a scientist.

Different people have different dreams and their goals are also different. Sometimes he wants to serve the patients by becoming a doctor, sometimes wants to build buildings by becoming an engineer, sometimes wants to serve the country by becoming a leader, sometimes wants to protect the country by becoming a soldier, sometimes wants to make the country proud by becoming a scientist.

Parents also imagine that they will make their child this way, that way, and would like to see them in that position, but in reality, the children themselves have to decide what they want to become in their life. Parents should not impose their will on children but should give advice. The student period is very important in human life because it is equal to the foundation stone of human life. If the students determine the goal of their life during this period, then they make life full of comfort and prove useful for their country and society.

Set your goals in life -

Setting the goal of life and awakening, passing through the Tamil-covered path of the earth to meet the divine light, to enlighten the soul by the development of its qualities, to provide peace and happiness to the sad, suffering, frightened human beings. is a symptom. Some lazy people consider goal-setting pointless.

 They think that what is the benefit of cooking a fancy casserole like Shekhchilli? Whatever has to happen in life, will happen. In fact, this idea is a sign of cowardice, a sign of inefficiency. The set goal inspires a person to move towards a certain path and communicates enthusiasm in the mind of a person.

What you like and dislikes in life and your skills -

A person's interests and talent play an important role in determining a life goal. The ambition of earning success in the field of science can be done only when the person has the talent and ability to study scientific subjects. If this truth is not taken care of in setting the goal of life, then success will not be achieved and the path of failure will be visible in life.

It is said in the Atharvaveda, 'To progress and move forward is the goal of every life.' The environment of the house also gives inspiration to setting life goals. The same thing applies to me. Our family is a family of educated people. 

My father is a teacher. Two-three books by my elder brother have also been published, and my mind is inclined toward becoming an engineer. Many weekly, fortnightly, and monthly newspapers and magazines come here. 

Apart from this, children's magazines, comic magazines, and all kinds of best magazines are read by our family members. India Today, Panchjanya's files are in our house for many years. In this type of environment, what could be my life goal, can be easily guessed.

Importance of teachers and engineers in life -

Religious texts of ancient times also declare that two classes of human beings are of great favor to society and it is necessary to have them in every society. The first category is teachers who make their lives meaningful by lighting the lamp of knowledge by removing ignorance from inside people. 

The second category is of the engineer who makes the life of human beings easier by improving the lives of the people of the country through technology. Educating people and making every task simple in their life by removing their suffering from life is important work and I have chosen one of these sacred goals for my life's goal. Many engineers do not understand their duty towards their society and nation. 

They consider their goal only to earn money. It is a mistreatment of its own country and its residents living in the country.

Every possible effort to fulfill the goal in my life -

I am well aware that becoming a successful engineer is not easy it takes a lot of hard work. I have already started making efforts to fulfill this objective of mine. The blessings of my parents are always with me. He also dreams that I grow up to become an engineer. By becoming an engineer, I want to make human life easier by bringing improvements in people's lives through technology. I will work very hard to fulfill my purpose. I will not rest till I become a successful engineer.


It is my wish that I successfully complete my goal as soon as possible. I know this work is not that easy but with my strong determination and determination, all things can be possible. I pray to God to help me reach my goal. I believe that my teachers, classmates, and my parents will definitely support me in my goal of becoming an engineer. I will work hard to achieve my goal and will make my family, society, and country proud by achieving my goal in a day.

my goal in life short essay

Role: We all have a goal in our life, someone has a goal that he will become a big businessman in his life, someone is a doctor, someone is an IPS officer, and everyone has some goal in life. And to achieve that goal, people constantly try and bother. He works hard day and night to achieve his goal. Only then a person can achieve his goal. In such a situation, there will be one or the other goal in our life. As my goal in life is to become a great writer, and for this I am working hard and trying hard to achieve that goal.

How to fulfill the goal of life: If we have made any goal in our life, then to fulfill that goal, first of all, we have to work in a planned way and we have to make continuous efforts and hard work for it. Because if the goal of life is to be achieved then we have to work hard continuously.

 Only after hard work, we will be able to achieve the goal of our life that we want to fulfill. For example, my aim is to become a good writer. For this, I have to make many improvements within myself, only then I will be able to become an accomplished writer.

When I become a good writer, I will write my pen on such issues of India which are very serious problems for India. Especially on all these issues like unemployment, inflation, corruption, domestic violence, the dowry system, child marriage, etc.

 I will write a good article and will also work to make people aware. So that all these problems can be eliminated from India, only then our country India will be able to become a developed nation.

Apart from this, I will also use my pen on all the important topics related to the cultural heritage of India so that the citizens of India can know about all these things that how great and old is the cultural heritage of India.

We should work hard and struggle to achieve the goal: Whatever the goal of our life, we have to work hard and struggle only then we will be able to achieve the goal. Without hard work and struggle, you cannot achieve anything in life. The biggest example of this is Draupadi Murmu, the President of our country. Who belongs to a poor family but in spite of this she struggled and worked hard in life. Only then she has been able to occupy the highest position in the country.

That's why we should take inspiration from the President of our country, Draupadi Murmu, that if you want to achieve your goal in life, then struggle and hard work are the important weapons you have for that. By using this we can achieve all our dreams and goals in our life. Let us all take a vow in our life and also set a goal that we have to play an important role in the development of India.

Final Words 

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